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Here are the most recent thriller/mystery articles:

Doesn't Matter...
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It was all sugar and dandelions up till now. it all used to be ok. So we thought. It was just routine. Something we had figured was normal. It's not. It's so far off from normal. I see how others are and I wish I was like that too. I wish I... (more »)
Why Do People Think They Have the Right to Judge?
By , Flint, MI
Why do people think they have the right to judge? Maybe they should know the whole story before you assume.     Grandma, shot, killed, and robbed by a drug addict who then, from the guilt, committed suicide by overdose. No,... (more »)
A Colorful Mind
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Dark lashes flutter open. Smooth silky hairs brush against my skin. Inky black eyelashes line the edge of the eye, shadowing my forehead in an unseen darkness. Reds, yellows, oranges, and blues spiral into the center of the eye. The colors... (more »)
Midnight Murders
Drifting among a winding narrow path, passing through the shadowy forest, darting past the jagged branches of the gnarled trees longing to drag all life into their depths, a lost soul charged through, searching for any signs of hope.  Stumbling... (more »)
The Rightful King
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The Rightful King Once upon a time there was a young Prince named Joseph, who had everything. He had a Kingdom to inherit in four months, was soon to be married to the most beautiful girl in the land and after 18 years of preparation he felt he... (more »)
Mr. Wells
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My father didn’t want me to be alone at the apartment while he worked. So he hired somebody to look after me, and that somebody was Mr. Sherman Wells. Mr. Wells was the kind of man who didn’t go out as much, so when my dad asked him about... (more »)
End of the Line
FIVE Miko Koboyashi’s heels click as she strides aboard the midnight train, gripping the cold metal of the upright bar and sliding into her seat while waiting for the doors to close. As she finally gets her headphones untangled the doors are... (more »)
A story of a little boy and his father
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It is a tall, dark building, so dark it seems to almost blend with the surrounding midnight-colored sky. Inside, there lays a maze of long, twisting hallways complete with sharp turns. This is a place of helplessness and panic, terror and... (more »)
The Bodach
By , coventry, United Kingdom
There it stood, singling me out and glaring at me. I felt its stare burn straight through my skin, as the blistering wind howled through me. I lost all senses and was left alone to fall into the blood stained hands of the last figure that looked... (more »)
My Sister Died on Sunday
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The room was silent to my sister. Any noise had been drowned out by the punk rock music that was filling her ears. There was a peacefulness in her unawareness of the cries that surrounded her. She had even shut her turquoise eyes so that she... (more »)
Silent City
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She felt a bit strange. I mean, she knew all the risks, but maybe being chosen for this opportunity wasn't as great as it was made it out to be. They didn’t even tell her what the drug was intended for, only that she was the perfect candidate... (more »)
Shadows in the Dark
By , South Riding, VA
Darkness surrounds me, my mind is blank, trapped in a room of shadows. I hear murmurs and loud whispers from the faint crack of light I can see from afar. The air is chilled, but I feel no breeze, and warmth surrounds my waist and below. Why am... (more »)
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It’s safe to assume that no single person within the atmosphere’s grip likes their job. There are so many different occupations in the world: hand on jobs, office jobs, and corporate jobs. The citizens that were lucky enough to... (more »)
Little Man He Is, With A Red Coat
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I know a little man with a name that starts with the third. He likes having a staff in his hand whenever I see him, varying from a greenish to a dusty brown color. He didn’t always have it, but I have to admit he was quite strange when he... (more »)
Never Mind
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"I plead insanity, but beg for imprisonment anyway. I'd rather be free to walk than "free to walk," if you know what I mean. If that makes me crazy, isn't that what I am begging you to believe?" Our protagonist pauses here. It's to be expected... (more »)
Skittles Solves Everything. Almost.
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Jed and Jason are on the search for a the murderer of five innocents. However, this is proven to be very hard as the sole witness is a stubborn five-year-old. Chapter 1: One Hour Later “Please tell us,” I beg. Nope!” she refuses for... (more »)
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