A Damned Nation

December 2, 2009
“It will prescribe for every one where they are to work, what they are to work at, where they may go and what they may say. Socialism is an attack on the right to breathe freely. No socialist system can be established without a political police” (Winston Churchill).
So, why does socialism echo through history? It is the act of power hungry government officials, ones who can never fill their stomach enough with power, gaining the love of a nation through the fear they so knowingly instill in their victims until they have constricted every ounce of life and freedom from their country. When this is not enough, they turn their attention globally, extending their reach onto other unfortunate countries.
I once took a trip to Italy. The beautiful terrain and bright colors masked the poverty of a once socialist reign of government. On our fifth day in Rome, we slowly squeezed though the tightly wound streets toward our hotel for the night. As we passed an ancient statue, we came across a mob of men wearing red and wielding the hammer and sickle symbol on a large flag. It is clear what socialism has done to this poor country, but the people here are still praising this system of government.
In the early 1900s democratic traditions failed to grow in Italy due to “party bosses” and controlled elections. These same leaders failed to recognize the current issues in Italy, looking first to benefit themselves and gain new power. The result of these leaders caused Italy to lose World War II rushing them into a state of poverty and a poor economy. Today Italy is still suffering from their downfall, poverty stricken beneath its beauty.
People are drawn to these forms of government because idealistically they seem to be the perfect way to run a country. According to Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, socialism is defined as: “an economic and political system in which large industries are owned by the government, and taxes are used to take some wealth away from richer citizens and give it to poorer citizens”. Everyone has equal opportunity and equal rights, such as a right to health care and wealth. But, it always ends up as a government with too much power and it starts with fear.
The global warming theory, recession, and H1N1 virus are exaggerated to promote fear. In these scary times the words hope and change attract our attention, delivering to us a charismatic leader with all the answers who promises to end wars and produce a cure. People in dire need of money turn to ideas like “spreading around the wealth” that this leader promotes. From there the government--under this man’s administration--buys out large companies starting with the purchase of General Motors. This company manufactures cars and trucks in 34 different countries, further expanding this man’s reach. Buying our health care seems to be the next goal. Only when a leader holds the key to the health and lives of their country can they have ultimate power.
But this new reign of power is a new kind of socialism. One that is a bit more discreet. Instead of installing socialism immediately, the love of the people is first required and then the slow drain of freedom from the veins of this nation. It begins not with the gaining of property, but with a goal to control the government through taxation and regulation. Jim Gilmore—former Governor of Virginia—claims, “The new socialism seeks to create a controversial wisdom that discredits all alternative thought.” The perfect plan is laid out right in front of us. We are all subjects of it, and we are all trapped by it. This plan starts with one man but where will it end?

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