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Pretty Little Spyer

May 3, 2018
By Ruthie03 BRONZE, Kansas City, Kansas
Ruthie03 BRONZE, Kansas City, Kansas
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It was October 31,1992 a girl named Elizabeth who was walking home after seeing her friend who lived only a few blocks away from her. The walk was only about 10 minutes so it was pretty short and never made her nervous until tonight. About 5 minutes left to go on her walk she heard a rattle in the bushes. Almost as if someone was there watching her every move. She figured it was just the wind and proceeded on her walk. Not even a minute later she heard the same noise repeatedly, but this time it was closer to her. 

She started walking a bit faster because she was wanted to get away from that terrible noise. A few moments later she heard a scratchy low voice with a sound of screeching cats yelling “Haha, I got you now!” She started sprinting home as fast as her little legs could take her. She heard giant leaps behind her getting closer and closer! The feeling when she got inside her home was almost the same as winning a marathon except she wasn’t screaming and crying for joy… it was for fear.

She had never felt this much fear in her whole life so she did not know how to handle it. So her “brightest” idea was to run up the stairs and lock herself in the attic. Not thinking to lock the front door first or get out of house. So she pulled her knees into her face to stop her from whimpering so they wouldn’t hear her. It was too late they had heard her footsteps go up the stairs somewhere. So ever so slowly the killer walked by and kicked the doors open and screamed “where are you miss Lizzy?”.

She clenched her teeth trying not to make a sound, but her legs dropped and knocked over a old blue lamp that her great grandma Rose gave her. The killer heard the noise and started screaming and running after the suspicious noise he heard. He jumped onto his stomach so he could look under the small crack of light that showed who was in the room. He saw two feet and at the moment knew it was Elizabeth hiding. He shrieked “Ready or not here I come!” and he banged open the door and hard as he could.

Elizabeth very slowly lifted her head and uttered “please don’t hurt”. She opened her eyes more and more until she could see who this mysterious figure was. It was her friend Eliza the entire time, the one who lived just 10 minutes away from her. She was quite angry with her “Why would you do this to me?” she questioned in anger. Eliza replied “Lighten up Lizzy, I only did this because it’s Halloween”. “It’s not Halloween, and don’t give me excuses for your behavior”. “Excuse me, check your phone it’s October 31” said Eliza. Elizabeth said in despair “Oh whoops, I’m sorry I forgot”.

The author's comments:

I wrote this peice because my favorite stories and movies are suspense or scary. I like the feeling of the thrill when something pops out to give you a fright! I want to give that feeling of suspense to other people, so they can share the love of scary and suspense with me!

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