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Most Recent Thriller/Mystery Articles

Here are the most recent thriller/mystery articles:

The List
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“Paul Delmont?” “Absent!” “Megan Johnson?” “Here!” “Rick Laker?” “Yeah?” “Rose Summers?” “Dead.”          ... (more »)
My New Ghostly Friend
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It all started my senor year in High school. As I was walking down the hallway headed to my 3rd period science class, as I’m passing my locker I notice something shinny hanging on the door. As I was getting closer I realized it was an... (more »)
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Gifts of The Condemned
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There were many days when many a british naval crew had the unpleasant fortune of playing host to the infamous pirate outlaw adorned with the name Black Sam. Sam was cunning and ruthless and very much interested in the thoughts of man. On one... (more »)
Tragedy in space mountain
By , covington, LA
"10/23/88 Tragedy in space mountain, three dead. Space mountain to be closed down until whatever went wrong is fixed". "That's such a shame.", John thought to himself. The sun-kissed sky faded away, and the dark moonlit sky faded inwards. John... (more »)
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Light in darkness
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As I was walking through the mountain trails, all I could see was smoke and ashes. All of the trees had been completely burned and there wasn't any evidence of a living thing. It was quiet and lonely, just like and abandoned cemetery. I was... (more »)
The Orange Door
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I sat at a blind panel. The only thing separating me from 5 of my closest friends was an orange sliding door and an audience to my back. I was supposed to pick a number to terminate on the other side, and if I refused; I would watch a... (more »)
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Prisoner 0672
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I watched as her eyelids raised slowly to reveal her smooth white pupil-less eyes beneath.  She sat up, startled I presume, and began to look around her. I watched for a moment as those eyes paused on the video camera in the corner of the room... (more »)
Dust to Dust
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I have a love like none other. One that extends beyond the grave and beyond that. My life (if you want to call it that) is populated sometimes by nothing but the blackest of black blankness. These days I call "Hush Days" because the only sound... (more »)
Forever Gone
By , Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Such a good day, I thought. I was moving to a new house. Finally I graduated! I got into my brand new car. I drived past my old neighbourhood.   My house. Time to sleep, I whispered to myself. I slept on my cozy bed. At midnight, something... (more »)
The Footprints of Circumstances
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"I'd hate to bother you, but I have something important to ask."      I flinch as a wrinkled stack of fingers lay lazily on my shoulder. Averting my eyes, I mumble, "I'm busy. I'm sorry." My hands numbly grab my purse and peel open the... (more »)
In the Night
My mother always told me to be weary about being alone at night. “Nothing good happens after the sun goes down” she would say. I never really understood this philosophy until much later in my life. The morning started off like most... (more »)
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It was cold. It was dark, but the darkness did not mask the faint scent of iron that filled the air. Earlier that same day, I watched the white crystals fall onto the ground. I watched as they poured out of the sky, much like riches from the... (more »)
Eye can't take it anymore
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“I am often told how lucky I am. ‘It's a gift, you'll never be conceited,’ they say. But all that does is make me more upset. I will never know who I truly am. I understand my thoughts, my feelings, school, just not my complete self. I... (more »)
A Nightmare Come True
My eyes flutter open. Where am I? It takes a few seconds for my eyes to adjust. A hospital? I look around. Is that a monitor…? It’s off? But, shouldn’t it be on? Ow. I touch my head. God, why does it hurt so much? I slowly... (more »)
The Robbery
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It is about a robbery that takes place Chapter 1: The robbery It was a hot summer day in 1999, I had just had gotten a call that a murder was taken place in Helena Alabama Lee projects. Somebody has robbed number 7 that poor family had lost... (more »)
Defeating the Aerina Queen
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The Aerina Queen is getting mtsteriously evil...and only Elissa and Iasea can defeat her! But a mysterious presence assists her, and will cause the twins grief and hardship. But with friends and advice, they will overcome, and save the day. ... (more »)
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