The Stayover

March 16, 2018
By ChloeB.L. BRONZE, George Town, Other
ChloeB.L. BRONZE, George Town, Other
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In the beautiful mountains of Lake District, England, newly weds by the names of Joe and Emily were staying in the castle called Hollow Creek. The castle sits on one of the tallest mountains in the area with a view that not even Emily and Joe could imagine. The couple had recently got married and decided to have a weekend getaway in a place far from any other village. Emily and Joe were young and in love, they believed that this weekend getaway would serve as an official kick off to their life ahead. They got out of the car, the air was crisp with a slight chill, the beautiful afternoon was filled with a shining sun and the birds were singing wonderful songs. The rocks from the driveway crunched beneath them as they walked toward the enormous oak doors.

Emily bounced with excitement as she took every step. The cold, fresh breeze filled her nose and the sound of blood rushed through her ears, she couldn't contain her emotions. Her bright yellow dress flowed in the wind as she stepped onto the front porch. Joe took out the keys and with ease, slipped them into the door handle, the smell of oak filing his nostrils. He felt the cold door handle against his warm fingers as he opened the door. In a moment, the rush of air came through the doorway, reminding Emily of her home in South Africa.

“Wow, this place is absolutely beautiful.”  Emily cried with joy.

The giant wooden walls of the castle were unlike anything they had seen before. Large  chandeliers cascaded from the ceiling and colorful illustrations of roman churches hung perfectly on the oak wood walls. The castle yielded a feeling of safety and warmth. As Emily walked toward the windows, she was overtaken by the vibrant red maple trees that worked their way up the steep mountain. She watched from afar as a ghostly fog crept closer to the mountain hugging the trees that it passed. Joe was somewhere in the distance unpacking their bags.
Emily found her way to the kitchen and her insides lit up. Emily loved to cook and enjoyed baking on Sunday afternoons. She walked around, running her hands against the hard rock that made up the stone oven. She spun around thinking of all the things she could do in the castle during their weekend stay. Her husband joined her in the kitchen and put his hands on her small waist, both of them looking out the windows taking in all the beauty.

“It's pretty amazing isn’t it?” Joe said with a smile.

“It sure is, just think of all the fun we’ll have.” Emily laughed, “We can run up and down the halls, fly down the stairs on the mattresses. And just look at this kitchen! Think of all the things we could make.”

“I’m already even mo—”

“Wow! Look at this room” Emily gasped as she ran into one of the bedrooms excitedly leaving her husband.
It was now late evening and Emily was already in the kitchen with her favorite blue apron on. Her mother had passed down to her before she passed away and since then, she hadn’t bought a new one and swore by it every time she cooked. She believed that it gave the food she cooked a little sprinkle of magic. She was cooking her favorite meal of all time, pasta with pesto sauce and parmesan cheese with grilled chicken on top. Joe walked into the kitchen and grinned, he knew that no one could make pasta like she could.

“Joe, dinner is rea—”

“I’m right here honey.” Joe responded. “This looks and smells absolutely fantastic.”

“Why thank you my love, I knew it was your favorite. I was thinking that it would be a great way to start off our honeymoon.”

The sound of wine glasses touched, and so far, Emily and Joe were the happiest they could be. The night went on full of laughter and good spirits; it was one o’clock before they went to bed. It was the next day and Emily was already up cooking french toast and waffles. She had her favorite song on as loud as it could go, dancing around the kitchen as if she had no care in the world. Her gentle feet moved swiftly across the floor. Her flowy pants covering her soft skin as she spun through the air. Joe was on a run, he was a very athletic person and enjoyed the outdoors. He was a quiet man who preferred the simple things in life.
The day went on and the couple relaxed, they went on walks throughout the day and explored the area. Soon enough it was dusk and once again Emily found herself in the kitchen cooking fajitas. Joe walked into the room and sat down.

“Hey, sweetheart how’s it going? Whatever your cooking looks good, but then again it always looks good!” Joe joked.

“Your a funny one” replied Emily in a way that was different from her usual self.

“Are you okay? You seem a little off hun.”

“Yes I’m fine jesus calm down.”

“Okay, I was just checking.” Joe said quietly, “How long more ‘till dinner is ready?”

“Just sit down.”


