Dirty Thief

April 9, 2018
By 18jmermelstein BRONZE, Atlanta, Georgia
18jmermelstein BRONZE, Atlanta, Georgia
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Escape was the only option now.

But to where? There were neither doors nor windows for which to flee through.

The room of empty coffers seemed to be shrinking with every passing second. Their shiny exteriors growing ever closer, their emptiness seeming to fill with fear and guilt.

Soon it would be too late and he would be caught. His hands found with that crimson tinge known only to those who have grown all too familiar with the mistress crime.

The room began to shake and suddenly the ceiling started rising from its place. Harsh fluorescent light spilled into the room, illuminating the thief and his unlawful act.

“You filthy rat!” a voice boomed from above.

With his tail between his legs, he bolted with whatever loot he could carry, scurrying across one massive hand that attempted to seize him.

With a subdued squeak, he was captured and carried to the face of a massive beast. He could smell its foul breath from his box below.

His treasure now crushed and turned to crumbs by its mighty grasp, all was truly lost.

“Vermin! Now I have you!”

The author's comments:

This is my first attempt at writing flash fiction.

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