Frozen in Time

April 16, 2018
By bryan.jeremiah BRONZE, North Collins, New York
bryan.jeremiah BRONZE, North Collins, New York
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The basement freezer must always be on and always be kept at -150°C to keep the contents at maximum preservation. Ryan maintains the set temperature, he lives alone ever since his girlfriend left him fifteen years ago and he slipped into depression and mental disorders. His frozen relatives are trapped downstairs in the cryogenic vault. The 5pm clock dings throughout the stereo system meaning its dinner time. He brings each person up one by one for dinner. The gloves become hard and start to crackle in his hands as he handles them. Breaking their legs adjusting them to sit down at the table so he’s able to attach the speakers and mics down by his seat. The frozen bird tied to the string around the fan swings around the room adding a little lively excitement to the environment. “How are you doing today?” Ryan says in a quiet voice. “I’m doing fine” his mother’s speaker exclaims as he speaks into the microphone. He sits quietly enjoying his meal; chicken breast with biscuits and gravy. He thinks about when he was young and his mother would cook the meal for him, the hot taste of the gravy over chicken was his favorite. The house is always quiet but he feels a sense of comfort being with his loved ones. Watching the television together, tucking in his little brother and having his mom say goodnight to him are the things he needs for security. Taking his mom with him on a walk pulling her frozen corpse in the red wagon they stroll down the sidewalk; all he thinks about is his past. He walks and walks on and on. He begins to cry realizing what he’s doing. Looking down at the pavement with his teary eyes he notices he’s walking in place making no progress. He’s stuck, he too is frozen in a white blinding room as his eyes begin to clear and he wakes and he’s tied down, paralyzed in hospital room 56 .

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