The Woods

April 17, 2018

As Joshua walked through the dark forest, he flashed his flashlight in suspicious places. He could hear the rustling of the leaves against the forest floor. Then something he heard stopped him dead in his tracks. A howling noise, but it wasn’t a wolf. A hissing scream, but it wasn’t a snake. A screech, but not a hawk. A human scream… He started running towards the noise. As soon as he saw the man dead on the ground he heard a different noise. Growling. Whatever that noise was it was after Joshua. Joshua realized that the thing was following him from his flashlight. So he turned it off. The dusk night gave him enough light to find a small hiding place in the trees. As he hid, he heard thumping on the forest floor, louder, Louder, LOUDER! Then Joshua saw two red eyes. Three razor sharp claws were raised up. Then with one swipe, Joshua was found dead the next morning in that same little grotto, by some hikers, with three large scratches along the bottom of his face, and a star branded into his neck.

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