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Some Weird Story I Came Up With
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Chapter One I awoke to the sound of silence. Then it hit me. Literally. A giant blob of god-knows-what. Whatever the nauseating substance was, it clung to my quaking skin with its wretched scent. I had a fairly troublesome time trying to... (more »)
Calls From the Dead
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Wolf Whitetail had been missing for five years. The town still searched for him. Each year, the reward for information leading to Wolf went up another $500. The year Wolf was found, the reward had gone up to $3000. No one ever collected the... (more »)
Pushing Up Daisies
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“Caw, caw!” The raven screeched. Mary grimaced. That stupid bird had been squawking for the better part of an hour. She looked at the time. 12:34. Time to check on Faith again. Mary strolled out of the kitchen, still draped in an... (more »)
By , Berkeley, CA
They sat around the fire, listening to the popping coals and the dull rushing of the river nearby. The shorter one, with long dark hair and a puffy jacket stared into the fire, ignoring his companions and the shadows around them. The taller one,... (more »)
She`s Not Dead
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She`s Not Dead Today I received a strange note in the mail, it contained scrambled words like some sort of puzzle. The note did not have a return address and I had no idea as to who would send me such an odd note in the mail. I studied it at... (more »)
The Intruder
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The girl started to fall into a deep slumber, when suddenly the phone rang. The phone was downstairs but somehow the ringing came up the stairs, through her door, and spoke faintly in her ear. She was now awake. She got up from her bed to answer... (more »)
The Hidden File
By , Bermuda Dunes, CA
    Cobblestone streets, fantastic bridges, and glistening canals all describe the magic of Amsterdam. Yet, behind its beauty and charm, lies a secret. Bright and talented Rose North has, what seems to be, the perfect... (more »)
The Rings of Sindi
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‘Yayy! I am finally meeting my grandma again.’ said Sindi while she was going to meet her grandma. She was really excited to meet her because Sindi hadn’t seen her in almost 2 years. When she went to her grandma’s... (more »)
Never Trust a Stranger
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On a crowded sidewalk in the middle of New York City, Charles Dinwell, a young, tall, slender man, walks vainly as all the ladies that walk pass stare in admiration of his handsome looks. Knowing the attention, he nods his head in approval to... (more »)
The Night Demon
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Windows down, curtains on, lights out. I slip into the warm layers of my blanket and eyes drooling with sleep. So much cozy peace in the cold winter night. And then it starts. I can hear it in my fuzzy mind. It is real. It is near. I can hear... (more »)
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Ding Ding
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It was just another day in the library. Just reading my book when another student plods his way toward me. Trying to ignore him I peek over my book after 5 minutes has passed. HE WAS STILL THERE. So that when I said, “Can I help... (more »)
The Key
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As I watched it go spinning down the drain, I pushed back the wave of guilt that washed over me but just as I did, another emotion rolled over: relief. It was out of our lives. Forever. For good. Nobody would have to find out and nobody... (more »)
Not the Beginning
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The  room was so bright as I walked into the doors. It made my eyes squint with a burn. I’m shaking, I’m cold, but a blanket is around me. I clenched the blanket in my hand, just it make sure it was their.  My hair is wet, I feel it... (more »)
I'm Sane
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The white house stood up on a hill above the rest of the large homes on the street. It was the kind of fairytale home that people dreamed of living in. Clean crisp shutters outlined every sparkling clear window. The landscaping was... (more »)
Betty Crocker Killer This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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When I was in middle school, my dad met a woman named Betty for a blind date. Apparently, the two of them hit it off so well and they started dating shortly after. Betty was a nice woman but I would always get an uneasy feeling whenever she was... (more »)
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    He is sitting in the hospital waiting room looking around. The anticipation and sorrow quietly swallowing everyone whole, the stench of death filling the air.  His eyes wander from person to person, taking in their fear. One girl happens... (more »)
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