March 16, 2018
By Oriela BRONZE, Grand Cayman , Other
Oriela BRONZE, Grand Cayman , Other
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“I’m really sorry Elle, but I don’t think this will work out.” Jake told Elle gently on the beach. They were sitting on the sand with Jakes hand on her shoulder. Jake’s dark blonde hair flowed with the wind.

Elle ran her fingers through her short blonde hair.

“What! No, we are going to be forever together! How can you do this, what's wrong with me. We used to be so close, together every second!” Elle explained with her high pitch australian accent.

“No, you were the one who always wanted to be with me, I tried to get away from you! For example, I wanted to go to the gym a week ago, and you had to come also, I wanted to have some time alone reading yesterday, but you showed up and we read together. We’re always together, I’m sorry, but we can still be friends, you’re a wonderful person, just not the one for me.” Jake said.

Jake and Elle agreed to be friends and moved on, but Jake still felt bad. On his way home, he could only think about her, she was the most cheerful woman ever, but a bit clingy.

Two weeks after Jake broke up with Elle, he was coming home from work for his lunch break, and it was 12:00pm, on a hot California day. He placed his groceries on the table and opened the cupboard, when he saw something. Jake smiled and took out the red roses. They were so beautiful, he filled up a vase with water and placed the roses in to make it look perfect.

Once Jake got to work, he told his friend Bryan all about the nice flowers.

“I think you have a secret admirer!” Bryan teased him.

“Do you think, maybe it could be Elle, I mean we broke up two weeks ago, and she said she was over me.” Jake asked.

“You never know.” Bryan cried.

It was a Thursday night, Jake got home that day, and saw that in his door there was a note, it said.

Wendy's Tavern, 6:00 be there. Table 13

Jake was excited, Wendy’s Tavern was a restaurant. Jake got ready and quickly drove off to Wendy’s Tavern, but when he got there, Table 13 was reserved only for one.

Jake was confused and went home that night. As Jake was about to fall asleep, lightning struck. Jake, now frightened, looked at his watch.

“10:10, I should go to bed now.” Jake shut his eyes and fell asleep.

Jake’s noisy alarm woke him up straight away. He hurried to work so he would not be late. He flung open the door, the golden sun blinding him. He got to work and saw Bryan and told him no one showed up at the restaurant.

It was getting late and Jake was heading home. He opened the front door and immediately started on his food. A sound of thunder came from his stomach, and he knew he was hungry. He cooked up some chicken and sat down. He closed his eyes, and the smell of roasted chicken overwhelmed him. Then he spotted something on the table, He walked over to the table in front of the TV and picked up a lock of brown hair. It was a curl of thick brown hair.

“What on earth, what is this, who is this from.” Jakes facial expression changed to something he didn't even know how to explain.

Jale told Bryan about the piece of hair over the phone, and they agreed this gift giver had brown curly hair.

Two days went by without Jake getting another gift. But on the third day, he put on his board shorts and shirt, for surfing, but he found something in his favorite grey shoe. Jake stared at it with surprise. He slid the ring through his finger, but it only went half way. It was a woman’s ring. The beauty of the three little diamonds stunned Jake.

Once Jake got to the beach he showed the mysterious ring to Bryan. Bryan pushed his sunglasses on his blonde hair.

“Bryan, do you think this could mean that I have been secretly married to someone and now they want to divorce so they are giving back the ring I used to propose?” Jake asked nervously.

“Jake, that's exactly what it means!...” Bryan shouted.

“WHAT?”Jake looked shocked.

“Hahah I’m just kidding Jake, don’t lose your head, that's ridiculous. Bryan slapped his knee.

“This is why math is my favorite subject, it has a logical right or wrong answer, but this doesn’t.” Jake sighed, his brown eyes looked confused.

He did not have the regular facial expression he usually did, a smile.
Jake parked his car in the driveway and walked out, in the dark blackness of the sky. His hair blew and he wrapped his jacket around his body. Jake opened the door to his house, and turned on the lights.

Jake made himself some dinner. After eating every speck of food on his plate, he dragged himself upstairs to sleep. As he reached for a tissue on his bedside table he felt something rough, and hard. He moved his hand farther up and touched something lighter, like steel. He then touched something like thick liquid. He looked on his finger to see a dark brownish, red thick fluid that ran down his finger slowly. He looked to his side and he couldn't believe his eyes. He blinked twice, even pinched himself to make sure he was not dreaming. Jake could hear something like a drum, it was fast and deep, it was his heart beat. He jumped out of bed and picked up the 8 inch knife and sprinted down stairs, wrapped it in paper towel and threw it in the trash.

“What in the world is happening!” Jake hollered.

Jake impatiently dialed Bryan’s number.


“Hey Bryan, oh thank you for picking up, I just got the strangest gift yet, it was a knife, a bloody knife Bryan! I felt it, it was think dark red and brown blood, and it looked fresh!” Jake mumbled quickly, his words were all over the place.

“Bryan, do you think this could mean someone wants to kill me, and they are coming after me?”

“No, Maybe, I don't know!!”

Jake and Bryan had a long conversation, and decided Bryan would come to see Jake in the morning.

