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Here are the most recent thriller/mystery articles:

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     A boy. Red-haired, with a tint of amber. Had more freckles than face. Eyes: a vast ocean of teal and sapphire. Dressed in a crimson flannel, jet black jeans, clearly picked out by his mother. His flannel tucked perfectly into his denims.... (more »)
A night to remember or forget?
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I remember how cold that day was. The day I hit an innocent person with my car, and then drove off. It was the weather. I was heading home on a friday night after a long work shift, usually no one is out this late on the roads but me, and it was... (more »)
Creator of the Madness
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“To the survivors, My name is Craig Brunet. I sit here, in this room, every day like a hermit.  It’s crammed with books and computers that have called for me to buy them. I have read each and every one of these hardbacks and spent hours... (more »)
The House
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The doors creaked as they opened by themselves. The stairs were worn out and looked old and unsteady. The walkway leading up to the house were cracked in which weeds and dandelions poked out. Red roses were grown wildly in thick batches by the... (more »)
Who's Basement?
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I’m living in this man’s basement, and I have been for over four years now. I have to say, it’s not that terrible once you get used to the grimy mold everywhere? and only being able to eat some else’s spit covered leftovers every other... (more »)
The Red Dress
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She was just a lady and he was just a man. It was an afternoon full of rain as a man named Mark was heading home at his normal bus stop from work when he saw a woman from far away, it was dark so the man couldn’t see her well but heard her... (more »)
Escaping Salem This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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It all started in the summer, June 23rd to be exact, two days after he graduated from Davis County High School. Hunter had just finished work at the bike shop and the day seemed filled with languor. Hunter was an urbane boy, but also quite... (more »)
The Hunting Game (Four Percent 4)
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“Mommy I lost Diamond.” I say returning to our house.   Mommy sits in her favorite chair reading a book. “Really?” She says snapping her book shut. “That’s unprofessional of you but you can’t change the past. Did you do your... (more »)
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Earl was in his cozy living room. The heat was up to his perfect setting 65, and he was relaxed. He was in his favorite chair. He was fully reclined in the chair. Earl sunk deep into the chair. He was so comfortable. Music played in the... (more »)
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“Are you ready, Gwen?” asked my dad. I look at him and I saw tears starting to form in his eyes. I looked down at my dress and took a deep breath, then put my arm around his and nodded to indicate I was in fact ready. I never thought this... (more »)
Blood is Thicker
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The taste of blood was not unfamiliar to Sam. It was the same metallic flavor that had filled his mouth that day when he was only a naive child. When he reached out to shake the hand of the tall man at his mother’s command. He did not... (more »)
Never Lonely
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I loved looking back at the pictures that captured the memories from my days in college. I always planned on staying in my hometown of Flagstaff Arizona, after all that's where I grew up and went to college. “Hey babe come look at... (more »)
The unstoppable man
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“Come on, let's go” says Aphmau. She is around 20 years old. She doesn’t like violence. “Hold on” says Jason. He is around 25 years old. He is from a gang group. The baddest on the universe. But he has some good in his heart, which he... (more »)
Shadow and Fog This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
By , olympia, WA
They are everywhere. In the basement, in the corners, in the darkened halls. People can sense them even when they are nearly invisible. That roiling darkness in your closet? That's where they live. Those gleaming eyes that you can see just... (more »)
The Thing
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“I can’t drown my demons, they know how to swim” -anonymous               “Are you ready?” Called Lilly from the kitchen.... (more »)
The Party
By , Louisville, CO
I walked slowly down the street, the silence soothing against my ears. After the craziness of the party, I was glad to finally have some peace and quiet. My head was still ringing from the blasting music paired with the strobe lights and fog... (more »)
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