Instantly Joe knew something was off. They sat down for dinner, it was quiet and the mood was unlike Joe had ever experienced. Joe began to develop a queasy feeling in his stomach and for the first time ever, he felt as if the warmth and safety between him and Emily was gone. Emily ate her food as if she was a wild animal, her hair was messy and she had a rip in her favorite dress. It was unlike Emily to have not noticed, normally, if anything that she had a liking to was out of order, she would know instantly.
As the dinner went on, Emily began to get stranger and stranger. She seemed as if something was bothering her, she kept staring at the left wall where one of the many paintings hung. It looked as if she was staring at something or something was staring at her. Her small figure sat in the chair, every so often glancing over to the left, there were certain points where she was somewhat her normal self, but then she would go back to a dazed state. It was like something had taken her over, and she began to develop paranoia.

“Hey Em, you okay? You seem a little off?”

Emily had no response and began to mutter under her breath.

*quiet, unclear mumbles*

She was saying words that Joe was unable to make out. He knew that whatever she was saying was being repeated. Her eyes were like wild fires, darting around the room unable to focus. Emily’s skinny body began to twitch in her chair, her mumbles soon grew to shouts.

“Emily? What is going on please, speak to m—!” Joe was in a state of uncanny as he watched his wife twitch and yell.


Joe had no idea what was going on and decided the best thing to do was to try to calm her. He managed to calm Emily down and took her to bed where they fell asleep. The following events were Joe’s worst nightmare, in real life.
At about 1:30 in the morning, Joe woke suddenly in a pool of his own sweat. He sat up and looked frantically around in the dark. Where is my wife? Joe thought to himself. He started to fret; he then remembered that she normally got up to get water. He lay back down and started to breathe normally knowing she was up getting water. She’s just downstairs getting water, you can breathe, just breathe. Joe waited for her to come back to bed, but she never came back. He decided that he would go downstairs to find her. Joe got up from the large bed and stumbled through the dark trying to find his way to the door. He grabbed the door handle and opened it quietly, trying not to make a sound. Slowly, he crept out the door being careful not to trip on anything. He grasped the stair handle and moved swiftly down the stairs, as he approached the final step, he froze. Joe heard a noise, it sounded as if a wild animal was scratching somewhere in the house.
In the dark, Joe moved his hands around feeling for anything in front of him, he found the light switch and flipped it on, the chandeliers lit up like fireworks. Timidly, Joe turned around...Joe could not believe his eyes. He could not feel an inch of his body. His eyes were mad, his body was shaking faster than a train he could feel his throat begin to close, his breath became quick and unsteady, his heart began to beat at a such a rapid rate. Joe looked up at the ceiling and there was his wife. She was crawling, crawling like an animal, similar to something out of a horror movie. Joe didn’t know what was happening, he tried to pinch himself. It’s just a dream, wake up, it’s just a dream wake up! He glanced up again and she was gone. He was in shock. Where has she gone. Joe felt every single hair stand up on the back of his neck, he turned around and in absolute horror, let out a shriek that could turn a young child deaf. His wife was behind him. His first instinct was to run, to get away; his timid legs took him as fast as they could go. He ran to the nearest bedroom door and slammed it shut. He could hear her scratching outside.
He peeked through the tiny peep hole in the door, he watched as she crawled around on her hands and feet, moving quickly. Her head moving around like she was looking for something, her hair was tangled and her dress was ripped in so many places. In a moment, she stopped, she turned her head and crawled slowly into a corner which Joe couldn’t see her. In a moment, she popped up in front of the hole, Joe stumbled back and tried to scream, but nothing would come out. She broke down the door with her powerful hands, dislodging the door from its hinges as crawled into the room like prey trying to run from its predator. Joe grabbed a vase and threw it at her in any attempt to stop her.

“What do you want from me?!” Joe cried in fear as he stood on one side of the bed.

It seemed as if this new demon who had taken over Emily was unable to communicate, but she yelled something that Joe was only just able to make out.

“MARGOT” yelled the demon

At first Joe didn’t quite understand what she meant. Margot? Wha—what could that mean. Joe was in utter bewilderment as he searched his mind frantically to see if knew anything about “Margot”. He thought so hard it hurt his brain. In a sudden realization, he remembered a story of a women named Margot Boxwell. Joe liked reading scary stories, but this particular story was one in which he even was scared from reading. It was a tale about a women who found her husband cheating in a castle they were staying in, in the tale, Margot does terrible things to the husband and become the haunter of the house. It is said that since then, every victim that comes to stay in the house, Margot takes over their soul and makes them do bad things to their husband. This could not be it, this, no! This cannot be, it is Impossible!
Emily chased Joe out of the room, she crawled quickly, unlike anything ever known to man, she reached up and grabbed her husband but the hair and pulled him down, Joe let out one last shriek, before Emily slaughtered him in a way that is unspeakable. Emily’s crouched body crawled up the pole into a dark space in which she would await her next victim.

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