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A Child of Mine
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Witnessing your only child leave you in broad daylight is hard to comprehend, even if he does love you. Now let’s start this off strait, my name is Jim, Jim Pickens. I’m a single man in New York City, and I am a restaurant owner. I am a... (more »)
The Truth
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The brick in his hand dropped to the floor with a dull thud. For a long, long moment, all he could hear were the sounds of his own heartbeat pounding in his ears and Sarah gasping around her swollen throat. Atherton’s groans had died away and... (more »)
How Did I Get Here?
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I walk, trying to keep my restless, tired body from falling to the cold dew of the ground. “How did I get here?” I think silently in my head, wondering if I will make it to the loving tree of my only memories. I try to think… it all... (more »)
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On this day many years ago, lived this girl and her name is Julia. She lives with her mom and brother in an old small country house. They go to a really small school in southern Kansas where all of the grade levels are in one big building. The... (more »)
A Story About Her
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“Hello,” she growled. Her gaze was distant and hardened, her eyes unwavering and fixed on mine. The hello was brutal. The hello stained the memories and made them tattered, unrecognizable fragments. “Hello,” I said. I... (more »)
The Disappearance of Joan
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I heard the hinges of the bedroom door creak. I sat up and yelled, “Goodbye!” My husband, Martin, was going to the airport to fly to New York. I looked over at the clock that was sitting on my bedside table next to one of the many... (more »)
The Door
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We creep through the dark alleyway not knowing what to expect. A fork in the road approaches. After surveying both options, we take the right turn. “There are men, run!” Jackson yells. I grab Grace and sprint. Gunshots crackle on... (more »)
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I was running in the airport when they found me. Tired and scared, I wasn’t ready. This could be confusing to someone who does not know my story. Two months ago, I heard a knock on my side door. My parents weren't home and they always taught... (more »)
FUNeral Service
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“Remember, folks,” the professor said. “We put the ‘fun’ back in funeral.” I found it rather ironic that this particular professor was sharing this information with us as his voice droned on mechanically. I subconsciously refused to... (more »)
Dark Magic
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I stared at how he presented himself. He had long dark brown hair with the same blue eyes I did. Seemed like the type of person who would sit down and read a James Patterson book. He opened his mouth, stuttering at first, “ So,... (more »)
Good Person
Mom and Dad have been in the basement for days. Sometimes there would be weird noises coming from down there. Someone would be walking around or knock on the walls. One time they stood right up against the locked door. I knew they were there... (more »)
Three White Lies - Chapter One
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Neil woke up to the sound of the rush of cars on the streets of Mallory Square. His head throbbed with pain and agony as he tried to remember exactly where he was, it wasn't the first time he found himself in this kind of situation. The hard... (more »)
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Overgrown Anxieties This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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There are six succulents on my window sill, each in their own spherical, glass holder. I got them last spring in an attempt to seem artsy, but all I’ve done is neglect them. They thrive in the sunlight, though the one on the end is cursed to... (more »)
Break Free
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    “The year 2100 is a year that will go down in infamy in this country,” said Director Campbell to the young teens following her. Director Campbell was a notably studious woman. She prided herself knowing more... (more »)
The Good Clown
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No one knows what happened to Quarter Dumb after that cold rainy October day in 1991. Three weeks prior to the arrest, he was the quirky crazy clown that parents hired to entertain at their kids birthday parties. He told corny jokes that... (more »)
Following Hearts
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The world sighed as the morning sun peeked its head around the forest. The trees were stood so close that the ground was not visible. The animals awoke from their somber sleep to welcome the bright warm circle in the sky that they had grown... (more »)
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