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Five years

April 10, 2018
By Anonymous

Five Years.

It was Jess and Cody’s fifth year anniversary and Cody had planned an amazing dinner for the both of them. Cody wanted this to be a surprise, so that night all he told her was to put on a nice dress. With a confused look on her face, she replied with, “Okay?” 

As she was putting on her dress he put on his black suit on and began to walk into the room. Right as Cody got to the door, Jess came out in a long, beautiful, red dress. Cody grabbed her hand and walked her out the door and into the car.

They were on their way to the restaurant when they got stopped at a stop light. As they were sitting at the stoplight, Jess and Cody turned to look out the window when a man was sitting at the bus stop. He was wearing ragged clothes and dirty shoes. The shoes had a hole near the toe and looked as if they were the only pair of shoes he has. Cody turned around to see if the light was green yet when Jess noticed that the man began to wave at her. Not so much a friendly wave though, more of a disturbing wave. She told Cody to look out her window, but by the time he looked, the man was gone. They didn't think much of it, so when the light turned green, they headed on to the restaurant they were going to.

They got to the restaurant and headed in. When they got inside, they realized how busy it was. So busy they could barely walk into the doorway. But, because this was Jess’s favorite restaurant, they waited there until a table was ready for them. After about forty five minutes of waiting a waiter came out. He was very friendly and quickly lead them to their table. They ordered their food and began eating.

When they were done eating Jess got up and excused herself to go to the restroom. Cody sat there by himself for about ten minutes, when he started to get suspicious. He then remembered that it was a busy night at the restaurant they were at, so he stopped worrying. Five minutes later Jess still hasn’t come out of the bathroom. Cody grabbed his phone out of his back pocket and began to text Jess. “Is there a long line?” he texted her. He waited a few minutes but she didn’t reply. He was started to get worried so he sent a question mark. Still no answer. He got up out of his seat and quickly walked to the front desk with a determined look on his face. When Cody got to the front desk, he angrily said to the workers, “My wife has been in the bathroom for a long time and she isn’t answering my texts, do you mind going in there and seeing if she is in there?”

The workers look at each other hesitantly and look back at Cody, “The bathroom is out of order and hasn't been working for about an hour.”

Cody got even more worried. He looked around the restaurant and found no sign of Jess anywhere. He turned around very quickly ran outside to his car when he saw a suspicious man walking out of the back of the restaurant. This man was wearing a nice outfit, but the same ragged shoes as the man earlier. He drove his car up to the man and asked if he has seen a young woman with a long, red dress on. The man replied to Cody saying that he saw seen a young woman with a dress walk out of the restaurant but he hadn’t seen anything else. “Thank you!” Cody said, and then he drove off.

Cody picked up his phone and called Jess. No answer. He called her again, and again, and one more time. Still, no answer. He started tearing up. He continued to drive around the parking lot of the restaurant when he noticed a parking garage. He drove closer to the garage when he noticed a sign that read, “DO NOT ENTER”. The garage didn’t have many cars in it. It also wasn’t a big parking garage. There were some cars in it though. Without hesitation, he drove into it still very worried about Jess. Cody kept driving and found his wife sitting in the parking garage.

Cody jumped out of his car and quickly raced to his wife. She was fine, no tears, no scratches. He didn’t think much of it, he was just happy he had finally found Jess and that she was ok. He opened the car door for her, then got in the car himself.

Cody had asked, “what happened” she replied “nothing much”. With no further questions they were driving out of the parking garage when that same man showed up again. He waved at the both of them, only Jess waved back. Then, they began driving home with relife and no worries.

The author's comments:

I thought of this with my favorite couple "jess and Cody" from big brother and the amazing race. Then I created a suspense story. 

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