A Child of Mine

April 13, 2018
By ChefGus BRONZE, Amery, Wisconsin
ChefGus BRONZE, Amery, Wisconsin
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Witnessing your only child leave you in broad daylight is hard to comprehend, even if he does love you.
Now let’s start this off strait, my name is Jim, Jim Pickens. I’m a single man in New York City, and I am a restaurant owner.
I am a wealthy man, but there is a problem in my life. I don’t have a wife, or someone to share my love with, so if you can imagine, things get pretty lonely. I’m allergic to dogs and there is no way I am getting a cat. So I’ve decided to adopt a kid, a young man named Jackson Kangle, he’s 9 years old and I’m very excited. It’s been about 13 week’s since I met him. They called today, I had to go to the court case and after I proved myself able to take care of a kid, they lead me to the orphanage.
There was a lady at a front desk when I when I opened the door.
“Hello sir, how are you today?
“Hi I’m really great today, I’m Jim Pickens, and I’m here to pick up my kid Jackson Kangle, they told me he is ready to be picked up.”
“Yes sir, Jackson Kangle was lined up for you today, if you just wait a few minutes I will go get him ready.”
The lady went through the door next to her desk, she was gone for about 12 minutes, and the feeling inside me was that giddy butterfly feeling that you get in your stomach when you’re excited. Then I heard the words
“Mr. Pickens?” I look up.
“Hi Mr. Pickens, remember me, Jackson?”
“Oh my goodness, hi Jackson! I’m so glad to finally get to meet you, do you want to go home with me?”
He looks to the lady at the front desk. “Am I allowed to go with him?”
She smile and said “Of course, he’s your new Dad.”
He looked at me and said “Let’s go home.”
With excitement in my voice I said with glee “Okay.”
On the ride home he fell asleep. It was about a 25 minute drive because of traffic, the kid must have been exhausted. All that was on my mind was I couldn’t wait to get to know him. On our way home he woke up but he was still quiet, it was kind of awkward, having so many things on my mind, couldn’t think of just one thing to ask him, because I wanted to get home first. But I couldn’t wait, I looked at him in the rearview mirror and asked.
“Are you scared kid? Cuz’ you shouldn’t be, nothing gonna hurt you round’ here, as long as you stay with me. In this city it can get dangerous.”
He looked at me and said “I know, down at the orphanage they let us free all the time, I could’ve been abducted easily, but ever sense I heard you were coming to get me, I’ve been beyond excited.”
“I’m glad to hear that kid, I hope you like my place, and it’s coming up here on the left.”
His eyes lit up as he looked at the apartment. It is a pretty nice view in the front of the place. I suspected he would love it because he never had a space to himself but I didn’t know he’d be this excited. I parked outside of my house and got out of my car, he kind of refused to get out and I asked him. “Are you going to come in?”
“I’m scared” he murmured.
“Come on kid, what’s mine is yours, don’t you wanna see the place?”
“Okay…” He whispered.
We walked up the stairs to the apartment and then I stopped in front of my door. He said “Is this it?”
“Yes!” I said with excitement. I opened the door and Jacksons jaw dropped. The entrance is the best part about the apartment, it’s lit up with lights, all the books I study on food or on shelves above the lights which give it a cool glow effect. The place is very open, and it has a lot of windows to see New York City from. I’m on the 14th floor of my building, so it’s a pretty good view. My bedroom and the kid’s bedroom are right next to each other, so I can never be afraid of what I can’t hear.
It was late at night so I showed him to his room he screamed “Oh my! Is this all mine?”
“Yes” I exclaimed
“Are you ready to go to bed yet son?”
He yawned and said “Yes”
I laid him down in his bed tucked him in and said goodnight. I went over to my bed and watched GooTube until I fell asleep. I dreamed a little bit, it was about my son. It was all about his new life, but at the end of it, it turned into a nightmare. He was kidnapped and his screams filled my ears like cold water, this caused me to wake up. It was 6:39 AM, and I didn’t feel like falling asleep. So I got up and walked out of my room, I noticed that Jacksons door was open, so I walked in. He wasn’t there. Witnessing your only child leave you in broad daylight is hard to comprehend, even if he does love you.

The author's comments:

This story was given to me by a friend, stay tuned for the next short story to see what happens next.

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