My Name

December 6, 2009
By Anonymous

My name’s pronunciation is common, though it is spelled differently. My name is Alexys. You may hear my family members call me Mirus, for short. Which I don’t like to be called. I’ve gotten through the fact that they’ll always call me Mirus no matter how many times I tell them I prefer Alexys. That they’ll always say ,“ Mirus ve haser esto, Mirus ven aca” (Mirus go do that, Mirus come here) and annoy me to death.

If someone was to ask me if my name fits my personality. I’d have to yes. Why? It had to be because of the Y. When you first hear my name you think you’d know how to spell it. It’s like when you first meet me, I seem like this quiet, calm girl. Just when you think you know me well…. I start being this talkative person. Its just like my name, just when you’ve written A-L-E-X, you expect it to be an I but instead theirs this fancy Y in its place.

Would I change my name? Mmmm …. Yes and no. Yes, because that would be the only way to stop my family from calling me Mirus. No, because I like my name. I like how that fancy Y replaces that boring, so common I. How it makes it more like a Hispanic name than an American name. I like how my name sounds Alexys.

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