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April 25, 2018
By idontknowww BRONZE, Madison, Nebraska
idontknowww BRONZE, Madison, Nebraska
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Recently I just moved to Indonesia, which for sure is different in culture from how America is, which is what I’m used to. I just have started work at a cafe, which is earning me enough, being only eighteen, to be able to live at a small apartment on my own. I really like living here and having a new opportunity in life.

When I first got off of my shift, I decided to go on a hike because I wanted to see more of what it is like here. I grab a bag and put some necessities in it like some stuff to eat and earbuds. When I arrive to the local and nearby rainforest, I put in my earbuds and start walking through, not able to hear much asides from the music blasting. Out of the corner of my eyes I see a figure, and so I pull out my glock just to be sure that I’m not attacked by a wild and untamed gorilla. I slow down a bit and look in the direction of it, but whatever the creature is it’s concealed by some bushes. I hear a loud noise, but too scared to take the earbuds out and not planning on risking my life I pulled the trigger and then realized, as the figure is falling into the dirt and toward the path, that is not a gorilla, but some hairy guy with broad features. I had no idea what to do so I near him and confirm that I accidentally just killed some dude. I’ve never committed this big of a felony before and am naturally a kind person, so I automatically decided to hide him back where he came from so I wouldn’t have to deal with more than the mental consequences of murder. I put the glock away and try to nudge him back into the thick trees that he came from, nut he’s actually pretty heavy so it’s not that easy. When I get him back in that direction I pull out a lighter. I surround him and his close bushed with a bunch of decent sized stones which honestly takes a while. I figure that will prevent the fire from spreading, and be like a cute campfire or whatever. So I light some branches and set them in the unorthodox grave. The fire starts, and I keep watch for a while. I decide it will fade away soon, so I start walking back. But unfortunately, I looked back a  few minutes later and realize I just committed another large crime, arson of a large forest.

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