April 17, 2018
By DarkHorseIII BRONZE, Kansas City, Kansas
DarkHorseIII BRONZE, Kansas City, Kansas
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I, Jenny Stragberhand, never can trust another soul ever. I only trusted one person, my best friend Christen but she left me to fend for myself in this world. I can still remember that invitation to a party. I didn’t want to go but Christen dragged me to it anyways. When we got there we walked inside and we saw a slightly raised dance floor, purple and orange couches lining the walls, and the oddest thing we saw was almost no-one there. There we only 3 other people. Oh I can remember their faces so well. There was Sam who was one of the popular jocks, there was Wallace who was the nerdiest kid I have ever met, and there was Charlie, the new kid at our school that no-one really knew. As soon as we walked in through the doors we heard a metallic clank. I turned around the door that we walked right through simply vanished, replaced by a reinforced wall. When I turned back around everything that was in the room was shifting into the floor like quicksand, when all of the furniture has finished it was replaced by emptiness on the side that we were standing on but across the room there were some planks and some tools We all looked at each other for shock and confusion for a few seconds until we heard a voice above us.
“Hello there friends” a voice said. God that voice, It sounded like the villian in one of those horror flicks like saw but raspier. The voice gave everyone the chills, especially me.
“As you can see your trapped and there is only one way out and you have 30 minutes to find it, or else”the voice said with extra emphasis on the last two words.
Christen was starting to walk far side of the room when it started shaking.. We looked at the floor and it was vibrating and retracting right in front of Christen. She fell backwards with a yelp and began to scoot back to the group as quickly as she possibly could. The walls were also changing, their features changed from being completely flat to rugged with rocks starting to slowly jut out. At the time we didn’t realize this though or else we might all have been alive still. Christen was still shaking in pure terror when she got back to the rest of us.
“Not so fast young lady” the voice said maniachly”You can’t go over there right now, good luck finding a way out kidos”the voice said, almost cheerfully as if this was some game and he was winning This was the last time we would hear that voice for the time being. As Christen is still freaking out we all attempt to calm her down and this works for the most part. After she was calmed down enough to the point where we thought that she wasn’t going to lose her mind, we all huddled around and started to brainstorm Ideas to get across. We were getting nowhere until Christen piped up
“I could jump across, it doesn’t seem like that big of a gap”Christen told the group with the same look she gave me that come to the party in the first place. When she made that face I Knew that there was nothing that was going to change her mind, so I agreed without a second thought and nobody objected to this action. In hindsight this was a terrible idea that was never going to work. Christen when to edge of the room so that she could get a running start to try and jump the gap.
“Well, here I go” Christen said solemnly and she began to run as fast as she could. When she got to the edge of the cliff she jumped and almost made got enough distance. Unfortunately that almost was her bodyslaming into the ledge. She started to fall almost instantly and started to flail her arms, desperately trying to grab onto anything that would keep her from falling.But she didn’t and fell into the ravine with a gut wrenching splash, and she was gone.I can still remember her face so clearly. After she fell my mind just shut down and I fell to one knee, then I just sat down cross legged trying to process what just happened. While I was doing this everyone else was freaking out because they just saw a person die. Everyone but Sam that is. He at first tried to get the two of them to calm down but it was to no avail. He decided to ignore them for the time being and started to look for any other ways across. He soon noticed that the walls were jagged, like a rock wall that he used to climb when he was younger. Seeing this he got a idea, a bad one yes but an idea nonetheless. He  started walking towards one of the walls and called over to the rest of the group. They ignored him though and kept freaking out, shouting at each other about what just happened. I listened to Sam though and I managed to get up and walk over to him.”What do you want” I whimpered to sam sam, trying to act brave
“I got an idea that might work, these walls are jaged so they might be able to give me enough of a grip to get across this gap and then I can lay out a plank for you to come across on”sam said while pointing these items out to me. I nodded my head understandingly. After i nodded sam began to climb the gap and eventually got across safely without any troubles and he grabbed a plank long enough to use as a bridge. I just stared at the bridge
“Come on, what are you waiting for” Sam yelled at me and this snapped me out of my stupor and began to cross the bridge, grabbing handholds on the wall. When I got halfway across the room began to shake and the edges grew further apart from each other! The plank started to wobble and I quickly realized that it wasn’t going to hold me for much longer, so I grabbed onto handholds just as the lank came out from under me and plummeted to the river, splashing in the water the same way Christen did. The rest of the group stopped yelling at each other and they looked across the gap and saw what just happened, they started to rush over to me and they were reaching out their hands for me to grab, but I was too far away to reach their hands. So I started to climb across the rock wall attempting to replicate how sam moved
“Hey, your almost there” Sam said to me as he reached out his hand and I realized how far across I got, I guess I was so focused on the task at hand to notice these little things.
When I noticed where I was I began to get nervous to the point where I couldn’t even move a muscle in my body
“Hey, just jump to me” Sam said, reaching out his hand. I trusted sam and I jumped with all of my might. Sam caught my hand as I was still in midair but I missed the ledge and hit the wall with a yelp. Sam held on to me and managed to pull me over the ledge and onto the ground next to him. Both of us breathing a sigh of relief that I got across
“Well done you two”the voice said”Now that you’re across i’d like to inform you that you have two minutes to get out now, good luck”the voice said. After he said this .Sam and I looked at each other, then over at the other two on the other side. We both knew that we didn’t have enough time to get at least one of them across. So we nodded in agreement and began to look for a way out. Wallace and Charlie just looked at us, not saying a single word because they both knew what their fate was. They knew that they were going to die there in that room. Sam and I looked frantically for anything that might get us a way out. With a minute left I realized that The door brought us to the parking lot of where the“party was” when we got there we looked at each other and then we walked our separate ways It’s been a year and Charlie, Wallace, and Christen haven’t been missed at all. Sam talks to me every once in awhile but we never talk about that day. This leads me to believe that we are all bad for the things that we do. Me and Sam for abandoning Charlie and Wallace, other kids for not even noticing their absence, and most importantly christen for leaving me in this world to fend for myself. That is why I can never trust anyone ever again. That was until I met you. You were able to pry and prod at me enough to make me tell my story. As much as I thank you for letting me trust you, I must keep the secret no matter what and I know that there can only be one way to keep a secret with two people. One of them has to die. Goodbye and goodluck running away from me, I’ll be seeing you very shortly.

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