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Most Recent Thriller/Mystery Articles

Here are the most recent thriller/mystery articles:

What Happened in the Dark This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
By , Centerville, OH
The house is silent other than the rain pounding on the roof and the occasional flash of lightning followed by a clap of thunder. I lay in bed staring up at the ceiling, unable to fall asleep in fear of what would happen if I closed my eyes. Only... (more »)
Toy Box
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Daniel had a sister, her name was Emily and Emily had a room full of toys. She had a closet, painted brown with a red trim full of toys. Under her bed were toys, in her drawers and aligned on shelves. Even in a box. The box was made by her... (more »)
Attending My Own Funeral This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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I sat in a pew in the back corner of a dark, dank chapel. The setting was rather unimpressive and depressing. Of course I couldn’t blame my mom much; my death had been quite unexpected. There wasn’t money prepared for my early funeral, just a... (more »)
Am I Me? (or) I Can Feel
Am I Me? (or) I Can Feel Am I Me? (or) I Can Feel There were feelings...feelings that didn't feel like her own feelings. She wasn't sure who she was. She was confused. Was she herself, or was she someone else? The... (more »)
Sarah was here
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It was a brisk, cold, evening. The jaded, beaten down heater had recently malfunctioned causing the bitter winter nights to be even more frigid and glacial than usual. I situated myself with comfort amongst the silken pillows and woolen... (more »)
Departure, Dissolution and Demise
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The smacking of lips, the conscious murder, the innocent smirk stained by the torturer's teeth. But what comes at the end? Do the weary souls of vacant corpses converge on a just and cloudy bliss, or are their charred carcasses reignited in... (more »)
Mutual Insanity (An Adaption of Edgar Allan...
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I know its no good confessing my crime to you, for it shall soon be in all the papers. But if I relay my awful deed-Oh! You shall think me a mad man. Harken! It is not so, or perhaps it is… It was precisely 6:00 am I recall, when my wife... (more »)
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The Monster That is Me
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Friday 11:15pm: My bedroom I hugged my knees with my head in my arms. No one knew what was happening behind the closed door of my room. No one knew what was happening behind the closed door of my mind. I couldn’t explain these ‘episodes’... (more »)
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Remains of the Past
The stars whispered their secrets, as she stood up and picked up the remains of something smoldering, that fell from the sky. She looked at it and shook her head, her face etched with painful remembrance and sadness and anger, as she started... (more »)
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Shadow: The bullet fired, a deafening sound filled the area, drowning the senses of everyone in the room as a white smoke filled the scene. The audience clapped, and Jacq slunked back into her chair and desperately tried to escape from view... (more »)
Stranger Danger
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I slowly make my way down the street when I get a text. Jaycob, “Hey, what to meet up?” I reply,” Sure, can’t wait to meet you.” I met Jaycob on Instagram. We have gotten to know each other. My dad has told me over and over not to talk... (more »)
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The Lakehouse was a summer retreat. It was four hours away from our lazy suburban neighborhood, but each second of the drive was filled with anxious tension, and excitement. The Lakehouse was a safe haven that my brothers and I yearned for every... (more »)
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What I am about to tell you is the story of how I met Jethro, and how people are misunderstood. The things I tell you in this, well, they might seem strange, but I need you to read it to the end. I can't stress it to you enough. Please. It... (more »)
Follow Me into the Dark
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Follow Me into the Dark Moving is always a tough challenge, especially in the middle of your high school years. Going to a new place with all new people that you don’t know, and who don’t want to know you either. A big city that never... (more »)
The Robbery (Beginning)
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Vini, vidi, corruit. My father came, saw, and slumped to the leather couch in the living room. I had been sitting at the kitchen table reading a copy of Captain Underpants. After a brisk session of Flip-o-Rama, I remembered that there was a new... (more »)
The Dreams That Keep Getting Darker
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Dream One: The Well That Wouldn’t End Harper The well below me cracked under my bare feet. I fell into it, the dry stones scraping my elbows and knees as I went. Warm blood gathered on my arms and pooled on my shirt. I screamed as water... (more »)
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