Bloody Witch

March 27, 2018
By GledisG GOLD, Tirana, Other
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‘Aaaaa! This movie is really scary Whirus!’ screamed Saruto while watching “The Rings of Sindi”. Whirus is a brave and smart boy, so, the movie didn’t scare him. His twin brother, Saruto, is a coward and not that smart and because of that, Whirus thought he was a big disgrace. They hated their birthday because they were born on 13th February, 2004.
‘Yeah, this is so so scary! Look. The scary girl fell. That is scary, isn’t it?’ said Whirus taunting Saruto.
‘It’s time to go to sleep boys,’ called their mom while she was turning off the TV.
‘Ok, mom. Good night,’ replied Whirus.
‘Good night,’ replied Saruto trembling in fear.
‘Whirus. Are you sleeping?’ said Saruto.
‘What do you want now? I want to sleep!’ replied Whirus furiously.
‘Is the movie that we watched together real?’ asked Saruto.
‘Of course not. The movie was probably filmed by some little kids that were at their grandma’s house and had nothing better to do. Do you feel better now?’ answered Whirus.
‘A little,’ replied Saruto ‘we got school tomorrow. We’ve got to sleep. Good night.’
‘Good night,’ replied Whirus.
The next day, the twins woke up really late and the school bus had left them. Their school wasn’t that far away, so they decided to walk to school.
‘School sucks!’ said Whirus.
‘Why? You won a prize for being the smartest kid in the school,’ replied Saruto.
‘That doesn’t mean I like school. I am smart because it was passed down from our dad,’ responded Whirus.
‘ I am your twin brother, but I am not that smart,’ said Saruto in a sad voice.
‘Dummy. Did you forget you are the third smartest kid in the school,’ stated Whirus.
‘Yeah. We arrived to school,’ screamed Saruto while he was running to go and meet his friends.
Saruto had PE in his first class, while Whirus had science, which he really hated. Because of the movie he watched last night, Saruto was paranoid. He thought that every girl in his class was Samara. Whirus saw that his brother wasn’t looking good, so he went and had a talk with him.
‘Are you still scared from that movie last night from the movie?’ asked Whrius in a calm voice.
‘Yeah. I think every girl in the class is Samara,’ responded Saruto in a frightened voice.
‘Should I tell mom to pick us up?’ asked Whirus, even though he was already calling their mom.
‘Please,’ replied Saruto, in a quiet, frightened voice.
Their mom had an important meeting to go, so she drove really fast. They arrived home and thanked their mom.
‘Whirus. I have an amazing idea!’ said Saruto.
‘What is it?’ asked Whirus with a surprised face since Saruto never has good ideas.
‘We should play Ajiou Board. It is the same as Ouija Board. The only difference is that there is a different spirit that haunts you if you don’t finish the game the way you are supposed to,’ said Saruto in a brave voice.
‘No!’ said Whirus in a strict and loud voice. ‘First of all, you are really paranoid from the movie. Second, this might haunt us for life. It will haunt me, you, our mom, and probably our dad’s grave. These are games that we shouldn’t try.’
‘I thought you were brave,’ said Saruto. He was serious. He really wanted to play that game.
‘It doesn’t matter if you are brave or not. Saruto. You are a wise kid, you should know that these games aren’t meant to be played,’ said Whirus in a calm and low voice.
‘Didn’t you say that such things as ghosts and stuff don’t exist?’ asked Saruto with a confused face.
Whirus didn’t know what to say. If he’d say they exist, Saruto would be really scared. If he’d say they don’t, Saruto would want even more to play the game. He didn’t want to play this game because he was afraid that his family might get haunted.
‘Saruto. Ghosts don’t exist. If we play this game, then they might come to life. The girl we saw in the movie last night, she might come to our house and kill us!’ said Whirus, in a really serious voice.
‘That’s good. I want to face her,’ said Saruto in a brave voice.
‘Fine. We’ll play this game. But we need the board to play it,’ said Whirus.
‘No problem. I already bought one. Let’s do this!’ said Saruto excitedly.
‘Okay. Let’s read the rules,’ said Whirus.
After they read all the rules, they are ready to play.
‘Alright,. We’re ready to play,’ said Saruto.
‘ Wait. We also need to know how to end the game,’ said Whirus while he was stopping Saruto from starting the game.
‘Why? We can just finish it our way,’ responded Saruto with his sad voice.
‘I told you before. We might get haunted,’ said Whirus.
‘Oh, yeah. I forgot,’ said Saruto with a little smile on his face.
In the end of the game, they would have to say “Thank you for allowing us to play with you”. If done right. the board would disappear, if not, then the board would break, which would allow the spirits in it to come out. That would lead to them getting haunted.  
‘Thank you for allowing us to play with you. That’s easy,’ said Whirus, after reading all the rules.
‘I am really scared to play this game,’ said Saruto.
‘You were the one saying that you wanted to play this game. You said you became brave enough to play this game. If you want we don’t even have to play this game,’ said Whirus.
‘I know. Anyways. Let’s start the game,’ said Saruto once again in his brave voice.
‘Ok. The spirit inside the Ajiou board. What is your name?’ asked Whirus.
