December 2, 2009
By Dylan24 BRONZE, Fairmount, North Dakota
Dylan24 BRONZE, Fairmount, North Dakota
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Britney Spears came to the Grand Forks Alerus Center on September 12. We knew how much all the girls here at Fairmount High School really wanted to go to the concert. Tyler, Austin, Paul, and yours truly Dylan decided to prank everyone, by telling all the girls in our class that we actually won tickets on Y94. We told the gullible girls that Paul and I were caller number 9 and had to guess the Miley Cyrus song called The Climb to win 4 tickets! Two of the tickets we said were front row tickets, and the other two backstage passes. We told the girls that we really were not the excited to go see Britney Spears, and that we were probably just going to sell the tickets. Of course the girls freaked out and said they wanted to tickets and they would do anything for them! “I don’t know”, I told them. “Just the front row tickets alone were $450 a peace, and we have no idea how much the backstage passes are worth!” They offered to pay for the tickets, but of course we told them we could make a lot more money by selling them to someone else. They pulled the friend card out on us, and we decided that they could make it worthwhile for us, and the prank could get a lot more interesting. We told the girls that we wanted backrubs, shoes tied for us, and anything else we could think of. After a long week of the girls waiting on us hand and foot, we had come up with a plan to make them some fake tickets. So, me and the guys took some paper and wrote Britney tickets in crayon. We put the tickets in an envelope and brought them to school. At school the girls were so ecstatic to be able to finally get the tickets! The girls had no idea that the tickets in the envelope were fake. The girls opened the envelope, and all of us guys burst out beat red in the face laughing. We laughed so hard that we cried. The girls themselves were furious, and very upset with us after we told them they had been pranked. They stayed mad at us for a while, but I think that they have finally forgiven us.

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