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Most Recent Thriller/Mystery Articles

Here are the most recent thriller/mystery articles:

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9:00 P.M.         The popcorn smells of salt and butter through the sleek glass of the microwave. My stomach growls in the depths of my organs, and I pace in front as if to speed up the process. I watch my reflection, staring at the red... (more »)
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Film Nick inspected the painting before him. He closely examined the colors, texture, and strokes created by the brush. He was suddenly ripped from his reverie by an annoying, loud and familiar distraction.  His friend Will reminded him of a... (more »)
The Missing Trophy
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     On this cool Saturday night there was a party on 7th & Party Street. The party was going to be lit up like the Fourth of July. The party was a celebration for the school’s basketball team. Jimmy and his teammates had won the High... (more »)
The Perfect Spot
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This is the spot, the perfect spot: with trees leaning in as if listening to a grave secret; branches hunched over with age. Wind howls through the leaves fallen on the dying grass crunching under my feet. The light creeps in as if offering a... (more »)
The Yellow One
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I never really understood why people loved the other Animatronics so much.  The fact that they walked around and talked to you chilled me to the bone, and I remember thinking that they'd leave the restaurant and find me in my sleep. Bonnie's... (more »)
One, Two, Three
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One, Two, Three   You know how most stories work, beginning with some suspenseful opener. Right? Well usually I would… But today I have no time. I’m not sure what has happened. I’m not sure what will happen. But something has left my... (more »)
Duped I open my eyes to find out I am in an old mansion. As I skim the room to find any clues of where I might be I see lots of old dusty family photos. A very fancy environment but weirdly all the windows were tightly boarded shut. As I walk... (more »)
Above The Speed Limit
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Above The Speed Limit Adelaide Farber observed quietly as the rain battered down against the slightly tinted and barred windows like a hail of bullets. The voices, too loud in her head, made it impossible for her to hear the click of the... (more »)
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Nightmares I woke sitting straight up in my bed in cold sweats and tears once more, with the image on repeat in my mind.  I turned to look at the clock on my nightstand and the bright blue numbers shone back at me reading three thirty a.m.,... (more »)
The House and The Daughter
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The House and The Daughter. The Conjuring, Paranormal Activity, Insidious, The Haunting in Connecticut, along with other paranormal movies may seem unreal when you are watching them. They all seem fake and one thinks they’re stupid because in... (more »)
50 Blessings This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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 Ocelot opened his eyes to the dirtiest bathroom he had ever seen. There was a clog of hair in the sink of the shower, scratch and decay marks all across the bathtub itself, the floor was dusty, and the tiles on the floor were cracked. The... (more »)
Dark House
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When I was walking home in the dark, I was scared because the cops were out and I had left school. I had to walk home alone. It was just me and my friend. We were playing with the cops and the cops said, “Go home and have a good... (more »)
Grendel Narrarive
By , slidell, LA
A Diary of My Hungry Thoughts I awoke today to a sound that sounded as if a train was coming. The sound was coming from my big, green, slimy stomach, which was dying to be fed. I was sitting in my hot, pitch black, rodent infested cave trying... (more »)
Vampires Suck This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Vampires are foul, loathsome creatures that can be found in almost any part of the world. Terrorizing humankind since before medieval times, they are forces of pure evil, bound for eternity to walk this earth with an insatiable bloodlust. It is... (more »)
Sleepover at the Abandoned Tree House
By , Lewisville, TX
“So, we’re going to sleepover at the place?” one of the girls asked. The other girl nodded with agreement. As the conversation ended, they left school to begin packing for the sleepover. The two girls planned this for a long time, but they... (more »)
By , lewisville,tx, TX
       As a small village named Lowville continued their routine. A loud scream came from the woods. Nobody went into those woods there were the woods of evil. The legend said that small girl named mace went into the woods. And she never... (more »)
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