Reality of Fear: Falling

April 22, 2018

The wooden panels on the unsteady bridge are the only thing in his way. He tries to cross. He doesn’t understand why he can’t. He doesn’t understand the madness he has created. With every step he takes and other person falls off the ledge. He only wanted to succeed. No one sees how he hurts. How he prays for the end. Bodies drop like shooting stars.  eyes are only focused on one thing. The girl on the edge of the bridge awaiting his arrival. She whispers for him to follow her. He takes a step. Another step towards the ending no one wanted but was destined to happen. Instead, he looks down. He was walking on thin ice, a step in the wrong direction will send him over the edge. He was never afraid of heights that at this moment when he saw all the bodies laying on the jagged rocks below, he screams. He stumbles back. Then he stumbles to his death as the bridge slowly dissipates. The little girl laughs as he joins his companions on the jagged rocks.

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