December 4, 2009
There are a number of htings plaguing American society in the present day. The most pressing matters are not those of healthcare and international stature, the problems lie right in front of your eyes, if you had the courage to look up and see the atrocities that blindly occur right underneath your nose. For example, the average American only exercises once a week. Another statistic says that people rarely go outside of their homes. How has our society so drastically changed from that of old? Why do we have the highest obesity rate in the world? These imperative questions must be asked to those who are in desperate need of getting holds of their lives. The premier example is that of a blossoming teen who sees an ice cream truck. The teen is faced with a problematic dilemma. The teen has two choices: A) run after the ice cream truck like a little child rather than a Teen and have his parents scold him or B) Fake the fact that you’re an adult and get the ice cream later. You don’t want it, then who does? The food was eventually gone out of eyesight. However, if you keep looking on and on you can see everyone that you have meat in your life. Take it to another level and blink while doing so. Now close your eyes completely. The teen concludes with an interpretation as well an idea about the plan that has been set in locomotion.

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