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Here are the most recent thriller/mystery articles:

Secret Staircase
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  Alyssa flopped down on her bed, finally finished unpacking. She let out a heavy sigh of relief, “Thank goodness that’s over with.”   She raised her head wearily when the heavy winds forced open her unlatched windows. Alyssa pulled... (more »)
Vengance: A story about power
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In our modern world, people are duped regularly, almost as if it is part of the way we function. Most humans do not realize what they get tricked into doing, with the exception of the ones who come up with these plans. Though some are meant in a... (more »)
Remember What You Did to Me
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So there I was, contemplating whether to wait for my knight in shining armor, who didn’t seem to be getting my telepathic pleas for help, or to formulate a plan of escape from the dire situation I was in. I weighed my options; I had no idea... (more »)
Tunnel of Horror
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The sweet, warm scent of funnel cake hits me as Tyler and I enter Marina County’s annual carnival fair. My stomach grumbles, scolding me for rushing out the door this morning and only scarfing down an orange. “Can we get some food, Tyler?... (more »)
The Reaper Tale
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 My son was always a different kid. He didn’t like playing outside or playing video games. No, he sat on the couch and watched horror movies. But then again, he was to follow in my tracks as the end bringer. That’s right I’m the Reaper.... (more »)
Escape This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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     I’ve been stuck in this sick game for days, if not weeks. Always, constantly, trying to find an exit out of this terrifying world.      There used to be twelve of us when we first woke up in this dank hell. Now it’s just me.... (more »)
The Phone Call
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  Jennifer McKay, she was 35 years old. She always lived her life the way her parents expected and wanted her to. Jen has so much integrity. Always that girl with the smile on her face, even when she was going through rough patches in her... (more »)
It's Just a Game
“I’m so bored.” Jennifer sighed. “Uh, I know.” Kate said. “Why don’t we play a game? It’s called Hide and Clap!” Jennifer exclaimed. “Sure, how do you play?” Kate asked.... (more »)
The House Down Mainstreet
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                October 31st the night of Halloween. This is my story believe me believe me not. I felt as if I were in a horror movie. I still get scared by even talking about it.          That night on Halloween , me... (more »)
Dr. Bob
There was something weird about the old, creepy van that drove slowly down the street each week. It belonged the old man, Dr. Bob that lived in the scary house at the end of the block. Dr. Bob van drove eerily down the street. The rusty old... (more »)
The Big Mistake
In a cold dark room full of stubborn teenagers, a little boy appeared in the far right corner. His hair was black, his eyes were green, his skin was pale and his clothes looked worn out. His name was Mason and he looked about 10 years old. The... (more »)
“Finally the last of school is over” Betsy said excitedly as she walked down the hall.”Next stop California! ”Then as soon as Betsy got home she packed her bags. Then her mom yelled “Betsy are you almost finish... (more »)
The 33 Shotgun
It was a dark, stormy night as they heard the creek of the floor as they walked through the abandoned office. “What are we doing here Jack? Why did we have to come to this horrid place?” said Taylor. “Hey you guys agreed... (more »)
Bad Romance
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"I'll have a omlet with cheese, and onion". Sara was just a single teenage girl. "To go. I need to hurry an eat this on my way to school. I can't risk being tardy again". She wasn't very punctual, but not super un-punctual. As she paid the... (more »)
The fate that awaits me
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              The sun was swallowed by dark rain clouds making it a dark gloomy day. Rain fell from the sky at a rapid rate. The air was cold and humid. The wind was swirling fast making every rain drop sting against your skin. The... (more »)
Child of the Wolves
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Somebody lived at the top of Turnip Hill. There was a house that backed up into the woods. It looked much like a dollhouse, tall and square, with white shuttered window, and a small metal rooster at the top of the roof. The house used to be... (more »)
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