Kidnapping Crisis

May 3, 2018
By Amy0405 BRONZE, Edmonton, Alberta
Amy0405 BRONZE, Edmonton, Alberta
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It was 12:05 AM  and after coming back from the treacherous movie, Jaws,  Sarah Snipe was pacing back and forth, as fast as a tiger, in her now modern and empty penthouse. Stroking her full, navy blue hair, she was attempting to imagine where her best friend, Annie, could have vanished to. Sarah stopped and slowed down so she could thoroughly recall what had happened to Annie while she (herself) was upstairs in her giant room.
“Annie was only 15, she can’t be gone already! She still needs to live the rest of her life here in Chapleton,” pondered Sarah. Dling, the golden elevator buzzed. The shiny doors opened and to Sarah’s surprise her trusty butler, Harrison Hacker, strutted through the doors wearing his jet black suit. Alongside him were twin brothers Sheppy and Tommy Clarkson. A lode of suspicion sat on their faces.

“What’s the issue here?” questioned Tommy.

“Call her!” Sarah continued, “call the investigator!” Sheppy went into the back pocket of his neon green pants and took out his brand new cellphone. He dialled Beep Beep Boop 780-947-2593. Within a few startling seconds the golden elevator doors opened again. Out galloped Chief Chanel.

“Show me the case so I’ll be first in the race!” Chanel sang.

“Stop mumbling and start investigating!” Sarah shouted.

Chief Chanel grabbed her bold, black briefcase off the silky, smooth couch. She then opened it as if it was made of fine glass. Click, the briefcase was ajar. Chanel took her twitching hand and settled it. She calmed her fine red hair.

“You twins get over here,” Chanel continued, “sit down. I need to have you answer some questions I’ve got.” The boys stood there as still as the sun. A look of suspicion stood on their faces.

“Today please!” explained Chanel. The twins slowly stomped their way into the spacious living room to be in Chanel’s presence. They fell onto the fresh, white couch. “Where were you two during the time of this treacherous crime?” she questioned.

“Umm….. we were  just going to bed,” they replied, fear clogging up their throats. Chief Chanel gave them a quick shrug as she stood up to grab her helpful magnifying glass. It pounded into her hands.
“Let’s start searching this sanctuary!” Chanel hummed.

Chanel paced from place to place in the enormous penthouse. She felt like a needle in a haystack.
“Finally, a clue!” she shouted. Chanel bent down and grabbed a black cloth that sat near the matte dumbwaiter. She then glanced to the left of it and there stood a note. It read, "Help me! I've been kidnapped! Sheppy did this to me. - Annie".


Stomp Stomp Stomp. The Chief sprinted to Sheppy for an explanation. Sarah and Tommy stared at Sheppy with disbelief.

“You really did this,” Tommy sighed. His brother’s face turned a plum purple.

A scream exited Sheppy’s mouth, “It wasn’t me! I’m innocent!”

“Get him boys!” explained Chanel, staring right at Sarah, Tommy and Harrison. They were lightning, bolting to the Chief. Sarah and Harrison took Sheppy’s hands and dragged him into the storage room, where Chief Chanel’s equipment stood.

Chanel muttered, “Come on! Let’s do a polygraph test.”

The investigator strapped Sheppy’s hands into a tiny machine meant for polygraph tests. Flick, the sound of the polygraph machine echoed in Sheppy’s ear. “So, let’s get right to the case. Did you or did you not kidnap Annie?” she questioned, staring him in the eyes.

“I did not!” Sheppy shouted with confidence. Boop, the green light flashed on.

“True,” gasped the Chief. Chanel dashed out the storage room door. She returned to her trusty magnifying glass. The piece of equipment felt pleasing to be back in her hands. In the blink of an eye Chanel was back on the ground searching the penthouse. “This is odd,” she thought to herself, “why would Annie’s fingerprint be on the dumbwaiter if she didn’t live in this penthouse?” Chanel was onto something.

Chanel’s hand widened the silver dumbwaiter door and to almost everyone’s delight Annie jumped out.
“Him,” the sound of Annie’s light voice echoed in Sarah’s ear.

“Annie!” Sarah screeched with enthusiasm. Sarah sprinted to Annie. Their bodies collided into a huge hug.
“Harrison, Harrison Hacker did this!” Annie shouted.

“Umm….. I never get respect from you, Sarah. Whenever I clean your clothes or wash the dishes I don’t even get a thank you. I thought that if I took something special of yours you would be more grateful and respectful towards me. But, I guess not.” he explained. Harrison put his chubby hands out in front of him. Handcuffs from Chanel’s briefcase hugged his wrists. Sarah shook her head as Chief Chanel dragged the big butler across the glass floor and out the dark doors. Bam, the doors to Harrison’s freedom were shut and never opened again.

The author's comments:

I hope that what you take from this story is that you should never immidiately acuse someone of doing something without hearing their side of the story. You may be surprised with what you find true and what you find false. Never judge somebody off of one mistake or a single piece of evidence and give everyone a chance to explain, no matter the circumstances.

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