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A Glass of Water

April 25, 2018
By tranyham BRONZE, Colorad Spings, Colorado
tranyham BRONZE, Colorad Spings, Colorado
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It was a dark and stormy night, it was 3 a.m. and I was so thirsty, and so tired and wanted to go back to sleep, but I needed my water that was in the other room. So I jumped out of bed and was on a mission to get my glass of water, I walked over to my door and slowly opened the creaking door. I looked around to make sure no one was awake, and slowly started making my way to the kitchen, as soon as I got to the kitchen I saw my glass sitting on the counter. I started to walk towards my glass and reached out to grab it when I heard a loud crash, “what was that” I exclaimed as I peaked my head around the doorway to the kitchen. I looked around and saw nothing just darkness and some shadows from the storm, “was that mom, or dad are they okay?” I pondered, I started walking in the direction I heard the noise as I reached the hallway I saw that the vase full of flowers that was sitting on the table in the hall was knocked over on to the floor, water soaking the carpet. “Oh my gosh” I exclaimed, I ran over to the shattered vase and started to pick up all the little pieces and the flowers. “What happened to make the flowers fall over?” I asked myself, I stopped picking up when a thought came into my head, “what if someone accidentally tipped over the vase and made a break for it?” as soon as this came to my mind I stood up and started walking towards my parents room.

    Once I reached the door I started to turn the doorknob, as I slowly opened the door I looked at my parents bed and they were both sound asleep. This made me even more confused, because if my mom or dad knocked over the vase they would have cleaned it up so that means. I paused as a chill went down my spine “that means it wasn't one of them!” once I thought that I dashed into my parents room and tried to wake up my dad. “Dad there's someone in the house!” I exclaimed my dad jolted awake and looked at me like I was crazy “what are you talking about Casey?” he said groggily, I started to pull him out of the bed when my mom woke up “Casey what’s wrong?” she said in a worried voice. I dragged them out of bed and into the hall to were the vase was, my parents looked confused and worried at the same time “what happened Casey? What do you mean someone is in the house?” as soon as I started to explain I heard I weird noise come from the living room “what was that?” my mom whispered grabbing onto my dad’s arm. I started walking closer to where the sound came from “no Casey it’s too dangerous come here!” she whispered grabbing my hand pulling me close. “Why?” I asked her, she never answered, my dad went towards the weird noise and started looking around until he suddenly froze. “Dad?” I whispered in his direction “get in the car girls” he said in a raspy voice, my mom started pulling me by my hand to the garage where the car was.

    Once we got out to the car we jumped in and locked the doors, we waited in the car for quite some time before we heard a loud bang. “What was that” I exclaimed, my mom looked at me and back at the door to the garage “I don't know Casey” my mom whispered. We watched the door for another few minutes and then saw the handle start to turn, my mom had the key in the ignition ready to go if and when we needed to leave but stopped when the door opened. It was dad! He had the family gun which would explain the loud bang “call the police” he said in a deep voice we got out of the car and my mom grabbed her phone. I ran up to my dad and gave him a big hug “are you ok? What happened?” I asked, he looked at me and smiled “don’t worry about me I’m fine and that guy that came into the house is tied to the table unconscious ready for the police to come and get him. Thank you for coming and getting us” he said with a smile “of course dad” I said in reply.

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