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Love Kills

April 21, 2018
By Anonymous

February 27th, 2017 at the Mystic Mountains: “Alice, listen. I know you love me, but I love Addisen.” Alice stared back at the mysterious man’s jet black hair, avoiding making eye contact.

    “But...but how could you just love someone else? You loved me!” Christopher laughed before rolling his eyes.
    “Oh, Alice. Sweet but naive Alice. I’ve always admired the way you can love my son more than I can, but come on, sweetheart. Nobody loves you.” said a woman with black hair identical to Christopher’s. “Can’t you just leave my boy alone, he’d much rather be with Addisen.” Alice’s powder blue eyes widened.

    “Addisen, Christopher? Really?” replied Alice with a disgusted expression upon her face. “You told me not to worry about her, and here your mother is telling me that you’d rather be with her! “ Christopher’s mother was going to reply but instead she saw exactly what her son saw. The person behind her, wearing a midnight hoodie and dark pants.

    “Don’t you dare.” she said sternly, but it was too late for the knife had went straight through Alice’s back. She gasped and gripped the knife tightly for it had gone through her. She choked a bit, trying to remove it but was at a loss. Blood spilled from her lips and finally she dropped to her knees and fell forward, cracking her head on the ice. Christopher, his mother, and the murderer just stood silently.  The person behind her widened her eyes, revealing that they were a grass green color.
    March 7th, 2017, 7478 Glencoe Drive: “Christopher, how long does it take to pack a bag for hiking? You have five minutes or I’m leaving!” hollered the wife of Christopher, or Addisen.

    “Be patient, Addie,” he began, shoving a tiny box into a brown bag. “I’m packing something special inside.” A smile smile appeared on his face as he threw the bag on his shoulder and headed for the door to leave his bedroom. “She’s going to be so happy..” he whispered to himself before leaving and closing the door behind him. When he arrived at the top of the stairs, Addisen was impatiently waiting for him at the bottom. Her wavy hair the color of a chocolate kiss hung just above her shoulders. Her peach lips were pursed and her grass green eyes stared straight at Christopher.

    “Well, are you coming?” Christopher chuckled, proud of himself for disposing another woman to scoop up such beauty. He walked down the stairs before replying.

   “Of course, I wouldn’t give this trip up for the world.” He glanced down at the ground to see her hot pink hiking bag. “Well isn’t that mighty vibrant. Here, allow me to take your bag for you.” he swooped the bag up and swung it over his free shoulder. Addisen rolled her eyes and headed for the door without saying another word. By the time Christopher had a chance to lock the door, Addisen had already plopped down in the passenger seat with her seat belt buckled and a magazine in her hands. Christopher threw the bags in the trunk, securely closed the trunk, got in the car, and started the engine. “This is going to be so much fun!” They were definitely going to have fun. But what Christopher didn’t know was that they were going to discover a dark chunk of his buried past.
March 7th, 2017 at the Mystic Mountains: After a long two hour ride, the couple arrived at their destination. The air had grown cooler for it was later in the day so Addisen threw on a peach cardigan that she kept in her lap the entire time. “Right this way, my lady.” said Christopher, leading the way.

    “Wow you’re being a leader, that’s a first.”

    “Hush with your insults, Addie. You’re gonna love this.” The same box that he had placed in his bag was now in his jacket pocket as well as his hands. He kept his hand over the box while wearing a bright smile that nobody could see.

    “How long is it going to take us to get to this mysterious pla-” She ran into Christopher’s back. “What in the world, why aren’t you moving?”

    “Tell me you have your cell phone. Please tell me you do.” Christopher spoke quickly and softly.
    “Uh..yes of course. What? What is it, honey? You’re scaring me.”

    “Call the police. Tell them that...tell them we just found a body.” Addisen’s eyes grew so wide she believed they were going to pop out of her head.

    “Christopher, I know you’re messing me.” She went around him to find the body of a woman. Her red outfit had been torn. Addisen even thought that maybe the outfit wasn’t red before. Addisen opened her mouth to scream, but she couldn’t move a muscle.

