Murder in the Mansion

May 3, 2018
By BoiseState0007 BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
BoiseState0007 BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
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I was walking to school one day and I notice this house on the top of the hill. I wondered who owned the house. Then I notice a flash of bright light and I was as blind as a bat. Then a thick fog rolled in and I couldn’t see. I just kept walking by memory. Next, I started to use my phone as a light to be able to see. I was very lucky because my school wasn’t very far. My school’s name is Willington The Fine Arts Academy. Later that morning I got to school and told my friends about what I saw. Then I told them about the bright light. They didn’t sound interested until I mentioned the house on the hill. My friend’s names are Liam, Dominic, and Ryan. Then they started asking me questions.

“Hey Dan, my man, there was no fog this morning at our neighborhood because I was a bit behind you,” told Liam.

“Yes, there was,” I said.

“I have seen that house before but never stopped and looked at it,” replied Dominic.

“Guys I got an idea, how about we visit the house on the hill,” suggested Ryan.

“Sure, lets go,” we all said. 

We ended up going after school on our bikes. It took us about three and a half hours to ride up the rigorous hill. I was winded when we got up to the top. Next, I saw the door and sort of freaked out because it was falling off. Well I mean that it looked like the house was about to fall apart. I walked up to it and opened the door, as I walked in it smelled like someone died in there. This meant it smelt like ammonia, but worse. While we were walking around and goofing off we heard a scream. We all jumped and then went towards it. Then as we walked in it looked like someone was sitting on the chair, but as we looked up we saw that someone was impenetrated with a giant spike. I tried not to scream as we got close to the person sitting in the chair. When we saw the person in the chair the were smiling very creepy, and they were stabbed multiple times in the chest. Suddenly, we heard a laugh, and we all bolted out of there as if we seen a ghost. We jumped on our bikes, sped down the hill as fast as we can. Trying to get away from the creepy laughter following us. We all decided to go home and go to bed and tell the police in the morning.

On this Saturday morning we went to the police and told them what we have found. They didn’t believe us because they said that house has been abandoned since World War 1. We told them that someone was there. There was no response. Then suddenly, that same creepy laughter came out of nowhere. We hung up the phone and decided to solve this ourselves. We went back there and split up looking for any trace of weapon or finger prints. So, we took swabs and pictures to try and find what happened and who did it.

“Hey everyone, get over here I found something,” screamed Ryan.

“What is it,” I asked

“It is a note and it reads-

Dear people in my house,

Leave my house or you will face the same fate as the people on the ceiling and on the chair. If you don’t I will first give you another warning or I will just kill you right now. Just give me the word. Just so you know you will never find me ever and if you do you will be the first.


Then we all decided to leave. As we got to the bottom of the hill, I had a plan that may or may not work I told them. So, I told them that one of us will give our selves up and then when that happens we will jump out and drop a net to secure him. If that doesn’t work, then I will use the tranquilizer darts to shoot him.
That next day on Sunday we pulled straws to see who must face him. We went there and Ryan the one who lost said they are not going to stop so take me and leave them alone. Then a shadowy figured came out from behind a rock and had a knife. He told Ryan to sit down so he did as tell. Then I yelled now as soon as he was close enough. He was caught for a few and then got up. As soon as he was up my gun got jammed and I couldn’t shoot him. Then he stabbed Ryan. So, right there and then Liam got upset and decided to tackle him. The mysterious guy was winded. Then I got my gun unjammed and shot. I hit him in the arm and then he fell in the chair on his knife with that creepy smile. Then we took the police up there and showed them where the bodies were and where the guy is. Then they identified him as Jenkins Jacobo. We then found out that he is wanted for eighty-eight murders. We then told them how we found him, and we then decided that we will become crime solvers when we grew up. So, we went in the forest and made a pact on this. So, we now can only want to become a detective when we grow up.

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