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Here are the most recent thriller/mystery articles:

The Birthday's present
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The Birthday’s present Lucy’s birthday is on January 29th. Every year, she always expects a surprising present from her parents, and she has never been let down by them. Lucy gets luxury things that the other kids will never get, from... (more »)
Fearing Franklin
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My neighborhood had always been very peaceful. I think that’s the main reason we moved there in the first place. The streets were freshly paved, whitewashed fences surrounded every property, buckets of flowers hung from the windows, and... (more »)
Eat. Prey. Love
By , Nashota, WI
Shawn sat down across from the fifty-two-year-old white male who slouched into his chair. He laid two manila folders down on the metal table. “Don Palumbo.” The man tilted his head at the sound of his name and let a little smile... (more »)
The Mauberville Hotel
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The establishment of the Mauberville Hotel dates back to the 18th century, when a man by the name of Jeffrey Davis bought the land from the state of Pennsylvania. He built the hotel for his wife, Helena Davis, who he loved with his life. The hotel... (more »)
The Rain
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The rain fell softly at first, but gained strength as the night grew near. The sun, continuing its daily tradition, began to plunge below the the distant offing. I watched from a cracked window as the sun began to sink, drowning in a vile sea of... (more »)
The Rainstorm
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Four years since she walked out the door and seemingly never looked back. But, here she was, looking into his eyes as the rain pattered against the window and he sat there, slack jawed. She couldn’t say she blamed him. Loss had torn them... (more »)
The Shadow Family
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     Do you ever feel like you’re being watched?  You know, eyes lurking behind you, shadows peeking out from anywhere they can hide.  It makes you tremor, and at first, you do your best to ignore it: The crawling... (more »)
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It was dark. Really dark. There were dim streetlights scattered about the alley almost like afterthoughts. It was completely silent, save for the howl of the wind and the buzzing of the streetlamps. With my hands in my pockets and head pointed... (more »)
Cat's Claw
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As is the case with most third wives, Maja was first a mistress, then a tabloid bride, and finally the widow of Dr. Adam P. Von Heimel. Von Heimel, an obscure Austrian aristocrat and heir to a large champaign empire, had immigrated from... (more »)
The Stranger
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Ally was a thirteen year old girl that lived in Colorado.  She loved it there.  Then one day her dad announced they were moving to Miami, Florida.  Ally was heartbroken. She was going to have to leave the house she grew up in,... (more »)
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Mitt was a really good sitter. He'd make sandwiches for lunch, he'd sit through my kid movies. He was just.....always there for me, I guess. Which is why ... I should've listened. He wouldn't let me go down the path in my back yard.... (more »)
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Our town was an empty place, that smelled of concrete and dust.  Its bare walls, stripped of copper memories and trust. Photos and drawings scattered on the floor and fine red scratches on every table nooses on the shores. 5 months to there... (more »)
Extent of Trepidation
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Buoying up in wakes of elation, with exhilaration over-flowing the brim, I ambled ahead ,on the red carpet encapsulated with velcro, into the endless arch of void black, featuring Jurassic Park. As I was moving forward, a rectangular screen with... (more »)
She Never Looked Away
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The crowd stank of cheap perfumes integrated with the stench of perspiration. Alyssa felt suffocated as sweaty bodies rubbed against her, pushing their way out of the horde to attempt to complete their endeavours of the day. The sun beat down on... (more »)
Halcyon Days This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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The clouds danced in a wispy waltz as birds soared to unattainable heights. The sky transforming into a painting: the blues melted into a blend of golds, pinks, oranges, and reds. A true masterpiece marking an ending of a spring day. Everything... (more »)
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He slowly approaches the house, being careful not to make a single sound. This is his moment, one he has been waiting for for 15 years. All the planning, the countless hours of research, the sleepless nights when the same event played over and... (more »)
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