    “Addie! The police!” he hollered, growing frustrated and scared. As soon as he scanned the face for the first time he already knew who the body belonged to.


    “When did you guys discover this woman?” Addisen glanced at her watch and did mental math.

    “I would say about...6:30 this evening.” The lady in uniform scribbled viciously on her notepad. “How many more questions do you have for us, ma’am.”

    “Addie, shut up and let the woman do her job.” Christopher snapped, his eyes glued to his shoes.

    “This question is specifically for you, Christopher. They say that this woman’s name was Alice Josten.”

Christopher locked up. “Did you know her at all?” Christopher took a deep breath and shook his head. “I need you to say it, sir.”

    “No, I, never knew her. Never even heard the name, quite frankly. Josten, I mean, what kind of last name is that?”

    “Christopher, it says here that you worked with a woman named Alice Josten. Call me crazy, but, I think that this is our girl.” Christopher swallowed hard and exchanged glances with Addisen. He laughed nervously before replying to her.

    “I, uh, must’ve forgot. Silly me.” A group of forensic scientists came emerged from the trees behind them and they approached the officer who was asking the questions.

    “We’ve rounded the temperature to about room temperature. She’s been out here for a while, Treemen.” said the shortest of the three scientists. The lady just nodded and took the clipboard out of their hands. “There’s also apparent damage to the brain, she must’ve hit her head pretty hard.”  The tallest scientist, who was a girl with vibrant red hair, spoke next.

    “We believe the crime occurred during the winter. I would say she’s been out here for a couple of weeks. There’s also a stab wound through her mid back that scarred the tissue in her stomach. Poor girl is messed up pretty bad.” the girl shook her head, examining the paper in her hand. “Whoever did this definitely has no heart.” 


February 27th, 2017 at the Mystic Mountains: The mysterious green eyed being ran off through the various bushes and trees. They were nowhere to be found.

    “Mom, did we just commit murder?” Christopher asked, trying to ignore how badly his body was shaking.
    “No, honey,” she began as she slipped on a pair of gloves and lifted up Alice. Blood quickly trickled down her forehead and it was reaching her pointed nose. “Dear, God…” his mother mumbled to herself.  “I knew she didn’t have a heart for Alice, but I just wanted her hurt..nothing more..”

    “Mother? What are you talking about?” asked Christopher, a high pitch taking over his normal tone of voice. Instead of replying, his mother snatched the knife out of Alice and set it aside. “Mom!”

    “Hush, boy! We’ve got to cover this up.” His mother took the glove from Alice’s hand and stuffed the wound with it while breathing heavily.


March 11th, 2017 at the Parsley Police Department; Interrogation Room A: Treemen sat at a navy blue table in a creaky chair. Across from her sat Christopher Nelson, who was seated in a comfortable chair that made him want to fall asleep. Treeman cleared her throat. “My name is Vanessa Treemen. I will be asking you a few questions today, Christopher, and I want you to answer them 100% truthfully.” Christopher sighed and nodded. “How well did you know Alice?”

    “Alice who?” Christopher replied in question, trying to act as confused as possible. Vanessa smirked and crossed her arms, leaning back in her chair.

    “Alice Josten. The girl that you murdered at the Mystic Mountains.”

    “I didn’t kill that crazy woman!” Christopher shouted defensively. Vanessa smiled.

    “She’s a crazy woman. I assume the fact that you know this shows that you knew her well, right?”

Christopher shrugged, averting his eyes. “Look, Christopher, if you want to be here all day that’s totally on you.”
    “Fine with me. I didn’t kill her.”

    “Then prove it!” Vanessa pounded her fist on the table while making sure to look directly into Christopher’s grey eyes.


March 11th, 2017 at the Parsley Police Department; Interrogation Room B: “How are you doing today, Addisen?” Addisen stared back at the man angrily.

    “Why am I even here? I didn’t do anything.”

    “Where were you during the last week of February?” the man asked calmly, ignoring her previous question.
    “How should I remember, I’m a busy person.” she replied, confident in her answer.

    “Addisen, this was less than two weeks ago. I know you can’t forget your very first vacation to the Mystic Mountains.”

