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Most Recent Thriller/Mystery Articles

Here are the most recent thriller/mystery articles:

The great scare
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It all started when James, Kendall, and Matt were walking home from school. It was two days before halloween and the group wanted to do something scary before halloween. As they headed home from school they stopped to look at the house, where... (more »)
The Consequences
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There I lay in his tall dark shadow in the pale moon light, his brilliant green eyes piercing my soul like swords, his disappointed expression struck fear into my thundering heart. I broke our deal. The deal that I promised not to... (more »)
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The Missing Page
"In her furred travelling-dress, Estella seemed more delicately beautiful than she had ever seemed yet, even in my eyes. Her manner was more winning than she had cared to let it be to me before, and I thought I saw Miss Havisham's... (more »)
The White Room
 The white room was the epitome of pure elegance. The party guests seemed to be taken aback as they promenaded into the hall; the pallid radiance that emanated through the entranceway was of such grandeur it seemed to be an illusion. White... (more »)
The Light
By , Centerville, IA
There’s this myth going around smalltown Ambler, Maine.  If you go out camping in the night, whatever you do, don’t look at the light!  If you look into the bright light that appears in the night you will dissapear. ... (more »)
By , Jonesport, ME
I had such a long day. I was exhausted, and I really just needed a nap and a cool place to get my mind off of things. My head sunk easily into the pillow as I laid down to rest. My eyes were closed, and fans were on, the best way to come home... (more »)
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The year was 1875. The spot lights flickered like wildfire, as the opera singers all lined up and the orchestra pit began to fill up. Today was the opening night of “L’Opera du Paris”. Elaina was a young girl (17 to be exact), she had been... (more »)
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Case Number 362
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“The sound of the gunshot was still ringing in my ear. She collapsed to the ground, lifeless. I hid behind the stairs. My heart was racing and I had no idea what to do, I just froze, sitting there. He passed right by me. As soon as I... (more »)
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The Evil Ship
By , Dalton GA, GA
One day there was a person on a ship.The person was looking for tuetles. The sea horse told the person (I am going to eat you!).The girl counldnt get out and jumped into he water because there were snakes and they would bite her. She... (more »)
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The Client This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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“He wasn’t supposed to be there.” “Wasn’t?” I wonder, leaning back in the metal folding chair. She hunches forward and places her hands on the metal table between us. I look her up and down. Her... (more »)
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The killer looked at her, eyes shining.  Those eyes were almost as bad as what he had done.  His eyes were like deep black vortexes, drawing in anyone who dared glance at him.  She hadn’t been able to suppress a gasp as he pulled off the... (more »)
Who Do You Trust?
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“Mom! I’m going to the mall with Maggie.” I said to my mom as I slammed the front door and hopped into Mrs. Johnson’s car. Maggie and I have been waiting for this trip to the mall for weeks. And today we finally... (more »)
The Unanswered Murder
By , castle pines, CO
Taylor walked home from school excited to hang out with her family because Friday was game night. When she got home her little brother, Simon, was playing video games. Taylor went to the fridge to get a snack. On the fridge there was a little... (more »)
Stop Light Murder
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I stopped at the light that had just turned red. I was looking down the road and out of the corner of my eye, I spot a very frightening sight: a man being held at gun point for his wallet. I watched the man with the gun try to grab the other... (more »)
When The Wind Chimes
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When The Wind Chimes Sometimes the chimes from the neighbor’s front porch are so loud that it enters the dreams of everyone around to hear it. On Sundays, when the Moore’s take their three children to church, I like to care more about the... (more »)
The Gamble
"Alright so this is gonna be a quick in and out thing man, we shouldn't really have to get rid of anyone unless they try something… you get me?" Vince said to his partner Marcellus."I don't know man; these guys after all did screw over... (more »)
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