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Here are the most recent thriller/mystery articles:

Dream, Dream, Halloween
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“Buzzz” my phone rang. It was 5:37 in the morning, what could Gurneet possibly want at this hour. I answered my phone. As I accepted the call she yells in my ear, “Happy spooky dookie Halloween! I’ll be at your house in... (more »)
School or Horror
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 Windy, dark night I was walking back home. I heard a nose. I looked back it was just Jessie trying to scare me. I scream gosh you scared me. He laughed it’s October get used to it. I laughed. I finally got home. I was so tired so I decided... (more »)
The Truth Comes Out
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I can't do this anymore, here I thought I could start fresh, -- I could get away from it all, but I couldn’t. It decided to follow me here, then everyone even has the nerve to lie to me! Wouldn’t it be easier too simply tell me... (more »)
The one night coma
The pressure on my chest was unbearable. My arms and body felt like I was stuck to the bed. The huge figure analyzed me until bricks of tears started to arrive because it'd stared to long. Its eyes took control of my soul. I could no longer blink... (more »)
Deep Down in the Dark
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The brisk air brushed my rosy cheeks as the stars beamed across the black sky. Short, brittle hairs across my neck stood as the tall woods intimidated me as they grew darker and darker. The sun had left its place on the horizon long ago, leaving... (more »)
The Cornfield Run
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The run across the cornfield was to be a quick one; it was a test of will, not of physical capacity. They simply had to reach the other side by nightfall, not a long distance. No stops would be made along the way, except at the the tractor road... (more »)
The Other Side of the Street
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After weeks of harassment, I was desperate to escape Sloan and his gang whenever I could. Although I have tried everything to avoid him after work, he would always find a way. Today I have had it, in the heat of the moment I dashed off the... (more »)
Obliteration Forest
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Zoey's conflict destroys her on the inside. seeing what happened to her parents. Thinking if it is a dream or real life. what do you think? Chapter 1: Obliteration Forest Deep in the unilluminated forest lies the departed bodies. Zoey stands... (more »)
The Death App
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                                                   I live in a small town up north of Texas. Recently all the news has been about is all the deaths caused by suicide. Along with all the robberies that have been going... (more »)
The Tattered Box
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I embarked on this quest seven years ago, and oh what a long seven years it has been, what atrocities I have committed, what terrors I have caused. I am a very different person now than I was when I left. I can remember every detail, every life... (more »)
A Cold and Dirty Hand
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One warm summer night I decided to go out to my dad’s grave. He has been gone for a few months now. He died serving in the military. He was my best friend and I told him everything. I had made him a bracelet when I was younger that he... (more »)
The Family Secret
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I’m so happy! I got a new camera for school projects. My friend, Ang, and I were recording a really funny video for my English class. I wanted to watch it before I turned it in. I pressed play and watched myself, however what I saw is not what... (more »)
West Northside Uptown Brooklyn Noir
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The phone rings. I pick it up: “Hello?” I ask, annoyed that the caller had interrupted my lunch break. “We need you again,” a gruff voice says from the other end before hanging up. I let the dial tone ring as my heart dropped. Another... (more »)
Ghostly Love
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‘’Did you turn out the lights?’’ ‘’No.’’ ‘’Then I think we have a problem.’’ I looked over at my best friend nervously. We knew what was about to happen if we turned them back on. We were in a haunted house and deciding... (more »)
The Graveyard
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There’s something oddly therapeutic about reading the headstones of the deceased and learning their life stories. I usually go to the graveyard early in the morning, when it’s just light enough to see and nobody is there. However, last... (more »)
Murder in the Mamanuca Islands This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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An hour and a half had passed since Mr. Travis Spade had arrived on the dock of the Fiji Islands Boat Tour. Departure time was supposedly 13:30, but the hands of Spade’s watch had passed those numbers long ago. He had just two more days... (more »)
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