A Choice

March 27, 2018
By King.Lysss GOLD, Hemet, California
King.Lysss GOLD, Hemet, California
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I'd rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I am not. -Kurt Cobain

I’m in the back of a dingy old car with her to my left and the two boys in the front seats. It’s late at night and the car light is very dim. The three talk about what they’re about to do. One of the boys pulls a small bag out of his pocket, I can't see what he's doing because I'm seated directly behind him. All I hear is a satisfied groan escape his slightly chapped lips. The boy in the driver's  seat then grabs the syringe filled with a honey brown type color. And I look down to my lap avoiding eye contact from anyone until I hear a sigh of relief from him. He turns around to her lifting the syringe up, as if asking silently, she simply nods. He fills it again and passes it to her along with a red bandanna. It’s only then when I smell it. It smelt of straight chemicals and feces. She ties the red bandanna around her upper arm, then finds a pungent vein. She starts to push the needle through her skin. She released a breath of air that she was holding and removes the needle once the drug is completely inside her body. The boys give her an approving look and she slightly smiles in return. One boy nods my way, I turn to her, she nods with all of their eyes on me. They fill the syringe once more but for me this time. As she fills it I stare at what she’s doing my vision then suddenly unfocuses and splits into three. She scoots my way with the drug, a drug that has ruined lives and yet seeing her makes me feel as if I'll be perfectly fine. She then ties the red bandanna around my upper arm and I feel the itchy material tightly closing off some circulation exposing a vein perfectly for her to inject a bittersweet escape into my body. She begins to push the needle in slowly and I can feel it enter my body, circling through my precious  veins. Once the syringe is empty she removes the needle and unties the bandanna, then moves some of my hair behind my ear, giving me a small smile which I return.Then I see her demeanor completely change within an instant, her eyes start to droop and she becomes paler. I turn to the boys and see that it happens to them as well, I then feel the chemicals in my body taking over and I want it to stop oh so badly but I can’t even squeak a single syllable. The drug, at last, takes over and from above I see a small flash of white light. I look up and see beautiful crystals around shining ever so brightly. The crystals start to fall down faster than light and cut my skin open and exposed. From big cuts to little cuts all over my body I could feel the stinging sensation from the wounds. I’m screaming but not a sound is coming out and they all are laughing but it’s distorted and menacing. I think that it’s over until I see the light again but this time when I look up it is a much bigger crystal. I think it's coming for me when it turns directions and cuts down the middle of one of the boys. His body is in half but we’re now it’s just her and I standing in a pitch black room and the only light is coming from his open body emitting light. Once my eyes adjust to the light I see terrifying hands, tentacles, tongues, sharp teeth, of all different colors trying to grab us and suck us in. Then big eyes looking into my soul their gaze burning holes into my skin. They reach for us sticky with slime flying all over in search for our bodies to devour. My vision once again unfocuses and splits into three but because of this, I see a door in the middle of all the chaos. I turn to her only to see her face contorted into laughter hurling over to catch her breath. I take her hand, close my eyes, and run into the middle of his dismembered body and through the door. When I open my eyes again we’re back in the dingy old car with barely any light and all their eyes are on me once more and the boy nods my way...

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