If It Does Not Kill You, It Makes You Stronger

January 12, 2010
By David Hansen SILVER, Houston, Texas
David Hansen SILVER, Houston, Texas
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I believe a major event in my life that changed me was when I was thirteen, and my Boy Scout troop went on a hike. All twelve of us went to the Buffalo Trails Scout Ranch along with our scout leader and some dads. Due to scheduling mistakes, we discovered that there was not enough room for us at the main camp. We were then told that we would have to hike only eight miles to a nearby alternate campsite. It was in the middle of summer with temperatures rising to about 105 degrees. It was a very hot day as we started at about 10:00 a.m. Hiking up a winding rocky trail, our tour guide took us at a brisk pace. After about two hours, covered in sweat, I was getting slower and slower. It was harder to keep up and soon the majority of the troop was way ahead of my dad and me. Thankfully, we had breaks here and there where we could find some shade. I was so relieved when we could rest. It was a beautiful place with mountains and trees everywhere you looked. After about four hours I was becoming very tired and a little upset. “Dad we are never going to get there!” I cried out in pain. I couldn’t see the end of the trail, it seemed like it would never end. My dad had to calm me down but I could tell he was starting to get worried. After a while, I began to feel cold and chilled. “How could this be happening to me when it is so hot?” I thought to myself. Dad kept telling me to keep drinking water and I did until I felt better. After that, when I looked over the edge of the cliff I could see the miles of winding road ahead of us. The campsite was so small and far away. As we got closer and closer I got a burst of energy and I felt that we would make it there after all. At last I could see the campsite in the near distance. Relief flooded me as began to pick up my pace. We finally got there after seven hours and fifteen long arduous miles. It was like a dream come true! As we entered camp and heard the loud cheers of my scout troop, I felt great relief.
Our bags had already been delivered with the four-wheel mules the campsite had provided. There were tents set up and a whole outdoor kitchen. Our cook made us a warm peach cobbler for dessert that night. We had a great time talking and laughing to each other around the campfire at dinner. “How did we ever make that hike?” We asked each other. “Man I was really starting to get worried out there!” Dad admitted. “We all were in danger of heat stroke!” Our troop doctor reported. “ I don’t think I realized how scary it had really been.” My dad and I pulled out the map and realized the total distance was fifteen miles! We thought that was very dangerous to send us on that hike. Usually the trail was only used for horseback riders.
We stayed there for about four days and it was a lot of fun for all of us. All in all, I think I learned a very valuable lesson. To achieve things in your life you have to push yourself out of your comfort zone. You have to stay strong even during the hard parts and never give up. Like my mom said when we got back, “If it doesn’t kill you it makes you stronger!”

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