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Most Recent Thriller/Mystery Articles

Here are the most recent thriller/mystery articles:

Midnight Terror
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The following journal entries followed Dr. Isaac Kilsinger, as he studied strange accounts from a house in the middle of New York. These accounts are gruesome, and a few people have been reported dead. Dr. Kilsinger was found at the house dead,... (more »)
Paranormal Investigator
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Isaac Kilsinger, My name is Isaac Kilsinger. I’m a paranormal investigator. There’s always a reason why people do certain things in life. I investigate activity that almost seems unreal. My reason for this is I had an experience that would... (more »)
By , Fredericksburg, VA
Tendrils of mist swirled about the air. Flashing lights and delighted squeals and screams would occasionally break its eerie grip on the world, but the darkness and silence would immediately return once they disappeared. Only a few porch lights... (more »)
Between Light and Death
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 Hank started coughing as soon as Turk turned on the TV. "Jesus Christ Hank could you stop coughing for just two seconds? I'm telling you, if you won't take any cough drops the least you could do is go to a goddamn doctor or... (more »)
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THE OPPORTUNIST Let me see if I can do this, I will not panic I tell myself. Things are a bit rushed today as I am hosting a dinner party for the Literary Board Committee .If sources are to be believed acing this dinner could mean a position... (more »)
Play With Me
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 Aida was told that she was not to sing. Mommy told her with three sharp taps on the head – no, no, no. Bad Aida. You are not to sing. But Aida was lonely when she sat alone in her room, day in and day out. She looked out her grand... (more »)
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Monday. Monday-Monday, even more Monday. Alexandria sat in her room on Monday, anxiously biting her nails at the idea of the XYZ Killer intruding her privacy and attacking her until she had been reduced into a pulp. Unlike other normal women... (more »)
I stare into space, waiting for this magic little thought to happen. The thought comes in, and then fades out again. I continue my stare, hoping for this flakey thought of mine to stick around long enough for me to get a good grasp on it. Then... (more »)
The light squeaking of flesh on glass and a low gurgle filled the room. A male, obviously no older than thirty, stared blankly through the glass as he clawed at the wall helplessly. His fingernails were ground down to the point of barely... (more »)
The Lost One
By , Timonium, MD
She stood in the middle of an all-consuming darkness.  The only noise was that of a soft hush – like voices whispering secrets.  She was far from home but her journey was not yet over.  She was so close to getting what she always wanted and... (more »)
The East End Killer
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Yet the rain only made the blood red snow lighter, for blood is far thicker than rain... It is the spring of 1891, the tower bridge still stood, just as it had since before my birth, and I watched it gently over the roof-tops as I made... (more »)
The Inner Demon
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As the sky darkens, the monster in me comes out. Its hunger drives me, my mind subdued from remorse. There is no sating it. Why am I cursed to be this being of pure, undiluted, evil?! Why must I kill and maim to feed? Why am I a slave to a... (more »)
By , Aspinwall, PA
 It was a Saturday night like any other. I was babysitting my aunts kids while all my friends were at some wild party that I was sure to hear about on Monday. My Aunt was the type to call me at the last-minute almost every Saturday to... (more »)
The Avalance Family
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For the Avalance family moving to Oklahoma was a brand new start. The parents were preparing dinner while the children, Tony and Alice sat in there room. Tony kept trying to scare his little sister, and it was working, considering it was... (more »)
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It was always the same in Misty Ridge, doors were always shut and the sun never shined.  People were probably in their homes around the dining room table talking about the horrible events that occurred in the town just two years back. Lana... (more »)
The Client This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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“He wasn’t supposed to be there.” “Wasn’t?” I wonder, leaning back in the metal folding chair. She hunches forward, placing her hands on the metal table between us. I look her up and down. With a... (more »)
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