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Here are the most recent thriller/mystery articles:

The Book
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The book was simple, brown leather skin, tan parchment pages, with vibrant blue ink scribbled in neat lines, covering page after page. Her life was in the book. Her character, her essence, her entire being was the book. The book made her what... (more »)
C'est Rouge
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It was a starry night in the city of love, with the glimmering illuminations of the thousands upon thousands of windows acting as the sun of the night. Romance blossomed around every cul-de-sac, as old flames were rekindled with a sweet kiss.... (more »)
Story Time
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I despise my life, always have and most-likely always will. Perhaps it’s normal to not enjoy the life that has been bestowed upon you, but my hatred goes so far that I’ve had to make up a second life for myself. It all started when I was... (more »)
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As I regained consciousness from falling down the stairs, I sw this place where every nightmare I've ever had was alive. As I walked down the road the stench of a rotting corpse, the closer I got the worse the stench got, I started to gag... (more »)
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Jimmy Todds Jounral
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/1/2015 -Dear Journal I saw something in the woods today. It looked odd yet I really did not get a really good look at it. All I saw was a shadow of a weird creature. It looked like a man but did not. It seemed to have claws and no... (more »)
The Red Dress
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A young girl sat in a chair among a crowd of money grubbers pretending to love the guest of honor as the priest gave the sermon of the dead for her deceased mother. The day that  her mother had died had been a cold day....a blizzard... (more »)
I swear I cant tell
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I don’t talk and I don’t write. It killed my best friend and it’ll kill me. It was an accident and it turned out fatal. He was lying in his own blood and I am still paying the price.      Building 9. My... (more »)
Barbe Bleue
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The original piece merely details a story following a linear path to that of the folklore. I however (keep in mind this is my first work) try and tell the story in an alternate perspective. As well as shiftin the time in which it takes place.... (more »)
The Unknown Ending
It was about 7:00 pm when we noticed that this will be the last time of seeing each other again. The guys in clown masks, looks as if they are the Joker, putting everyone in different rooms. I was scared but remained calm so my escape plan can... (more »)
Treat People the Way You Want to be Treated
“Why is you shootin? you gonna kill us. do you even know how to work that thing?” my heart dropped when I saw my sister grab my friend’s shotgun. . “Of course. I am not stupid like someone I know, I don't wanna... (more »)
The Appropriate Response This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
He needed the money. He really really needed the money. So he accepted. The opera had been wonderful. The recent images of the immense pageantry and immaculate music still lingered on his sensory peripherals. He had seen Ludwig’s... (more »)
The House on the Hill Part 4
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The drive downtown only took about 25 minutes and I arrived at the store with 5 minutes to spare. It was almost like I was late because when I arrived Tessa and the other girls were already there, crammed into Tessa’s BMW sedan. I exited my... (more »)
The Meaning of Friendship
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"Do you want to play a game?" she said. We sat in her garage out of the rain that pitter-pattered steadily against the windows of the garage door. "What kind of game?" my muffled voice replied. The air, even in the garage, was muggy and I was... (more »)
Finding Mitch
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I jogged up to the city hall building and pushed open the door. I’d never been here before now but Mitch spent 99% of his time here. I stood in the entrance looking around when a person rounded the corner. He was tall and slim with dark... (more »)
Almost Bliss
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    All the pain left my body as quickly as it had entered. I felt nothing. Absolutely nothing. Darkness surrounded me and yet all I could see was light. Feeling my wound, I noticed the blood had stopped gushing out. My hand was... (more »)
I, Sherlock Holmes
My pipe softly smoked as I first heard the carriage draw near. The wheels creaked and the horses trotted down the cobblestone street. The moon slid behind the clouds and I turned on my small reading light that rested on the side table and... (more »)
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