November 5, 2009
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When someone says parents, what do you think of? Some good, some bad, some mean, some nice; there is a whole list of kinds of parents. When someone says parents to me I think of my mom and my dad. I think what they have given me and what I have got taken away. Parents are a big role in a young Childs life. What makes me mad is when you have a kid and don’t want to be there for him or her. I mean why have a kid if you don’t want to spend time with them. I have been in situations which my dad wasn’t there for me but u haft to look on the bright side of that when it happened to me I talked my mom because she was there for me and always will be. But that’s just me but there will always be one you might not find it right away but its there. When you think your parents are bad think of children right now that could be getting abused beaten or not fed and see how good you got it that’s what my mom always said josh you got it pretty good around here. And I did notice how I did have it and you should know to. So when you read this article think of your parents and you and what they have done for you and how they affected you

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