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Most Recent Thriller/Mystery Articles

Here are the most recent thriller/mystery articles:

Frog Land
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Bleat and Squint Worthington lived in the small village of Pine Rock in the county of Sweltwood. The brothers both made their living chopping and hauling firewood. Unfortunately the two brothers had a very sinister secret. Every third of the... (more »)
Death Makes Me Conscious
Drenched in sweat, I arise from my unnecessary slumber. In an adrenaline rushed panic, I reach for my gun, which lay under pillow, waiting to blow. The cold steel held against my warm temple. The temple, which contains my maddening thoughts –... (more »)
Safe Somehow
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There was something or someone, out there in the darkness. She could feel it. Her auburn hair beamed in the moonlight, as goosebumps rose against her arms. She slammed the lid of the garbage can shut and started walking back towards her house.... (more »)
the beach
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She tripped and fell into the burning sand, but that didn’t stop from completing her mission to cool off. She stood at the edge of the water. With every wave tickling her toes she sunk into the sand. Soon her ankles had been completely... (more »)
The Bookstore
I bought the journal on a rainy saturday afternoon in a quiet used book store off the corner of Queens and Marshall. I suppose the smell of old paper and moth balls come to mind, when I think about it now… Sort of, grandmotherly if you ask me.... (more »)
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The young girl thrashes on the bed, screeching loud enough to wake the ones six feet under. Her body flails sporadically, and incoherent words fly from her busted lips. The nurses refuse to enter the room where the insane woman does everything... (more »)
My fathers belt
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I was sitting in my room looking out the window and watching the trees swaying in the wind. I heard the all too familiar footsteps of my father. He slammed open my door, belt in hand, with both fists clenched. I felt the fear settle into my guy... (more »)
Eyes Are the Windows to the Soul
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“It seemed so harmless at the time. These people were already sick, so what harm could it do? I never would have guessed that what I did would turn them into such monsters. I started out with a girl. She was 19 – just suffered a... (more »)
In My Dreams
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There was a curse in Bodie, Mono County. But it was never called a “curse”; the few families that lived there considered it a “useless rumor”. * * * Bodie, located at the east of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range and southeast of Lake... (more »)
That Night
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I circled around the man in a pitch lack cave. Except I could see. I was relying is fully on echolocation, that, within the last few years, has grown stronger than I ever thought it would. I could see perfectly just by the sound of my breathing.... (more »)
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“We, the jury, find the defendant, Cameron Bronson, guilty of the charges of armed robbery, grand theft auto, and second degree murder, as accused in the indictment.” And the gavel slammed. I was only 18 years old, and I was looking at... (more »)
The Thing in My Backyard
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One day, as I went to take my dog, Skipper, on a walk, I decided to take him to the woods. My parents are comfortable with me going in the woods as long as I am close enough to hear their call. Skipper and I went on the hill where I usually hang... (more »)
Seeing Double
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You awoke, cold, weighted, and with a sharp pain in your right temple. Your eyes survey the new environment you were slave to. A single fluorescent bulb dangled by a cord in the center of the concrete, empty room. The black door on the other... (more »)
Something Always Goes Wrong
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Standing outside all by ourselves, the wind was cold and it was a dark and eerie night. My friends and I, only the three of us alone in the dark. We were having many crazy ideas, but finally settled on one, taking my mother’s car out for a... (more »)
Silent in the House
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It was around two in the morning when he returned from the nearest drugstore with his standard two packs of Marlboro red cigarettes. I sometimes had to wonder if he thought of his home as that grimy supermarket filled with skeeving cons and... (more »)
A Look into the Past
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I rifled through my drawers, struggling to find my tie. It was half past seven on a Monday morning. My wife Melissa laughed as she stepped out of the bedroom all dressed up in her charcoal pantsuit while I stood there still wearing a rumpled... (more »)
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