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Here are the most recent thriller/mystery articles:

Beautiful Lies
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My problem growing up was I thought I had time to do everything in this world. I believed life was limitless, that it was a paved road always lined with prosperous opportunities and a new adventure that resided over every bridge and sharp curve.... (more »)
The Misunderstanding of Ethel Rosenberg
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Dearest Family As you may not know, because the news travels so slowly in the USSR, I am being held captive in the United States. I am being wrongfully accused as being a spy. They have put me in a 9x9 cell in the max security prison, it... (more »)
It Will All Make Sense When You're Older...
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It was three in the morning when a weak wail came from the bathroom. Michael was alone in the dark bedroom. His wife, Danielle, had lain beside him after they had finished their act of love. Now Michael only felt bedsheets when he reached to... (more »)
It had been a week since my older sister, Violet had returned from the mental institution at our local hospital. About a month ago, she began acting unnaturally weird. Her eyes glowed yellow, her speech muffled, and foreign, something I had... (more »)
Spy 'Till I Die
By , Belleville, MI
My name is Ethel Rosenberg. This is the story of how I was unlawfully put to death. However, there were many events prominent to my death. Let us start at the beginning. My husband’s name is Julius Rosenburg. He was enlisted in the Army Signal... (more »)
Are we alone?
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Many times in our life we wonder if there is life after this one. Everybody has a different opinion about that one subject. Ever since you were a child, there was always that feeling of someone looking at you, that there is someone watching what... (more »)
The Secret Person
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       “Your Mother lied to you.” The words of my Father told me would forever haunt my memory. His words ran through my head like a broken record. Runaway words that I could never contain, I could only halt for a given amount of time.... (more »)
Light, Dark, and the Shadow Heart
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Darkness.   That's all I can see.   Cold.   That's all I can feel.   Falling.   That's all I know.   Where am I? Where is my family? Where are my friends?... (more »)
The Dogs
By , Smithville, OH
The howls came first. Panting, gasping for breath, I leaped through the alley way. Two more streets to home, I told myself, you can make it. Just keep running! My silent motivation pushed me on. The barks, oh those horrid barks, echoed in the... (more »)
The Myrtles Plantation
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“Can you please tell me what had happened that night?” The therapist looked at me, yet I kept my face hidden.  Silence filled the small yet cozy room.  I looked up slightly, only to find him staring at me still.  Waiting for my... (more »)
Bringing Molly Home
By , Parma Heights, OH
Brianna Andrews stepped out of her car, which was parked just outside her friend Dylan’s house. It was the first time in a year since she had set foot on the property…and the town. The run-of-the-mill Brookhaven, a small town where... (more »)
Foreboding Rows
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Your heart is beating fast –so fast that you can sense it almost beat out of your chest.   You won’t stop—you can’t stop, not until you get to the open.   You feel the long, smooth, deep green leaves sting your face on either side as... (more »)
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The seven o’clock train to Amsterdam blew its horn as the wheels began to move. I pushed farther into the darkness of the bush I was hiding in, making no effort to hide my smile. I was supposed to be on that train. I was supposed to be on my... (more »)
A Endless Time
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A Endless Time.   Tom woke up ready to go to work. He said goodbye to his pregnant wife Lucy. That would be the Last time they spoke. Tom got on the train wishing for something new and different. He saw a high amount of passengers. He fell... (more »)
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I Couldn't Scream
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  This is going to be a problem. Not a problem of painful holiday shopping like it should be. People who wait until less than twenty four hours before Christmas to do all of their Christmas shopping can deal with a crowd. When you are... (more »)
  The lights surrounding her looked like fireflies through her tear-stained eyes. She didn’t bother looking down; she knew what lay below.  Only two words echoed through her mind: “my baby.” She sighed one... (more »)
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