I am Proud to be an American

December 6, 2009
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Feeling proud means being happy about something. You can feel proud when you accomplished goal or win something you were determine to win. I feel proud to be an American; there too many reasons for me to feel proud to be an American.

First and an importantly I have freedom. I have the freedom of speech. I can talk at whatever time I want as long as I want. I have the freedom to go where ever I want. I can go to the mall; I can go to the park I can basically go anywhere I would wish to go. Freedom is something an American have. Freedom is what I have.

You don’t have to be an American to go to school for free here an America but that’s something am proud of. I get to go to school for free, without having my parent to pay. Yes to need to buy supplies but that nothing compared to other countries. My family comes from Mexico and all I know is that some of my family members stopped going to school because it was too much to pay. So for me it is something special going to school for free and any one would be proud of that.

The list can go on forever. These two thing are mostly the reason why am proud to be an American. I have the freedom and education to feel proud of being an American.

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