    “Are you a stalker or something? Only stalkers know where I go on vacation.”

    “So you do remember where you were during the last week of February?” Addisen chuckled and leaned back in her chair.

    “Ah, I see what you did there. You’re a clever guy, uh wait what’s your name?”

    “Did you kill Alice Josten, Addisen? We’re not going to tell anyone one if you did.”

    “You really think I’d fall for that whole ‘we’re not going to tell anyone’ crap? I’m not stupid, sir. Goodness gracious, I’m a lady, okay. We don’t murder people. We sit back and we sip tea and we make meals for our husbands while keeping our legs crossed. We simply do not commit murder.” The man nodded slowly, his eyes narrowed. “Somebody that probably killed that crazy woman was Nancy Nelson, the black haired freak. Also known as my husband’s mother. She’s most certainly capable of murder.” 

    “We already have her down here, I suppose she’ll say the same thing that you said about the murder.” Addisen froze and quickly looked down at her feet.


December 30th, 2016 at the Local Grocer: Nancy Nelson and Addisen Grove walked peacefully through the aisles of their grocery store. “So, Nancy, I appreciate you taking me grocery shopping and all but there’s got to be some reason you called me here. What’s that reason?” Nancy smiled.

    “Oh, sweetie. You’re one smart cookie. Perfect for my son.” Addisen smiled as she grabbed a box of graham crackers from the shelf. She threw the box in the cart.

    “Oh, Nancy, I’d love to be with your son but isn’t he with that..that Alice girl.”

    “He’s been with you on the weekends, though, hasn’t he?” Nancy and Addisen laughed together. “It’s a sign, you guys are meant to be. He loves you, not that golden haired freak. She’s insane, haven’t you heard?”
    “Yes, I’ve heard the Alice stories.” Addisen stopped to grab a bottled soda. “He’s never going to leave her, I have no way of being with him, Nancy.”

    “Addisen...sweet, sweet Addisen. I am his mother. If I disapprove of something, I will find a way. You, my dear, happen to be that way.”

    “Nancy, I can’t do anything besides give him a kiss and tell him to have fun on his date with Alice. It’s a miserable relationship that I might just deject myself from.”

    “I want you to listen very carefully to what I have to say to you, darling. It’s going to be crazy, and you don’t have to do it. Just a suggestion.” Addisen tilted her head to the side for now she was intrigued. “I want you to get rid of Alice, and I don’t care how you have to do it.”


March 11th, 2017 at the Parsley Police Department; Interrogation Room C: Nancy Nelson sat across from woman with airy white hair. Her hair looked as light as a feather. “Mrs. Nelson, can you tell me what you were doing during the last week of February?” asked the woman.

    “I’m sorry, but before I can answer that I need to ask you as question. What is your name? I can’t speak to a person without knowing their name, I feel that it is rude.”

    “Keri Lily.”

    “That’s beautiful.” Nancy replied. She took a small sip of water from the glass before her and set it down. “During the last week of February I was on vacation with my son and his girlfriend, Alice. Bless her soul, may she rest in peace.”

    “Wait, you said that Alice Josten was Christopher’s girlfriend.” Nancy smiled.

    “Oh, but of course! They were dating for nearly a year before she disappeared out of nowhere. It was ever so weird. Last time we saw her was near those woods you all found her in. Such a sad story.” Keri scribbled a few words on her notepad and waited to see if Nancy had anything to add. “Do you have another question, dear?” Keri nodded slowly.

    “Is there any chance that you know a woman by the name Grove?” An animated expression of disgust came across Nancy’s face.

    “Of course, the side of french fries.” Nancy rolled her eyes. “That woman couldn’t keep her hands off my boy to save her life, my goodness! She hurt Alice dearly, oh yes she did.”

    “Did it occur to you at all that this Addisen would be capable of murdering Alice.” Nancy smirked.
    “I wouldn’t put it past her at all.”

