Vocab Quiz About Crime

January 12, 2010
By Brunette18 SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
Brunette18 SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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One day, Jack discovered that there was a murder. So, he investigated the flagrant crime. Evidence was found in the kitchen. A chef's knife grounded into the back of the victim. Blood spattered on the wall with trails of drippings left behind. Jack thought that it was inane for the murderer to leave evidence. The CSI concurred to find out who the murderer was. They rounded up a few guys and questioned each one. Being inexorable, they found two men who looked like the murderer. The two men, Fred and Bob, got their pictures taken, DNA fingerprints, and put in cuffs...CLINK! The handcuffs were clenched on to their wrists, cutting off their circulation, until they figured out who was the culprit. The DNA fingerprints were looked at and matched with the victim. Ethics were used to follow the procedures for the crime. Their clandestine meetings for the killer lasted up to two days.
The prisoners sat in the jail cells for two whole days, reeking of body odor with no food to eat. Bob and Fred were admonished because if they try to escape, they will be sentenced to death. The two prisoners were sitting in the corner of the jail cell, waiting for someone to come and rescue them like a super hero. The guard came up to their cell and opened the lock with a key, opening the cell slowly, the two guys walk out holding their heads down like a sad puppy dog. The guard made them go into a room down the hall of their cell. Fred and Bob walked into the room looking into their eyes, viciously. The man said, "Sit down!" The two men sat down anxiously waiting to see what the man had to say or ask them. The man was duress towards Bob and Fred asking questions. The guy said, "We have found the match for the DNA fingerprints." Fred and Bob look at each other confused. "Bob is the murderer", the man said. Bob had to be rampant when he knew that it was him all along.
Twenty years later, Bob is still in prison. Bob will be in prison for about 2 years more. He will be lucky if he even gets out of prison. Looking at his teeth, yellow and probably full of cavities just grosses the guards out. He just sits and waits for someone to bail him out because Bob has no money. He's broke.
The murderer was found. Finally, put in prison for good. Bob deserves to be put in prison for 22 years. He could have been sentenced to death, but they decided not to kill him.

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