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Most Recent Thriller/Mystery Articles

Here are the most recent thriller/mystery articles:

Unexpected Attack?!
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I was running down a lone street, the wind rustling behind me. There wasn’t a single soul in the vicinity and the silence gave off an eerie feeling. I was already scared out of my mind and the surroundings didn’t help to ease that fact. I... (more »)
A Thousand Thoughts This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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My fingers drummed against the edge of the chair as the question still lingered in the air. I stared blankly at the ground hoping it looked as though I was pondering my answer rather than being defiant. “Lena? Did you hear my question?”... (more »)
Eileen Montgomery and the Framed Gun
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As I entered the small venue, music pounded along the wooden walls and doors. I watched as women adorned in vibrant dresses danced along to the music. The beads that draped along the edges of their dresses bounced along with their bodies. As the... (more »)
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His name was Adam. He was in the driver’s seat of his SUV when he died. There was a bouquet of flowers on the passenger seat for his wife and a gift for his son. He was driving home from work when it happened. He’d stopped off at the florists... (more »)
Two Days
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Just two more days. Just two more days. Marcus told himself the same four words over and over. Just two more days. He rocked back and forth in his chair. His office walls never felt so menacing, looming high above, almost mocking him. Marcus... (more »)
The Valman Secret
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I suppose everyone has their own secrets. Some may be worse than others but we all have them. The only problem is that a certain few secrets should never be revealed......or discovered. As a typical 17 year old teen babysitter, I never thought I... (more »)
Not the Same Anymore
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Walking through the hallways of the abandoned building, I began to realize what my friends meant when they said the place was haunted. No, it wasn’t necessarily infested with ghosts or had suspicious creaking walls and floating objects, but the... (more »)
Richard Gault
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In the small town of Brooksville Richard Gault was known as the happiest poor man you'd ever meet. He owned almost nothing; his shack of a house was in constant need of repair and his thatched roof and crumbling walls were a sight to see.... (more »)
The Eternal Tomb
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Her heart did not beat and no air entered her lungs. She was held still, immobile by the cold, hard grip of death. Trapped. Encased within the own boundaries of her physical body, doomed to forever be raging silently amidst the cold of the... (more »)
Death By Chocolate
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The machine beeped obnoxiously as the dull coins landing in its insides. Yet none of the racks on display moved and a man beat his fist against it in annoyance, dismayed at having been cheated out of his chocolate and his money in the span of a... (more »)
You and I are exactly Alike
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I begged my mom since my freshman year, to go to Jacklynn's lake house for our prom weekend senior year. Now I know what you're thinking, why should I worry about this freshman year. It's just how the way things are in my school,... (more »)
8:40, I decided to go down to the bar, the moon long since risen. The bar was packed; I ordered a drink but soon after discovered there was nowhere sit, so I stood in the corner drinking. I’d nearly finished when four strangers walked up to me,... (more »)
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The breeze curls her flowing hair as she writes, looking up at the beautifu; landscape, smelling the salty air and hearng the steady tide. it almost sounds like breathing to her. Inhale, exhale. The color of the water changes as the sun sets,... (more »)
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Dan and I had just been married. We had a discount wedding, but it was magical nonetheless. For the honeymoon, we travelled 4 hours worth of road just to get to his lake house.The unpaved road jostled us about as we drove softly down into the... (more »)
I Dare You to Move
“Miss Rider, is there something so incredibly important on your cell phone that it deserves your attention more than my class?” The monotone voice of my Advanced English teacher caused me to close my most recent text message with a startled... (more »)
Clean Me
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It all started when I’d just finished shopping. I came out, bags in hand, unlocked my car’s trunk, loaded it, and shut it. That’s when I saw it. In neat, clear print, someone drew ‘Clean me’ onto the dusty surface of my back window.... (more »)
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