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April 12, 2018
By maddy.conner SILVER, Trinidad, Texas
maddy.conner SILVER, Trinidad, Texas
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On this day many years ago, lived this girl and her name is Julia. She lives with her mom and brother in an old small country house. They go to a really small school in southern Kansas where all of the grade levels are in one big building. The family is quite poor, and couldn’t get much food or financial support. Their father left them when Julia was just nine years old. Their mother has tried to do everything she can for them. They have a few ups and downs every once in awhile, but they push past them.

Julia and her brother was outside playing tag, when all of a sudden, Julia trips and falls. But what was it. Her brother Robert rushed over to see if she was okay and to look at what she tripped over. Julia had gotten up to look and the object looked like a human foot, but who was it from?
Even though they’re not that old, they still had idea, so they rushed in to tell their mom what they had found in the ground. Their mother wanted avoid the situation of knowing to whom the foot belonged..
The kids soon had an idea on whose it is and what happened to their dad. They soon began to worry, but didn’t know what to do.

Since Julia was the older out of the both of them she knew she had to make the decision for what is best for her mom, her brother, and her. She was scared that the decision she was going to make was going to be wrong. After thinking about it for a few days she finally decided to go to the police and tell them about the foot in her backyard. Once she got there her heart was racing with anxiety. After sitting there for an hour she finally went up to the front desk. When she got up there her hands began to sweat, and she wanted to cry.
When Julia finally told the officer, he immediately called for two of the other officers. Once they reached Julia’s house, they soon realized that their mom was gone and nowhere to be found. They soon sent a search party out looking for her back in town, while the rest looked for the foot. The foot was missing from where Julia had tripped over it in the backyard. The police shortly began to worry that there might be a murder out there on the loose. Julia and her brother quickly began to worry about their mom and what was going to happen to her or even them. Julia wasn’t quite old enough to know what was exactly what wasn’t happening, but she new that her mom had done something she shouldn’t have.

After searching for about 2 hours the police decided that they would take the kids back to the police station and try to get a hold of some relatives. They unfortunately didn’t get a hold of no one like everyone in the family was dead except the Julia’s mom, brother, and her. All of these thought were going through her trying to find out why her mom would want to do this. She quickly remember a fight that her mom and dad had about a week ago. So Julia got up from the chair and walked back to the officer that has been talking to her and her brother and told him. She said “my mom and dad had a big fight last week about how his family didn’t care about her of the kids anymore, and so that the kids didn’t have to go through all the pain she wasn’t going to get a divorce right now.”

Julia didn’t think that this information was helpful so she slowly walked back crying her eyes out. As her younger brother tried to tell her that everthing was going to be okay the police got a phone call. The call was from an old lady saying that there was a lady outside yelling “ Nothing was going to be okay i’ve already done too much, I can’t redo it now.” They asked her for her address, and it turns out that the lady that called lived pretty close to Julia’s house. The policed rushed there, but when they got there the old lady was dead and Julia’s mom was gone.

The police began to worry about Julia’s mom, and what she was capable of doing to herself or to others. The police drove around looking for their mom all over the town, but there wasn’t any sign of her anywhere. The police decided to go back to the kids home and see if their mom had gone back there to get anything. Whenever they got there the house looked like it had been robbed, but by who they thought. Julia and her brother soon began to panic that their mom had went around the house and got all of the money that they had. The police told Julia and her brother to go take a quick shower, put on a new change of clothes, and to pack a small bag with some clothes and stuff to do. Once they got back to the police station the kids started to grow tired , and weak from all of the stress that there om was causing.
The next morning when the kids finally woke up, the police took them to get some breakfast at the local Huddle House. When they had walked in they saw Julia’s mom sitting at the back table all by herself rocking side to side in the chair. Their mom was saying “ They better stop looking, they need to stop, why won’t they stop?” When her waiter came up to her and asked what was she talking about their mom yelled “ Are you part of them, if you are away I just want to eat.” So the police made their move on her, and put her in handcuffs.
When they got back to the station they took their mom back to the sell until the upcoming Monday when they can take it to a judge. It was ten o’clock on sunday and the kid had just fallen asleep when they heard a loud scream. They jumped up and ran back to the police to ask what it was. The police said it was their mom because they gave her a shot to go to sleep and be relaxed. The next morning when they got to the court office the kids were scared to be around her he. The judge declared her guilty, but the judge didn’t know what to do with the kids because all of them were dead. So they decided to put them into foster care until they could be adopted.
A year has now passed, and the kids are is worried to go out anywhere to due the fact of what their mom had done. Julia and her brother have been in the same home for over eight months and on the road of adoption of that family. Julia is a happy and has a lot of friends that love to hangout. On the other hand, her brother isn’t doing to good, he is getting into fights at school, always back talking, and doesn’t have any friends. But now they’re scared to play in the backyard.

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