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Alternate ending to Monkey Paws

March 28, 2018
By Anonymous

      The knocking became more swifted as Mr. White searched and searched for the cursed Monkey Paw. He found the cursed paw, at the exact moment the door steadily creaked open. Not wanting to see the wish he first closed his eyes, not wanting to see what was at the door, but soon his desire won the game.

He turned to face his son standing in the doorway. The glimpse he saw was so depressing that he quietly whispered, “Oh my God”

“Herbert!” Mrs. White cried. “My son”! Father, “What happened!”

Mr. White simply stared at his son in disgust. At the funeral he had not been allowed to see the body, now he knew why. All over his body there were burns,lacerations, and parts of his body that did not even look human, where a whole section of skin seemed to have been scraped off.

“Father, aren’t you going to say anything?” said Herbert.

“I’m…I’m so, so sorry.” He wept aloud.

“Father, stop crying. This is as much my fault as yours. Don’t worry, all of the misfortune came from the monkey’s Paw” ,Herbert then walked over to his father and gently took the dried, mummified monkey’s paw from him. “I think… we can all agree, that this can bring us nothing but pain and I think it’s safe enough to say this Monkey Paw is Evil.”

And with that, he cast the Monkey Paw into the fire. Mrs. White jumped for it, but Mr. White held her back. As the paw burned every wish it had ever made slowly vanished including herbert, finally leaving his body at rest into ashes.

When the fire came to a stop, Mr. and Mrs.White approached the pile left on the floor. Mrs. White lean over the remains of her son, as Mr. White scooped up the ashes left by the fire. He stared at the remainder of that horrible wish granter,  “I wish this cursed Monkey Paw never came into my ownership” he cried with regret on his mind.

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