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March 16, 2018
By AinsleyI BRONZE, George Town, Other
AinsleyI BRONZE, George Town, Other
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We all stood in a bathroom stall concocting my fate for the next few hours.

“She won’t make it past midnight.”
“Don’t underestimate Gwen, she’ll make it past midnight but not 2:30.”
“Thanks for the vote of confidence Burgundy.”
She then laughed at me while running her hand through her long dyed burgundy hair. I look at all the eyes in the handicapped stall in the bathroom there were 20 of them.
“Do any of you actually think I’ll make it till 8?”
They all looked at me and laughed. I love my friends.
“Girl, you're the scaredy cat of the group, I still can’t believe we convinced you to do this.” Burgundy laughed.
It was true, I am the easiest to get scared especially when watching horror movies.
“Hey, I would stay anywhere overnight to get $20 from each of you even if this place is ‘haunted’.” I retort.
“You talk like that now, just wait till we leave, you’ll be crying rivers,” said Cristina.
“Please, I know I’m pathetic with horror movies but I know ghosts aren’t real.”
“You never know sources say, that at night you can hear the voices of the souls still dancing in the Throne Hall. Forever.” In a spooky voice clearly trying to scare me Burgundy said and it was working, she knew just how to scare me. She then started laughing and was breathing while she laughed she would do this when something was especially funny. Everyone else joined in with her, they’re voices echoed in the bathroom. I couldn’t help but smile.
“Those ‘sources’ are just pathetic people who just want to be famous.”
“I’m a little jealous- just think you are going to be in an empty castle. With no one else that’s got to be one of the best experiences ever.”
I smiled a bit, Burgundy was the history geek in the group she loved visiting old castles and going to museums, she should be the one doing this not me. You wouldn’t even need to pay her.
“I’ll tell you all about it and maybe one day we could do this again, the two of us.”
“I would like that.”
We just stared at each other for some time almost like we both shared an understanding what I didn’t know. We could have stared at each other for forever if Cristina had not interrupted.
“This is sweet and all but the castle is going to close in an hour, we should leave.”
“Yeah, we should go.” Burgundy agreed. She then handed me a pamphlet it read Neuschwanstein Castle. It had a picture of the castle on the front, the paper was glossy and smooth.
“It has a map of the castle in it so you won't get lost. Remember just cause the castle closes at 5 doesn’t mean you can leave the bathroom at 5.”
“I know I’ll stay squatting on top of  the toilet till 7:30 by then maintenance should be gone.”
“We’ll be back at 8 tomorrow to pick you up.”
It was time for goodbyes most said a quick goodbye then made a comment on how I would never make it till morning. Cristina gave me a quick hug. Burgundy then embraced me tightly. When we finally pulled away she whispered in my ear “tomorrow tell me all about it and have fun.”
“I will.”
My friends left the bathroom, I looked at my watch it said 4:15 I then slightly opened the stall door not enough that I could be seen but enough so it wouldn’t be suspicious. I then climbed on the toilet bowl rim then squatted over the toilet.
The next few hours were boring and uneventful. The only scare I had was when a janitor entered the bathroom and started mopping the floor near the stalls. I worried that he would start mopping the stalls, luckily he didn’t.
After hours of squatting my legs ached, I thought I would fall into the toilet bowl. I didn’t, thankfully. Finally when it was 7:30 I got off the toilet I almost fell to the floor my legs ached I gripped the sink in the stall to keep myself steady. I quickly washed my hands I remember briefly touching the toilet when I climbed on it. I wanted to get those gems off. I then ran my wet hands through my brown hair making it slightly damp then I splashed my face with the cool water from the tap. I wiped my hands on my black pants drying them and exited the bathroom.
When I exited the bathroom I was in the Salon the walls were colored with multiple colors mainly red. The walls were covered with murals, I couldn’t remember what the murals depicted I’m sure the tour guide told us. Burgundy probably remembers I’ll ask her tomorrow.
I open the pamphlet Burgundy gave me, then looking at the map. I decide to stay in the King’s bedroom because, why not I’m staying in a castle I should stay in the best room. To get to the King’s room I had to go through the Dressing Room. Like the Salon the walls were covered with murals again I had no clue of what. Unlike the Salon, the main color was purple, the chairs and drapes had gold designs on them this room was clearly for royalty.
I enter the King’s room the walls were mostly wood carved with designs with the upper part of the walls having murals. The bed was carved from dark wood you could see flowers, carved into the wood if you looked closely. The bed was also massive it looked like a tree with thin branches and at the center was a blue mattress embroidered with gold lilies.
It was strange being in this castle alone there were so many people here earlier for the tours now it almost looked abandoned, except for the fact I didn’t truly feel alone. No. I can’t think like that there is no one here no ghosts nothing just me and my thoughts. My awful thoughts.
I then hear footsteps, maintenance, I think they haven’t left yet or maybe security to stop people like me from staying in the castle. The footsteps stop, I then hear a woman shriek.
“What are you doing in the Master’s bedroom! Oh, Dear, you are not even ready!”
I jump up and run. I run as fast as I can straight through the next two rooms. I didn’t have time to look at them or admire the artwork. I have to get out of here. I stop to catch my breath in the Lower Hall. Breath, Gwen I think this could just be your mind messing with you.
Then. I hear it, music coming from the Throne Hall music people would dance to. I freeze. This can’t be real my friends must be pranking me if I go in that room I would find them. I want this to be a prank. I wish it was, but my gut tells me it isn’t.
I run to the nearest stairs, I run up there was no down if I wanted to go down I would have to go back near the King’s room which I desperately didn’t want to do. When I was at the top of the stairs I run to the nearest room. It was the Singers Hall it was massive it was as big as the floor below me. I ran into a corner and wrap my arms around my legs and start shaking.
Did that really just happen, this can’t be real.
What should I do I can’t leave this place, I don’t care about the money. But, if I leave my friends need a reason. I couldn’t tell them they would think I’m crazy, and that I’ve lost my mind. I can see the headlines Girl stays in Castle Claims Hearing Music.
What if this was all in my mind the woman, the music all in my head. That’s the only logical explanation. But, what if Burgundy’s right.
I heard it again, the music I have to get out of here right now! How can I get out of here I would have to walk back near the King’s room. I look at my watch it was 9:15 about 11 more hours. I have to make it, I have to stay in here until morning. Or you could join them. No, was I insane I’m not joining the ghost dancing or whatever they’re doing. They’re ballroom dancing, you love that. Shut up me, I can’t and won't join them. Aren’t you curious? Yes but- then join them it’ll be fun. You want to do this. I want to do this.
I walk back down the stairs to the Lower Hall then open the doors. There’s a swirl of colors from the dresses of the women. At the back of the room was the king sitting on his throne looking at his guests dancing. The guests are having fun, they’re laughing I could have fun with them. No I can’t this isn't real I really am crazy. No this is real it’s where you belong. Go in. Who are you? I am your deepest thoughts and desires.
I feel as if I can’t control my legs as they move into the room it smelled of fancy perfume I can’t place the smell it just smelled like royalty.
A man walked over to me and extended his hand to me. I knew he was asking me to dance with him I knew I shouldn’t but, I took his hand. He placed one hand on my waist the other took my hand. I placed my empty hand on his shoulder. We swayed and spun to the music I saw the women’s dresses I felt underdressed in my tank top and pants. Of course, I’m underdressed I’m not supposed to be here I don’t belong.
No this is where you belong where you were always meant to be. I have a life my parents, Burgundy. They need me. I need them. Your parents won’t need you they have your sister. As for Burgundy don’t you worry she’ll be here soon. But- It’s okay your not needed there. You belong here you and Burgundy are one of us, your souls escaped but, now you’re home.
I belong here, I’m home I was never meant for that life. This is where I belong. I’m needed Burgundy’s needed. I know I’ll see her soon; I just have to wait.

