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Here are the most recent thriller/mystery articles:

Taking the Step
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Normally, the dark scared her. Without knowing who was lurking in the shadows she couldn’t breathe, but tonight was different. Tonight the dark would be her friend, her escape. She held her breath as she gently pulled the blankets... (more »)
Creepy story.
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Me and my friend Nina decided to go to the carnival in honor of Halloween. We were 16 years old, and we hoped to have fun this weekend. Nina put on a white rabbit costume with overalls, plush paws and a large head-cap. I preferred to wear a blue... (more »)
Never Forgotten.
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Days with no food, nights with no rest, an abominable memory that doesn’t part my mind. The sounds of her voice and the attributes of her face remain preserved in my memory. An endless nightmare that I’m trapped in an aphotic room... (more »)
Unwanted Toys
By , Downingtown, PA
It is a crisp and brisk October night and I am spending it in my room until I receive a text from my friends, Billy and Logan. “Hey Jake, meet us at that old toy factory in an hour or so. We want to give this old dump a whole new... (more »)
You Just Had to Have the Book This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
By , Overland Park, KS
“Yes mom I will remember to - yeah I know - okay I love you bye,” I said as I ended the call stowing my phone back into my pocket. I almost missed the door that was sunken into the building for a small bookshop. The bell rang out a... (more »)
By , Huntington beach, CA
It's quiet. All he can hear is the clock ticking. He sits there, in the corner, waiting. He appears calm, taking slow, deep breaths. His mouth is dry, his hands stiff and cold. Perhaps out of fear, perhaps out of excitement. Not even he himself... (more »)
The Man at the End of the Hallway
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  I slowly closed my eyes and fell asleep. I woke up and checked the clock. It was one in the morning.  I got up to go to the bathroom, even though there was moonlight shining through, it was still dark. There was a man at the end of the... (more »)
The Mystery Man
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I woke up on a cold stone floor. Where was I? Then I remembered. I had died. But that was impossible… Here I was on the floor, aching but still alive, very much so. I had a bad headache and an aching arm, but none the less, here I was. I... (more »)
3 A.M.
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3 AM (1/25/2017) I groggily open my eyes. It’s 3:00 A.M., and I can’t move. I try to lift my back off of my plush mattress, but every time an invisible force glues me back down to the bed. My hands are stuck at my sides, my... (more »)
Little Town of Horrors
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Corded muscles pulled taut under tanned, freckled skin, a thin sheen of sweat covering the man’s body as he hefted another heavy box from the truck, slowly relenting the weight onto the porch of the new little place he had bought. He... (more »)
The Nightmare
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“Sydney--Sydney.” The girl snapped out of her agile state to look directly into the woman’s icy blue eyes. “Yes.” the girl spoke as soft and gentle like the wind itself. “As I was saying. How are you sleeping?” She noted something... (more »)
Tinder Fail
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    He left me the back of a dumpster...scoured with blood and a knife-punctured chest. I was dead. Finished. ‘In a better place.’ HA! Just teasing...I AM dead, however I wasn’t in a better... (more »)
A Long Way Home
By , Wyckoff, NJ
                                      2:45 a.m. The night was cold, dark, and uninviting.      Mr. Timens had been on a... (more »)
No Sympathy for the Devil
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“There are always tales about mythical creatures, urban legends, and the paranormal.  No different is the legend of the Jersey Devil.  A well known tale about a creature that goes bump in the night.  Thirteenth child of... (more »)
Two Sided
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Who was that girl staring back at me? I mean it was me, but it just wasn't….me. She had my same luscious, curly, blonde hair and clouded, emerald green eyes. She even had the same visible scar on her cheek. However, her features were somehow... (more »)
The Closer She Gets
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     She's following him again. On my way home, I spot my classmate Allan, who's being followed by a strange woman. She's been following him for some time now. This woman had black hair, very pale skin, and a long black dress that covered her... (more »)
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