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Most Recent Thriller/Mystery Articles

Here are the most recent thriller/mystery articles:

Black Mist in the Air
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“Chief Watts here. Can-can you speak up please? A what? A robbery? And a suicide attempt? We’ll get right on it. Thank you.” Patrick Watts, the chief of police of Perryville, Wyoming, hung up his phone. “Sergeant... (more »)
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“Think about it. That’s the house people have gone missing in, and no one has seen any of the bodies yet. And you do know that the bodies have been going missing in the last few months, right?” “Don’t be such a wuss, Phoenix. The... (more »)
The Walk
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It was a cloudy morning when Harold Fletcher decided that it was the perfect day to go out. When he woke up that morning the urge he felt to go for a walk was strong. It began to rain as he walked. Split, splat, split, splat. Did he run from the... (more »)
The Eyes
By , Holly, MI
The Eyes I wasn’t supposed to be there?if only I hadn’t been there. That night I had risen from my plush sofa throne and dragged my feet along the hardwood floor as I headed towards the wooden door. With each step I let my body roll through... (more »)
Pretty as a Doll This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
By , Jackson, NJ
“Goodmorning, gorgeous.”, the hoarse voice sent shivers down Chloe’s spine. Chloe whipped her head around in the direction of the mysterious voice and to no avail, saw nothing but black. The rough burlap wrapped around her eyes made it... (more »)
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I opened my eyes to the night sky, the firm ground holding my weight. I stayed there for a few seconds, staring at the illuminating constellation above me, letting the faint sound of crickets wash over me. I slowly got to my feet, grass blades... (more »)
Forever and Ever
By ,
I took the life out of my last victim before I was about to take out my own. "Beep beep" my watch sounded, as I took the knife out of my victim's chest. A robotic, monotone voice from my watch said, “Murder: 30 years added to your life.” At... (more »)
The Cover of Night
By , Atascadero, CA
As night begins to fall, Helen approaches the camp and sees Joel with the logs in his arms and a hatchet. Joel is wearing a green plaid shirt with white lines down each plaids, he also has black hair with a lightly shaven beard. His face is... (more »)
The Silver Skeleton Key Part 4
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The corridor continually darkens as he drags me along, and I blink several times so my eyes could adjust. My feet weren't corresponding properly with my brain and the warrior had to jerk my arm several times to keep me from tripping. The... (more »)
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Mateo Luis Lamar’s 1964 Cadillac DeVille cruised down the SR2. In the car was one of the many women that he often had around, a young child, and Mateo himself. If you took Mateo in quickly, he seemed to be gentleman. Today, for example,... (more »)
A Dark Childhood
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Running. Climbing up old, rusty fire escapes. Frantically hiding behind grimy trash bins. More running. That was the gist of my childhood. Dark corners and danger make up most of my memories. Coming from a broken family, I was mostly on my... (more »)
30 on the Clock
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I don't remember anything before it all started, it all just kind of happened. Just like how people are born and they feel nothing before their life - it was like an entire new start... An entirely new world I was in, and apparently, it... (more »)
From Brooklyn to Heaven in Eight Hours
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The morning light bent through the spaces between my blinds, casting a warm glow over my closed eyelids. Suddenly, the complex labyrinth of purple-green veins became illuminated, stretching like cracks in cement sidewalks over my tired eyes. I... (more »)
The Lighthouse
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May 25, 2006 “Don’t let the light go out.” These words echo in my head as I sit on top of the lighthouse gazing out along the brilliant beam of light into the deep navy color of the starlit horizon. So this is my punishment... (more »)
The Hideaway
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“Look, I love you guys and all… but I’m not getting arrested for this.” The teens all stood gawking down at the body on the ground. “It wasn’t even our fault, we didn’t tell him to drink that entire bottle of vodka,” Adisa... (more »)
Summer Camp
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I laid in my uncomfortable bed, staring at the ceiling. It was the first day of summer camp. Not really a summer camp if you ask me, it felt like more of an orphanage. My dad and his snobby girlfriend had basically abandoned me for the summer,... (more »)
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