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Most Recent Thriller/Mystery Articles

Here are the most recent thriller/mystery articles:

The Attic
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Today I went into my attic because a madman told me to. I saw him walking in the streets somewhere dark and cold. He had white hair and red and green glasses and he looked at me with slightly crazed eyes and he said, “Go to the attic! You... (more »)
Ignorance is bliss
By , Austin, TX
“I’m from the city of Bigotry where everyone doesn't see color, where people love one another for who the truly are. The sun is always shining and the weather is always eighty degrees, everything is perfect it would seem. My... (more »)
Holiday Twist
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I saw him, he wasn't quite so mystical as they say the man in red. He  looked at me I, and  I stared at him I turned and walked out saying "cookies are on the table".   the moment I crept around the corner , signifying I was going back to... (more »)
Dedication Ffom Poe to You, My Love
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SItting, napping, long passing of my youthful years, I grab that book. The book with all of my high school friends’ faces plastered inside its leather cover. I open the book and in flies a Raven. The raven was uncharacteristic of the common... (more »)
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Jack`s Antique Store
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Jack could easily and without thinking, propose to anyone that his grandfather’s Antique Shop was, without the slightest doubt, his favorite place to do homework. The soft jazz playing as the curtained backdrop, cushioned and... (more »)
12 Rounds
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By this time, 93% of the population’s death was caused was by a heart attack, 4% of the population by overweight, and the rest by diabetes. Even though it was all good in the hood with the fast food and sugars little by little the town... (more »)
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It had been a very stressful day for Zach, from the beginning straight to the current moment. He had forgotten his school bag at home, and arrived at school to only then have noticed. He then proceeded to fail half of his classes for that... (more »)
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The Note That Said It All
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A loud knock wakes me from my sleep. I roll out of bed and answer the door, finding nothing there but a single sheet of paper. On that piece of paper it says that I have won a contest, but I don’t remember entering a contest. I read on... (more »)
The Moments Matter
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My hair shimmered partly from the glass-like water and partly from the sunset that was saying a pastel goodbye. My mind was projecting a mere image of the last moments I had with my father and what my conscious had predicted my future would be.... (more »)
The Kidnapper
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   One cold night as I was driving, I heard noises in the back, I realized something moving in the mirrors. I stopped the car and got out, right when I was opening the back door of the car, a man jumped out and grabbed me. He... (more »)
The Worst Holiday
By , Ankara , Turkey
It was 26th June. A girl who named Cathrin went to America for her holiday. When she arrived the airport she was very excited. Because it was the first time she flight alone. After 13 hours flight she arrived to New York. The first... (more »)
The Window is Open
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Andrea White When the plane landed I felt my heart drop. There was nothing I could do now, I'm here. I was filled with so much excitement and wonder of the new world around me that I couldn't sit still in my spot any longer.... (more »)
The Letter
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Hello. You don’t know who I am, but I know who you are. Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me. You wouldn’t want anyone to find out who you truly become in the dark of night, alone. I have written to you to... (more »)
The Woods
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    Alison and her friends graduate high school in two weeks and are talking about how they should celebrate. Nicole thinks that a trip to the beach would be fun. The rest of the girls have been before, but Allison has never... (more »)
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I didn’t see him coming. I could only hear the sound of his footsteps bouncing on the concrete, I thought nothing of it until I heard the deep breaths escaping his lungs, then I knew something was wrong. I turned and caught his hand as he was... (more »)
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      It was three years ago. It was a normal day at home. I was watching television and I asked my mum for if she could bring me a pillow. She went upstairs and than she suddenly screamed. I went to upstairs and  when I saw the outside... (more »)
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