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Most Recent Thriller/Mystery Articles

Here are the most recent thriller/mystery articles:

By , chelmsford, MA
It was finally Friday. I had been waiting all week for this moment. Tonight was  Brandon’s party. Only the biggest party of the year. He throws it at his mansion every year when his parents leave for their ski trip in Vermont for the weekend.... (more »)
The Puzzle
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The Puzzle “What is this?” Heffer thought to himself as he came across a strange looking letter at the end of the pile of mail he had just grabbed from his mailbox. It had a mixture of words and letters that looked jumbled together and had... (more »)
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Breathe. I struggle. Breathe. The cloth restricting will to take in air. Breathe. I move and thrash my head trying to loosen the ties that keep the cloth on my face. Breathe. My hands, behind me, are bounded, along with my legs, to my chair.  ... (more »)
The Werewolf of Wysteria
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“Gracie! My little Gracie!” Eleanor cried out. Eyes tearing, she knelt down. “My Little Gracie!” she shouted. She screamed so loud, everyone in the small town of Wysteria heard her. The constable walked up to her and said, “Ma’am, if... (more »)
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Dreamscape Prologue May could still hear Lucas’s sister screaming. That THING had taken her! Connie was pulling Zora down the misty path by his jacket sleeve, and May was half-dragging Lucas. He was in hysterics. “Run, Lucas!” May... (more »)
Who’s There
By , Newmarket, NH
I know you’re here… Now Show Yourself!” the voice called again getting angry. I snuck along the outer edge keeping to the fence. A shriek of terror came from nowhere. The sound made my skin crawl. I shot around just to see a dimmed figure... (more »)
On the Run
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It was pretty late, around 4:30-ish. My friend and our families came to New York together. Beautiful place, that’s for sure.  The Central Park was full of tulips and my favorite dandelions. The sun was just beginning to set. A pink... (more »)
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The blood,the corpses,the mutilated bodies of my loved one's. This what I see. These scenes flash in my eyes every time I sleep at night. The guilt kills me every day because I did it. I killed them. I deserve to die. I killed them and I showed... (more »)
The Crystal
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On chilly evening, three boys named Billy, Joe, and Dupree are camping in the woods behind their house with towering pine trees. There is a full moon and the wind is whistling in the trees.  Billy is 16 years old. He is small with brown... (more »)
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Simple and polished hands grasped firmly around a flower. A scarlet flower. A fifteen petal piece of art. A rose. A simple gorgeous rose, that fills the dark inside the household. She walks silently. Step after step. Not even the shadow... (more »)
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Zodiac 2.0
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Sunday, I got to wake up late, watch TV all day, and order Japanese food for dinner. Let’s not forget I got to spend the entire day with my Pomchi June. She hopped around the apartment all day until we went to Central Park after lunch. But... (more »)
Unlikely Monster
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Timmy is afraid. He lays in bed, staring at the dark ceiling, wishing to be anywhere but in his room. It was hard to believe a few hours earlier sunshine leaked through the window. Now, the darkness makes it look like shadows dance in the... (more »)
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Penelope was minding her own business one Saturday afternoon. The sun started to set on a fine Spring day. Her mom’s pot roast smell drifted through the air. Bird’s chirping their final chirp. The young girl was frolicing in her... (more »)
By , Newmarket, NH
I open my eyes. It’s all dark, there’s a window. “Dad!” I yell, expecting him to come into what I think is my room. The door creeks open. She’s giving me a mischievous smirk before slamming the door. She... (more »)
Who is it?
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Have you ever been to a place when you were little but never went back because you saw something, and got scared?I did my name is Kayle.My perents are from mexico, and am from here born and raise in Provo Utah.My mom told me this one story were... (more »)
The Vacancy Sign
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The night was cold and rainy, and the highway eerily still, save for the occasional car that zipped past the small, dilapidated roadside motel before disappearing back into the dark, moonless night. Inside the main office, a crippled old man... (more »)
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