Five minutes till midnight

April 21, 2018
By Maddie_Lea BRONZE, Malvern, Arkansas
Maddie_Lea BRONZE, Malvern, Arkansas
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Jacob John Young was no ordinary teenager. He was just your average kid at your average high school, other than the fact he was the most attractive person there. But, he has a secret that no one, including his under protective mother- who works so much she never sees him and is distant because of Mr. Young’s death 11 years prior- even knows.

This secret is that every night, precisely five minutes until  midnight, he gets kidnapped and brought back home before school in the morning. The only problem is that he is under the influence of a drug that makes everything seem as a dream- but what young Jacob will soon realize- with the help of his 3 best friends- that these dreams are very much real. 

Chapter 1: Young’s death

"Honey we're leaving!!" Said my momma to my daddy. "Bye sweetie," daddy said before stopping his work to kiss my momma on the cheek, "You make sure y'all get home safe son. I love you." He said and ruffled my hair, I hated it when he did that. "Love you too daddy! Let's go momma I want some ice cream!!" I yelled at her while I was running out the door. "Bye daddy!" I said and got in the car. Momma finally got into the car, waved back at daddy, and we left.


When we pulled back into the driveway at home, momma didn't even stop the car before she ran outside. I jumped out of the car to see what she was so upset about, and all I saw was fire. I immediately thought of daddy. "DADDY! DADDY! DADDY!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs only for my voice to get covered up with mommas screams and the fire trucks that just got here. I ran up to Momma "Momma Momma where's Daddy!!" I asked yelling at Momma. All she answered with was tears and more screams for my Daddy. I ran over to one of the fire guys and tugged on his jacket. "Please help me Mr! My Momma won't answer me and is just yelling at my house." He bent down to look at my face. "What's your name?" He asked me with a smile. "Jacob John Young sir!" I told him. "Well Jacob, were you and your momma and daddy in the house when the fire started?" He asked me another question. "No sir Mr! Just my Daddy I think, me and my Momma were getting ice cream at the store for later. When we got here she didn't even turn the car off and she ran out of the car and started yelling stuff I didn't understand. I got out to ask her why she was so upset and she didn't answer me and kept yelling and crying so I came to ask you what is wrong." He just looked at me, told something to another fire guy, and they all ran over to my house.


Two weeks later we were at my Daddy's funeral, or at least that's what everyone called it. Momma never stopped crying, and it was all the fire guys who told me that my Daddy died and everything in the house got burned so we couldn't keep anything. Not my Mommas clothes, not my toys, and not my Daddy.

11 years later....

Chapter Notes:

This chapter is set 11 years before the actual plot in order to give young Jacob some back story. 

The author's comments:

My cousin and I came up with the idea of being ‘midnapped’, which is being kidnapped at midnight. We had a ‘midnapped’ inside joke for years until now: when I finally made it a story. 

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