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March 26, 2018
By jamjam24 BRONZE, Ionia, Michigan
jamjam24 BRONZE, Ionia, Michigan
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I was doing a vlog with my friend we are doing it at a haunted house. It was abandoned. The house was cement,It was silver,It was in the 1700’s when it was built no rotting curtains It was creepy it was like the heat dropped and it felt like in a tight room.We both saw a Ouija board and started to play it then we heard a thud upstairs. We went to go check it out. No one was up there. Rotting floorboards it was all burned inside.
Then I turned around and saw the door slam shut- I was scared I could feel the presence the heat dropped and it was ice cold,you could hardly breathe.
I went over their to check it but it was locked so, we went back down to the first floor and the Ouija board was gone. So we searched then we saw it in the room when the door shut and we went in and I saw a mirror and we did a challenge we played the Ouija board in front of the mirror and then we saw a shadow. Then we turned around and the mirror-
It was broken. It had a kid imprint.
Then we were talking we heard running and laughing. We went to see the door was moving a little bit, but no one was their. we went back we heard it again. We looked around then I got pulled by my hood. I couldn’t see it. Then it pulled me in a room and the door slammed shut and it locked. Then I heard whispering-
There was a chair in the room and it was moving.
I saw a person their.
I asked his name and he said,” Tom”!

Then tom pushed me down the stairs and I got up and then the front door slammed in my face trying to budge so I told my friend to find something to open the door so, he found a crowbar next to the Ouija board and their was the three letters burned on the board it said tom. When we left we called a priest and he blessed the house and Tom was gone. Then I was thinking how do not make the ghost mad and he told us to go to hell on the wall and their were letters that said,”Tom”. Then we left and tom followed us back and we were haunted for awhile until we played ouija again and we asked Tom to leave and he said, “yes”.

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