The Ride Back Home

April 24, 2018
By Keslar BRONZE, Ridgway, Pennsylvania
Keslar BRONZE, Ridgway, Pennsylvania
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When Mel Morris stopped riding the bus, I found my mornings to be ten times easier. I met Mel on the first day of school. We talked briefly, and what I did think of her was that she was very different. She had the tendency to play the weird girl role, never with anyone, always talking to herself, and on occasion, she would scream out words at random moments. It’s true that she had some good moments where she would be very nice, but other times she would tell me things about my family that no one knows about. Mel lived in one of the creepiest houses on the street. Every once in awhile when my mom and I would drive by there would be an old lady on her front steps. She kept talking about how someone was in very great danger, but little did she know she was the one in great danger.

Anyway, it’s hard to say that I didn’t miss seeing her, but I do want to tell you a quick Mel Morris story.
In January we were riding the bus to the “Creep Street” which got its name from the fact that only one house had been on this street for years. This house was Mel Morris house her family had been living there for over three years. There were always people moving in and out of the house, but they were mostly druggies that got caught and were evicted. The previous owners were different they were two newlyweds and their son who was about two years old. One morning there were a bunch of cop cars and fire trucks all around the house. I guess the story was that one room in the house had caught on fire and the mom was the only one able to make it out. The room that caught on fire was the little boy’s room. No one knows how the little boy’s room caught on fire all we know is that the dad died trying to save the little boy who never got out of his room.

As I sat watching the snow fall down outside the bus window I noticed that there was a little boy in her front yard playing in the snow with his dad and it looked like they had devil masks on. I asked my friend if she saw the little boy and his dad playing in the front of Mel's house wearing the masks. When I asked she told me she had seen the little boy and his dad too. As soon as Mel got on the bus my friend and I asked if that was her dad and brother, and why they were wearing masks. She looked at us with the most horrific look on her face. You see them too? She asked. On the bus she had asked my friend and I if we wanted to come over and she would tell us everything. We glanced at each other and said, “ Yep. Count us in.”

But a few minutes later, my friend and I remembered we had a practice that night. So we called for Mel and told her we were not able to come.

As the two of us were coming home from practice we noticed a bunch of vehicles on Mel's street. I asked my mom if she would drive us down there to see what was going on. When we got closer to the house we noticed that the vehicles that we saw were fire trucks and police cars. As soon as my mom stopped the car my friend and I ran to the house to see what happened. We had found out that Mel's room caught on fire, and all we heard was her mother saying, “ I should've listened to her.” We asked Mel's mom what she meant and she told us that ever since Mel was young she was able to see ghosts. When they had moved to the house Mel told her mom that the little boy was haunting her. He would follow her to school, around the house, just everywhere she went the little boy was always there. She even told us that  Mel was telling her she had a feeling something bad was going to happen to someone. All of a sudden we noticed that the firemen were carrying out a body bag with Mel's body in it. Her mom fell to the ground crying. As I went to look up at the house because I was about to cry. I noticed the little boy and his dad were wearing the masks with smiles on their faces, waving goodbye to Mel's body.

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