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Most Recent Thriller/Mystery Articles

Here are the most recent thriller/mystery articles:

The Final Chapter
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The most important part of the story is the ending, that’s all that matters. It has to be perfect, or otherwise it would ruin the story’s image if it wasn’t perfect. Famous mystery writer, Jack Louden has believed in that same philosophy... (more »)
Helping Hand
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      The house was beautiful and invited me in with the woman who owned it. There were chandeliers in every room and flowers that gave the whole place a fresh feeling. Modest golds and gentle silvers greeted me graciously with each turn I... (more »)
The Lottery
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Carlisle was crossing the street absent-mindedly, and got plowed down by a semi barreling across the street, the driver more concerned about his late delivery than anything else.  The paramedics hightailed it to the hospital, though somewhat... (more »)
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The train yard looked like a mafia dumping ground. Rusty train cars resting atop oily tracks and a sharp, flinty sea of gravel. You would expect thieves to stash their treasure there, murderers to prowl there at night in search of their next... (more »)
Brumous Is Always (FILM NWAR)
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1947. San Francisco. Brumous as always, street lamps casting keen light on slicked pavement. Swaddled in a encompassing night, the yells of derelicts caught by the marine air lilt over the town. A town of crepuscular dark, a town of mystery.... (more »)
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“… No! No!!!!!!………!” She rouses suddenly from sleep with her hands grasping on hair, which makes her look exactly like a mother lion. Tiffany tries to calm herself down, so she started staring at... (more »)
FAMILY My name is Kianna Kobayashi and I live in Japan. Of course, not the modern world, but the Sacred Coves of Rural Japan. This part of Japan is only known to our people and devoted priests of the modern world. When we try to tell others,... (more »)
The Dare
I was in a hospital, in an abandoned hospital. It was night and someone dared me to go inside. It was dark, so I turned the lights on. The lights didn’t stay on; they kept turning on and off. I continued walking until I felt like I just... (more »)
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I'm tired of being scared, of always looking over my shoulder. Now, I may be exaggerating when I say this, but, I feel like even my paranoia is paranoid. I'm tired of having the sense that someone is watching me all the time. But I know... (more »)
A Family Affair
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A cold hand caressed my face as I heard an eerie voice cackle. “This won’t hurt a bit daring...” it said. I shrieked and sat straight up in my bed as I began consoling myself about the disturbing dream. Suddenly,... (more »)
Desperate and Despair
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Watching, staring as the figure adjacent to me gently smiles, blinks once, and drops her head to the ground. Letting her dusty, and filthy blond hair dwindle down her bloodless face. Tears form on the corner of my eye, as I ease my hands on to... (more »)
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True Fear
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I was the stereotypical 18-year-old. I broke rules, didn’t always respect my parents, and used words like “coolness.” I wore leather jackets, and I also had a mindset that gave me a sense of invincibility. I was breaking... (more »)
Rising Suspicions
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David let the shutters of the window fall to the window sill, knowing that night time was coming soon.  He sat back down on the couch and watched his favorite cartoon.  He heard the door to the family room open and he looked behind him to see... (more »)
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As I woke up, I felt my self handcuffed behind my back, sitting in a corner of a dark smelly room. It was a prison that I was staying in. Panicked, desperate, bewildered, I stood at the door and shouted, "Help! Can somebody tell me what is going... (more »)
My New Ghostly Friend
By , polk county, GA
It all started my senor year in High school. As I was walking down the hallway headed to my 3rd period science class, as I’m passing my locker I notice something shinny hanging on the door. As I was getting closer I realized it was an... (more »)
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The two brothers were making an unbelievable ruckus as they walked through the forest  The two adolescents were having a heated dispute, but they digressed in topic so often that even the combined mental powers of Albert Einstein, Richard... (more »)
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