February 27th, 2017 at the Mystic Hotel: Addisen Grove put a pair of black winter gloves on.  She looked at herself in the mirror, the reflection stared back deviously. She retrieved a knife from the very top drawer of her vanity and she stuffed it in her black pocket. Her hood went up, the light switch went down. “Time to take out the trash.” she whispered to herself as she stepped into a pair of black boots.


March 15th, 2017 at the Parsley Courtroom

JUDGE CARTER: It’s a great day to send somebody to jail, I can feel it in my gut!

JURY: (laughter)

JENSEN ALABAMA: (rises from seat) Call Addisen Grove to the stand.

ADDISEN GROVE: Hello everybody!

ALABAMA: Miss. Grove, please tell me where you were during the last week of February.

GROVE: I was on vacation, of course, with my adored boyfriend, Christopher.

ALABAMA: Are you sure that wasn’t Alice’s boyfriend, Miss. Grove?

GROVE: Of course not, she was the side piece. She was always on Christopher’s side while they were at work.

ALABAMA: That’s not what we’ve been informed.

KELSEY JOSHUA: Tone it down, Alabama.

ALABAMA: (eyeroll) Mrs. Nelson knows.

JOSHUA: Well then we’ll see about that. Call Nancy Nelson to the stand!

Nancy Nelson walks across the room and exchanges a nod with her son, Christopher Nelson.

JOSHUA: Mrs. Nelson, tell us about your son’s relationship with Addisen Grove.

NANCY NELSON: Well, Addisen was simply an employee at this flower shop down the street from my house. Christopher loved to go there and get flowers for his Alice, he met Addisen there.

JOSHUA: When you say ‘his’ Alice, does that mean that Alice was his?

ALABAMA: (smirks)

NNELSON: Oh, but of course. Their one year anniversary would have been tomorrow, sad that she had to die the way she did.

ALABAMA: So, if Alice and Christopher were in a relationship, how did that leave room for Addisen to be in the relationship that she claims she’s in?

JOSHUA: We don’t know if that’s true.

JUDGE: Hush, Kelsey. We’ve got a lead.

JOSHUA: (scoffs)

NNELSON: She’s just a liar, and she got inside my poor baby boy’s head.

ALABAMA: That will be all, Mrs. Nelson. Thank you.

JOSHUA: Your honor, I would like to call Christopher Nelson to the stand.

CHRISTOPHER NELSON: (walks to stand) Good afternoon, everybody.

JOSHUA: Christopher, who were you actually dating at the time of the vacation?

CNELSON: I was dating Alice.

ALYSON ~ JURY1: But didn’t you deny knowing her during your interrogation?

CNELSON: At the time, yes. I was afraid that they would blame me for the murder at that point. But I know who did it.


ALABAMA: Well, boy, don’t hesitate.

GROVE: (stares wildly)

NNELSON: (smiles with a slight nod)

CNELSON: The person who killed ALice Josten, my beloved ex, was my mother. Nancy Nelson did it!

JURY: (obnoxious gasp)

JENSEN ~ JURY2: How can that be possible?

YOLANDA ~ JURY3: I don’t believe it for one second! Where’s the pathologist report? I demand to see it!

PATHOLOGIST: Ahem, I have the results. The fingerprints indicate that the glove was, in fact, touched by Mrs. Nelson.

NNELSON: That’s not possible! I was wearing gloves!

JOSHUA: Mrs. Nancy Nelson, you are under arrest for the murder of Alice Josten.

NNELSON: What? NO! Addisen killed her, I told her to do it! Tell them, Addie, tell them!

GROVE: Old people, such a shame that they start to lose their minds so soon..

On March 15th, 2017, Nancy Nelson was arrested for the murder of Alice Josten. She was sentenced to ten years at the Bethel Facility north of Parsley. Addisen and Christopher moved far away from the town to get married and they never looked back on their past. That is until Addisen got a certain phone call. “Hello is this Addisen Grove?”
    “It’s Nelson, now, I’ve been married.” Addisen replied, her shoulder holding up the phone while she folded clothes. The person through the phone chuckled lightly.
    “I know what you did, and you’re not going to get away with it.”

The author's comments:

This piece was originally a homework assignment for a pre-biomed class. We were to create a murder mystery. 

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