Something started moving on the board. It first went to letter “B” then “L” then “O” then to the “O” again, then to “D” then to “Y” then to letter “W” then to letter “I” then to letter “T” then to letter “C” then “H”.
‘Whirus. It looks like her name is “Bloody Witch”. That’s a scary name, isn’t it?’ said Saruto with a scared voice and look.
‘No, it isn’t. Be brave now. You wanted to play this game,’ said Whirus with an angry voice.
‘Sorry. Do you want to end the game?’ asked Saruto with a regretful voice.
‘Yes, I want to end this game right now!’ responded Whirus, almost shouting as hard as he could.
‘Okay. Can I say the final sentence to end it, please?’ asked Saruto.
‘Okay but be fast,’ said Whirus.
‘Thanks for letting us play,’ said Saruto ‘bye.’
‘No You idiot. You said the wrong thing,’ as soon as Whirus finished his sentence the board broke.
  ‘I am sorry, Whirus,’ said Saruto in a sad voice.
Whirus punched Saruto on the stomach really hard.
‘Idiot. Now we are haunted. I knew we shouldn’t have played this game,’ said Whirus in an angry, loud, voice. ‘We have to tell mom when we have dinner. I will talk to her. You shall not say a single word. Okay?’
‘Okay,’ said Saruto in a low voice.
After 3 hours, their mom came home. She made the food ready and they sat down to eat dinner. Their mom saw that her kids didn’t look happy. As soon as she got ready to ask them why they look sad, blood started dripping from the ceiling. They were shocked. Then a dead body, full of blood fell on their table.
‘Aaaaaaaaaaa. What is this!’ screamed their mom as hard as she could.
‘Mom’ said Whirus in a calm voice ‘we have an explanation.’
  Whirus told his mom everything. Even after what happened, they remained calm.
‘What were you thinking?!’ screamed their mom in a really angry voice ‘You guys knew the consequences of playing that game, and you still did! I am really mad.’
‘Sorry mom. We won’t do that again,’ said Saruto in a low voice.
‘Of course you won’t because you will be dead,’ screamed their mom at him.
‘Mom,’ said Whirus in a calm voice ‘we’ll find a way to stop the so called Bloody Witch. There must be a ritual to do after you get haunted. If there isn’t, we will make own.’
‘Kids. Go to sleep. Tomorrow don’t take the bus to school. Just walk to school. I will go and visit dad’s grave to see if anything has changed,’ said their mom.
‘Ok mom. Good night,’ said the twins and went to sleep.
The next day, Whirus woke up first. He saw a letter on the table. It was written by his mom. On the letter it said that she had gone to visit the grave.
‘Saruto. Wake up we’ve got to go to school,’ said Whirus.
‘Good morning, Whirus. I will be ready in a moment,’ responded Saruto, half asleep.
That day, nothing happened in school. When they got home, they saw that their mom wasn’t home yet. They tried to call her but she didn’t answer
‘Where could mom be?’ asked Saruto.
‘I will call her co-worker,’ said Whirus while typing the number.
The co-worker told Whirus that his mom hadn’t been at work. Whirus and Saruto were really worried about their mom. They opened the TV and the first thing that came up on the news was “A woman found dead near a grave”. The brother’s were shocked.
‘Our….mom…..dead?’ said Saruto, really slowly because he was shocked and was almost crying.
‘Noooooooo! I knew we shouldn’t have played that stupid game,’ screamed Saruto while crying.
They run outside. They see everything has disappeared. There is nothing, just a black view. Then, in their heads, they see an image of a woman, whose skin is completely white. She was wearing a black, ripped dress. Her hair was on fire, but not burning. Her eyes were just white, with blood coming out of them. She was saying “Bloody Witch”each time faster and louder.
‘Are…….seeing….that…..image….too, Whirus?’ asked Saruto trembling fear.
‘Yes, Saruto,’ answered Whrius ‘Saruto. I want you to know that this is your fault, but I still love you. You are an amazing brother.’
‘You too, Whrius,’ said Saruto, with tears on his face.
They looked up. All they saw was blood dripping from the ceiling. Then something fell from the ceiling. It was the lifeless body of their mom and dad. The two twins didn’t know what to do. Everything started disappearing. They went in the attic. Even though they knew they would die, they still tried to hide.
‘Whirus, we’re going to die anyways. Why are we hiding?’ asked Saruto.
‘Saruto. Be brave now. We have to try as survive for as long as we can,’ said Whirus in a low voice.
‘Okay, Whirus,’ said Saruto.
‘Saruto. Where did you get the Ajiuo board?’ asked Whrius.
‘I went to visit dad’s grave one day and found it on his grave,’ responded Saruto.
‘That’s weird,’ said Whirus ‘why would it be there?’
‘I dunno,’ said Saruto.
The twins stayed quiet. After a few moment’s, Saruto threw up. It wasn’t a normal throw up. He threw up his heart. Surprisingly, he was still alive. They were really shocked. Then they heard a loud noise. The attic’s door opened. They heard some footsteps. After that, they heard a voice next to their ears.
‘Now, the real fun begins.’

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