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Most Recent Thriller/Mystery Articles

Here are the most recent thriller/mystery articles:

The Killer
What happened T? What do you mean what happened detective? Look I’m trynna help you get out of trouble but I can’t if you don’t tell me But… But nothing, there was witnesses that said you were there. So I’m going to ask you... (more »)
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The darkness stirred as if something was living, but that doesn’t happen here. At night, we were quiet; never making a sound or else the monsters got us. My name is Clyde Alexander Chessup, but you may call me Clyde. I am a 16 year old standing... (more »)
Mad Man's Mansion
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the mansion creaked in the night. you begin to an unpleasant presence come into your sense the wolves eyes stalking you as you sit up in your bed due to a murderous scream from the other side of the look at your door and see... (more »)
The Wooden Markers
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The abandoned family mansion sits alone on a hill in the countryside, miles from any city. Nobody goes near it today if they know the troubled story behind it. Of course there are some who don’t believe there is any significance to the house at... (more »)
The Last Thing Expected
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The last time I recall seeing her was one week ago, I was watching a movie with Steven and she came out, put her hand on my shoulder, muttered “He’s here.” and disappeared. When I grew up my family made it a point to tell me that ghosts... (more »)
Under The Mist
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Under The Mist Journal Entry #1 A sensation so deadly but so fulfilling it seemed irreplaceable. I worked a simple job. I work at the morgue in downtown Chicago. I work a simple, remedial job. I was not a normal coroner. I was somewhat of a... (more »)
The demon ship
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The dull clouds rolled across the haunted sky. We entered a dark fog, and couldn’t find out way out. “Beast Ahead!” the captain yelled, as the boat started rocking back and forth. The motion of boat threw some of the pirates overboard. The... (more »)
The wolf strikes
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“Nooooo!!!” the man screamed, holding the wolf back. The werewolf’s claws were not friendly, nor friendly looking. He kept screaming for his life, but no one heard his cries out for help. “Stay back!” the man shouted, as the blood from... (more »)
The Dread of the Land
"Aaaaaahhhhhh!!!" I clutch my ears from the intolerable noise. For many years I have endured the constant singing and pounding of the Danes. But after another tortuous night of the same sounds of pleasure and joy, I finally snap and take... (more »)
The Girl in the Woods
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There it was, standing in front of me, and in a flash, it ran up the hill and was gone. I had never seen anything like it before. It was inhuman, but at the same time it very much resembled something human-like. I didn't see very much of it,... (more »)
Meat The Parents
I remember when Dad used to come home and we would watch the news together. He would always make some sort of funny comment, something to make Jo and me laugh. He had this really crude humor, something not really suitable for Jo and I at the time.... (more »)
Moving into Someone's Home
“Honey!” my husband yelled from the downstairs kitchen. “Yes dear?” I called back as I set boxes down from the move. “I hate this house! Why did we move here again?” I left my bedroom and walked down the spiral staircase. I would... (more »)
For Love
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“Why?” he pondered. Why doesn’t she talk to him? He has been in love since he has arrived in this place. At first he had hated his parents for sending him here. He had spent many nights wondering why they sent him here. He couldn’t think... (more »)
The Tell Tale Heart
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Tell Tale Heart Edgar Allen Poe Scene One Fade in. Day. The main character has brown long hair and deep chocolaty eyes. She is wearing simple skinny jeans, a t-shirt and a jacket. Main character is walking on the street casually. Camera follows... (more »)
It All Started With A Bet
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I climbed out of the car and walked up to the chain linked fence. An old chain was pathetically wrapped around two bars and was held together by a brand new lock. I turned around to face the others in the car and shook my head. I cupped my... (more »)
The Master
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Thick smoke filled the small room and crept into the boy’s nostrils while he slept. The boy jolted awake and looked around to try and find the source, but instead he saw the shadowy figure of a teenager standing in the doorway. The figure was... (more »)
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