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Most Recent Thriller/Mystery Articles

Here are the most recent thriller/mystery articles:

Black Out
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Prologue Have you ever gotten up and your vision suddenly went black? It’s HER. She’s temporarily blinding you…making sure you don’t see her, she’s stealing a memory…she feeds off them and devours them. You poor thing, won’t even... (more »)
The Hotel Room
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Chloe sat on her bed by the window in her hotel room, trying to enjoy having the time to herself. To celebrate her getting into college, her mom had taken her on a trip through Europe. Now they were in Ireland, staying in an ancient castle that... (more »)
The day after....
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        A high pitched scream had welcomed the new early morning that day. Hearts was still in her room in her bed. It had came from down the hall. She wasn't fully awaken by it but, she knew she had heard it. She could... (more »)
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He knelt down in front of me and caressed the chrome plated wheels along the sides of my wheelchair, if he only knew exactly how much pleasure it gave me to see him like this. It’s such an empowering sensation having one kneel beneath... (more »)
I can see him
By , Charlestown, CT
My  hand trembled again It was another day again at the school. A boring one just like any other day.   “Cheer up.” My friend whispered to me as we jolted down notes.   How can I cheer up when everyone around me makes me feel... (more »)
The Girl Who Was Never Alone
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I am not alone. When I am asleep in my bed and home alone, I’m never alone. Someone is always there, something is always there. I am awaken by someone else's breathing. Someone who isn’t me... something that isn’t me. I always stay quiet... (more »)
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The room was trashed, everything out of its specified and certain place: a smashed vase holding the deadly Belladonna, emitting an intoxicating aroma resembling vanilla and death; red and blue solo cups littered the sorority's bland rug, a... (more »)
Bringing Molly Home
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Brianna Andrews stepped out of her car, which was parked just outside her friend Dylan’s house. It was the first time in a year since she had set foot on the property…and the town. The run-of-the-mill Brookburg, a small town where everything... (more »)
The Truth
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The autumn air was crisp as I walked to my car, my school bag over my shoulder. My best friend, Tiana, was already gone, probably to be at work on time. That meant that I was alone in the parking lot, our student government meeting having run... (more »)
Murder, Murder, And Perhaps, Even Murder
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The Night She Died Wind rustles, leaves churn. A car beeped. Naomi England walked among the gravestones, overgrown weeds, mud-brown and dry scraped against her leg. A gray gravestone, the color of storm clouds emerged out of the mist, almost... (more »)
The Cask of Amontillado: Origins
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I am the Lord Montresor of France, dealer and buyer of fine wines. I have a great many friends among the wine business, but one of the greatest was Lord Fortunato. He, like most wine connoisseurs, is an Italian. Our friendship began in the early... (more »)
the Little Girl
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One day after school, I went home but no one was there. It’s only me and my mom, but she’s usually at work, so I’m used to being at home by myself. This time was different though. I always get home around 3:00 PM after school... (more »)
Playing With Fire
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“Can you keep a secret?” A female voice whispers, startling me awake in a cold sweat. I take a deep breath, and when I manage to catch my breath, it’s then that I realize that I can’t see. I’m surrounded by a thick, cold fog, and can... (more »)
The Jokers game
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My heart banged against my ribcage. My breaths came in short gasps. Then I felt my legs stop like they were stuck in glue. I looked up and saw Lacy roll the dice. I covered my head with my arms as a giant die bounced and rolled right by my... (more »)
The Murder On Halloween Night
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It was a special day in Thead city, for it was the city’s 150th birthday. Everyone in the city came to the Halloween party that was arranged by Henry, the city mayor, to celebrate. Or so they thought…  “Come on Harry,... (more »)
Death is Right Behind the Corner
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It was a beautiful full moon night on the last day of October which is the 31st . All you see in the sky is the sparkling stars and the feeling of nice refresh cool breeze in the air. So 3 best friends May, June, and April decide to go on a road... (more »)
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