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Kris's Story

April 25, 2018
By Angeles2003 SILVER, Eminence , Kentucky
Angeles2003 SILVER, Eminence , Kentucky
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Kris. Kris is a teenage girl that lived a normal teenage life, at least that’s what people thought.

Kris was sitting in the family room with her parents and her older brother. They were celebrating the day that her older brother Luke just got accepted to Yale. The colleges in the state of ___. The family was eating popcorn as they watched the movie. So, Kris got up off the couch to get a refill. As she reached into the kitchen cabinet to grab the packet of popcorn to put in the microwave, men in black suits were holding guns and were coming from every window and every door in the house.

“What’s going on?!” her mother exclaimed. All the men grabbed a hold of Kris’ family. A man came up behind her and held her where she couldn’t run. Kris fought as hard as she could to get away from them. She was trying her best to throw her arms far enough behind herself  trying to elbow the men in the face. He was struggling to keep her still that two more men had to come and assist him to keep her down. All three of the men managed to carry her into the family room. Kris was dropped to the ground, as she sat up she saw her family were held captive standing on their knees. She looked toward the men in black with  a mix of anger and fear. She listened to a conversation between the leader and one of the other men, all she could hear between the two was….
“What do you mean you can’t find it”

“We searched everywhere,sir”

The man who was in charge turned and faced Kris’ father, with the face full with the anger. Kris had a feeling something really bad was going to happen, so she panicked and stood straight up then threw her fist behind her. She managed to give an aggressive punch to the man that was supposed to be keeping her down on her knees. The man was now laying on the ground. Kris was free to make a run.

“Run Kris!,” shouted Luke, then her father said with frustration in his voice from trying to fight against the men holding him down,

“Listen to your brother!” She decided to do what she had to do. She ran to the kitchen table and crawled underneath it the kitchen table and was surrounded by the men dressed in bulletproof vests and guns. She tried to find a way out of the house, the only way out was out the kitchen door that was an entrance to the back yard. Kris did what the only possible chance of survival was. So she made a ran between the guard’s legs. She started to get up as soon as all the guards laid eyes on her.

They all chased her out and down the street. Kris finally was able to get them away from her by running into the ditch by the road and ran straight toward the woods. It was so dark outside that she could hardly see anything. All she could see was hundreds of rows of the tallest trees making an endless path of woods and lights coming from the flashlights of the men dressed in black. Kris ran like she never ran before, she was so scared of what was happening. She finally stopped and took a rest to catch her breath, she turned around and saw that there were no more lights shining from different directions. Who were those men? Will I ever see my family again? Why did they take them from me? Is all that Kris could think of after loosing everyone right in front her eyes. Kris sat against a tree trying to think of what to do. Breathing heavily came a man behind her with a gun. Kris sat there and couldn’t move an inch, but plead the man to spare her life. He rose the gun up pointing at her head. He started to tear up and looked away. In a second he pulled the trigger. Kris was lying on the ground breathless and a whole in her forehead. The man with the gun started talked in his walky - talky, “She’s dead, sir.”  

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