Television Time

November 30, 2009
What are parents doing wrong? Children should not be choosing television over their parents. Day care workers should play with the children and not set them down to stare at a screen. Why are children spending so much time inside watching TV?

As a child, I was running through sprinklers and throwing water balloons when the weather was nice. If I was inside on a nice day, my parents would coerce me to come outside with them. I was also a zealous camper.

It is ridiculous that fifty-four percent of four to six year olds would rather watch TV than spend time with their fathers. Sixty-six percent of Americans watch TV while eating dinner instead of sitting at the table with their family. These statistics have corroborate the suspicion that children are spending less time with their families. Parents are fruitless in their attempts to get their children away from the TV set, and they’re giving up.

Television is twice as popular as reading. Six million videos are rented daily, while only three million items are checked out of libraries. Television is garbling our intelligence. People don’t learn as much from TV as they can from books. As TV popularity increases, comprehensive reading skills decrease.

Although parents may feel inundated, they need to keep trying to get their child away from the TV set so the children will have a well-balanced childhood.

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