Make-up on children younger then 10

December 10, 2009
By volley_spike_jumpserver SILVER, Parkesburg, Pennsylvania
volley_spike_jumpserver SILVER, Parkesburg, Pennsylvania
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It’s your nine year olds first day of 4th grade. You can’t wait to see her in the little blue top and white shorts that you picked out for her and which by the way looks amazing with her white Old Navy saddles. You can’t wait for soccer season where she and her sporty friends running around the soccer field sweating their butts off but loving every minute of it. You make her, her favorite chocolate-chip pancakes with whip cream. You glance at your watch, what is taking her so long? Her hair was naturally straight and her skin was oil and pimple free. She already had her clothes picked out. What was going on? Finally you hear the clop, clop of her flip-flops on the stairs you look up form washing your hands and see your little nine year old in her blue top, white shorts, white flip-flops, straight hair, and wearing make-up. Not just the good old light pink eye shadow but heavy black eye liner and massacre. What should you do you knew that it was going to happen sometime but why so soon?
Many people believe that children ten and younger should begin to wear make-up maybe not to school but around the town? Sure why not? The only thing that we are teaching kids is that what you look like on the inside means nothing. All they will be worried is how they look and not have the chance to really be a kid, running around without shoes, swimming, climbing trees. Does this mean anything to ha girl that is too scared that her make-up is going to run. “Now there is no problem when it’s something like a body spritzer or even the lip glosses geared to children. However perfume and makeup should be reserved as a rite of passage for a young girl. The age of puberty correlates to this rite of passage” Anastasia Papaioanou, BellaOnline's Beauty Basics Editor
Your beauty shouldn’t be defined by what type of eyeliner you are wearing and how great your eyes look. When you do however turn into a teenager are welcomed to start but kids should be kids and that is that.

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