April 30, 2018
By Indiayuann BRONZE, Royal Palm Beach , Florida
Indiayuann BRONZE, Royal Palm Beach , Florida
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The night I met Valerie was a blur. I remember it was late at night I was walking through the damp streets in New York City to this local bar I used to go to all the time. That day I had just turned 21 and had to celebrate with a few drinks. But of course I didn’t just took a few, I took a few too many till the point I was throwing up in the bathroom toilet. Next I remember looking up and I saw Valerie walking into the bathroom. You could tell she was drunk by the way she was moving. Her body swayed side to side as she struggled to stand in her sparkly black heels. She leaned against the bathroom wall on her back and slowly let herself slide down the wall on her back onto the marble floor tiles. I think I then crawled up next to her because she started talking to me. “Ya know, I’m probably not going to remember any of this tomorrow” she said and we both laughed. “I’m Valerie what’s your name” she introduced herself. “I’m India, nice to meet you” I replied. For the next 10 minutes we sat there on the bathroom floor in silence. Then we finally got up and decided to go back out. Right when we got to the other side of the bathroom door, we heard the loud blasting music playing again which made the whole bar vibrate. It was giving both of us a headache after how much we have drunk. Valerie’s friend offered to drive the both of us back home. Based on our state, it’s safe to assume we definitively aren’t safe to operate a vehicle. That was it of that night. The next morning I woke up on Valerie’s couch, I don’t know how I got there. She was still sleeping on her other couch next to the one I was on. I was still hungover and had the worst headache ever. Today Marks 5 years since I’ve met Valerie and we’ve become best fiends since. I turn 26 today and we decided to go back to the bar to celebrate our friendship and my birthday. We dressed up really fancy, I wore a black bodycon dress, black heel with a lot of jewelry and Valerie wore a red dress with white heels and jewelry. As we walked into the bar I felt the eyes of guys glancing and laying their eyes on us. “I mean who wouldn’t noticed us” Valerie says as she winked at me. I smile back. We sat down at the bar and within 3 minutes these two guys approach us and offers to buy us a drink. “Hey I’m Alex and this is my friend Nick, let us buy you a drink”. I couldn’t turn down the most handsome man ever. Alex has brown hair swept to the side and the most gorgeous blue eyes and I loved the way he smelled. Nick has the same brown hair and green eyes, he sat down next to Valerie and Alex sat next to me. After talking for a while, slow music started playing. Alex held his hand out “dance with me?” I took his hand and went to the dance floor and started dancing. I never believed love that first sight, but he was perfect and I loved everything about him already. After a few minutes I look over to see if Valerie was okay, I saw Nick get up and say something to her. They both got up and started walking to upstairs of the bar. “Where are they going?” I asked Alex. “Don’t worry about it” he responded. I could tell something was going on, his body and expression suddenly changed. I let go of his hands and started heading upstairs. Alex grabs me hard by my hand and I suddenly felt scared for my life. Something definitely is going on, it doesn’t feel right. I yell at him to let go. Next thing I know I hear a gun shot coming from upstairs  and everyone starts screaming and going choas. “Out everyone out!” I hear someone screaming. All I can think of is Valerie, I ran upstairs as fast as I can to find her. I opened a door to an entrance and there I saw Nick on the floor with a gunshot wound to his chest and he was bleeding out. I look up and see Valerie with the gun shaking and crying hysterically. “He was trying to hurt me I swear I didn’t mean to kill him, he had his gun pointed at me telling me to take my clothes off and I kicked him and grabbed his gun and shot him, you have to believe me!” She screams as she trembles.

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