The next entry is from the case of the missing Guinevere Rose:

The following interview is of Cristina Frinzie being questioned of the events on May 12, 2017:

-: Can you state your name for the record.
Frinzie: Yes, my name is Cristina Frinzie.
-: Miss Frinzie can you tell me the events of last Friday?
Frinzie: Well that morning I went with a few friends to Neuschwanstein Castle.
-: Was Miss Rose with you.
Frinzie: Yes, she was. We took a tour of the castle. We thought it would be funny to dare Gwen to stay the night in the castle. If I’d known she would’ve gone missing I- just I don’t know.
-: Would she get a reward for staying the night?
Frinzie: She would’ve gotten $200.
-: Did anyone stay outside the castle to see if she left.
Frinzie: Most of us left but, Burgundy stayed behind.
-: What’s Burgundy last name?
Frinzie: Mikot, her last name’s Mikot.
-: One final question. What do you think happened to Guinevere Rose?
Frinzie: I don’t know.

The following  interview is of Burgundy Mikot being questioned of the events on May 12, 2017:

-: State your name for the record.
Mikot: Burgundy Mikot.
-: Miss Mikot, can you tell me in your own word the events of last Friday?
Mikot: Gwen and I went with a few friends to Neuschwanstein Castle. Gwen and I had a lot of fun on the tour. After we dared Gwen to stay until morning. At first she didn’t want to but we bribed her with $200.
-: Miss Frinzie said that you stayed behind to make sure Gwen stayed the night. Is this true?
Mikot: Yes, I did stay behind.
-: Did you notice anything strange. Someone entering or leaving the castle.
Mikot: No one entered or left the castle. But I did notice something strange.
-: Miss Mikot can you please tell us what you saw.
Mikot: It wasn’t what I saw it’s what I heard. I heard music, like something you hear
at a ball in the 19th century.
-: Could’ve Miss Rose played it from her phone?
Mikot: No, Gwen doesn’t have a phone, her parents think they turn your brain to mush.
-: What do you think happened to Guinevere Rose?
Mikot: Isn’t it obvious they took her. She’s with them.
-: With who? Miss Mikot do you know where Miss Rose is?
Mikot: She’s with them dancing in the Throne Hall.
-: With who?
Mikot: The souls that haunt Neuschwanstein Castle.

Two days later Burgundy Mikot is missing last known location Neuschwanstein Castle. More on this in Burgundy Mikot’s file.

The author's comments:

Guinevere Rose is bribed into staying the night in a "haunted" castle. Gwen never believed in ghost but when she starts hearing noises her whole life and belonging is put into question. 

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