Having a Good Life

January 11, 2010
I hate waking up in the morning in a very depressed mood. Whenever this happens my entire day crashes. However; it happens but sometimes we have got to get through it. When people have a large amount of negativity, these days seem to occur more often. Why live unhappy when you have a better choice? The other choice is to live happy and have a great life every single day. That’s something people should really focus on.

A good way to start having a fulfilled life is by having high self esteem; to be happy with what you look like and what you are. Many people have low self esteem because of the way they look. If you’re a little overweight and constantly complaining, stop. Whining is going to get you nowhere. How about hitting the gym every day or cutting those burgers. Get out, run the park but do something about what puts you down. You might not see results the first day you start to change but eventually you will and the progress will accumulate. Looking good always makes a person feel better. It makes them take on the world with a huge security. That is one of the best feelings a person could have.

Staying positive about things in rough situations makes things a lot better. When you’re going through some downs, instead of looking at the negative things, set them aside and set your mind on whatever good you can get out of it. There has to be something good to get out of it; something positive. Sometimes you just have to look for it and if you have no success in finding it, just simply cheer up. There are probably way more reasons to be happy than sad.

Friends are the best medicine an unhappy person can have. Whenever you’re down they always try to cheer you up. It’s great to have a lot of good friends. If you’re feeling blue and for some reason you can’t snap out of it, call a friend and tell them to cheer you up! It always works and in the end you end up very cheerful. And if in some cases none of your jerk friends answer, blast some music. It always works! Just do anything to forget that you’re unsatisfied with your life.

Everyone was put in this world to live a life and make something good out of it. Find a reason to live and set your mind to it. For you’re not going to have it all your way, sometimes you’ll have to endure your bad moments. It can go one of two ways; downhill all depressed or good in a positive way. You have to choose your way. I’d personally try to be happy. Because no matter how big the rocks in your path are, you will eventually get over it.

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