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April 30, 2018
By aiz.lyn BRONZE, Springville, Utah
aiz.lyn BRONZE, Springville, Utah
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Arion was a priceless horse, everybody was dying to get there hands on him. But nobody was brave enough to follow through; but I was. Arion knew me, so that made taking him a lot easier. My only concern was Allisyn was going to wake up. Luckily she didn’t. 

I walked out to the barn where Arion was resting, and led him out to a hiding place I go to rest. That nobody knows about. Arion was tired and whimpering, but I gave him sugar cubes and he was satisfied.

Keeping him quiet and hid was more difficult than it sounds, he wanted to be with his owner, Allisyn. I just have to try my hardest keep Arion quiet, just till after the competition. Everything could go back to normal after.
Allisyn was always getting all of the attention, all the time. She doesn’t deserve it. She doesn’t deserve Arion. I thought that if I take Arion, just until the competition has passed maybe everybody wouldn’t be paying so much attention to her. But no, it's even worse now.

I felt like I couldn't go anywhere, not even my own home. The guilt was starting to build. When I saw Allisyn around the stables and on the horse track I saw how lonely and sad she was. I went walking through the woods late at night, to think about what was going to happen if they all found out it was me who did it, and I saw Allisyn, she looked weak, like she's been out here in the woods for days.


Arion is starting to look very lonely, he wants to be with Allisyn, it’s easy to tell. It's getting harder to get food for him. I’ve been sneaking into the horse track and taking food from there, i’m scared i’m going to get caught eventually.

I snuck out of my bedroom window in the middle of the night to go check on him. Once I got closer, I saw the door was open. For the first time since I took Arion he sounded happy. I just knew what was inside the door, Allisyn. She saw me, she couldn’t see my face, it was too dim in the little room. She jumped onto Arion back and ran out of the doors. She could recognize my voice. She turned around on her horse and saw my face. She started crying, she jumped off Arion and charged at me. I was to embarrassed and ashamed to stop her or flinch. I just let her. Once she got tired and weak she hopped onto her horse and rode home.

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