It was a stormy black night, but morning came. Jake hopped out of bed when he realized Bryan was coming over. Jake opened the door before Bryan even knocked. Bryan sat down next to Jake. They talked about the knife and everything it could mean but they could not come up with a logical explanation. As Bryan was about to leave, there was another knock on the door. Jake opened the door curiously. Three men, stood by the door, one was tall in a black suit, the other two were in police suits. The one on the right side of the tall man had his arms crossed on his round stomache, the sun gleamed off of his dark skin. The policeman on the left of the tall man was a head shorter than the other policeman.

“Hello, I’m from the FBI.” The tall man in a suit said.

“Oh, hello can I help you?” Jake stood there confused.

“Can we please come in? We have some questions to ask you.” The man articulated.

“Of course, come in, ugh, can I get you anything? A water? A…”

“No, that's ok.” The men walked around Jakes house and the tall man took out a picture of a Lady.”

“I’m Steven and I’m from the FBI, I just have a few questions to ask. Do you know this Lady, brown eyes, brown curly hair, about 5’6, the last we saw her she was wearing a grey dress?” Steven showed Jake the picture of a Ladies face.

“No, I have never seen before, why?” Jake sat down across from the officer.

“This Ladies name is Suzanne Smith, she is 31 years old. She was killed, … murdered a few days ago, on Thursday April 7th in Wendy’s Tavern. We can't find the killer, and the security cameras went out at 10:05, five minutes before the murder took place at 10:10. We believe you were at this restaurant that day.

“Yes I was, but I left  at 8:30, by the time it was 10:10 I was in bed, in fact that was the exact time that huge lighting sprang out of the sky.” Jake Pointed out.

“Thank you, can we just check your house for anything useful that can help us come closer to finding the killer?” Steven asked.

“Of course.” Jake was calm, he knew he did nothing wrong.

The two policemen immediately stood up and checked the house, they looked everywhere.

“Sir,” The plumb man held the brown curl of hair in his hands. The other officer hurried toward the man and inspected the hair.

“What’s this?” Steven asked Jake.

“Oh, that, well you see lately I've been getting mysterious gifts from an anonymous person, and one day I came home and saw this, and the other day-”

“Ok.” Steven looked at Jake in disbelief. “Keep it” He whispered to the plump man. His name was Aaron.

Aaron dropped the hair in a delicate box.

Jake started sweating it wasn't what it looked like, Jake didn't do anything.

The other short policeman's name was Doug. Doug went upstairs and looked around the house, Doug opened Jakes bag and took out a shiny piece of jewelry.

“Mr. Steven, Mr. -”

Steven walked to Doug and took the ring from his hand.

Aaron took a glimpse of the ring and spoke out, “That was the exact same ring the woman was wearing on the day of the crime.”

Aaron then ripped the lid of the trash can and threw it to the ground with force. He pulled out something long, 8 inches, his eyes widened. He stared at Jake’s red face for a second and then shouted for Steven and Doug to come downstairs.

“This was in the garbage!” Aaron explained.

Doug inspected the blood, he pulled on some gloves and felt it. Jake heard drums coming from his heart and couldn't stop it.

“Could I keep this, just to do a few tests, the blood looks fairly fresh and this could be the knife used to kill Suzanne.” Doug asked.

“NO,STOP I didnt-I mean I couldn't and I wouldn't kill anyone. I DID NOT KILL THIS WOMAN. You have to believe -” Jake shouted.

“Jake, we are not accusing you of anything, if you have nothing to hide, you should be fine. We just want to figure out this mystery, Suzanne's family is waiting for an answer.”

Jake wiped the sweat off his face, he opened the door for the policemen to leave.

“Thank you Mr. Plinker, this was helpful, we will get back to you soon and share the results we have.” Steven calmly walked away.

“Ugh, Bryan!” Jakes skin got wet and oily, he felt sweat growing on his arms and head.

Jake told Bryan everything, now they just waited for the policemen to come back with more news.

The next day,while Bryan was at Jake's house, the same two policemen, and detective came with straight faces.

“Mr.Plinker, I’m sorry but we have lots of evidence proving you killed Ms.Suzanne Smith on Thursday. We scanned the hair sample you had, and it is Suzanne's hair, same with the ring, and that blood, on the knife was from thursday, and it was the same blood results as Suzanes last blood test. All the evidence adds up.”

“What! Your accusing me of murder!” Jake shouted “I didn't do it! I didn't do anything!”

Bryan tried to back Jake up, but it was no use, all the evidence lead up to Jake.

“I’m sorry Mr. Plinker, but you know the consequence for murder, and the electric chair is not working at the moment, so we must use a ... Guillotine.” Steven looked down to his black shoes.

“WHAT! Death! Guillotine! You mean I'm going to get my head chopped off, are you crazy? Someone is framing me, I promise I did not kill anyone, someone is framing me!” Jake paced around his room.

Jake went to court the next week, but it didn't help, and he was scheduled to die by the guillotine at 2:00 pm on thursday afternoon.

Thursday afternoon came sooner than any thursday had ever come to Jake. Jake drove, seeing red signs everywhere, his head was dizzy! He finally arrived and stood under the huge blade. Bryan was crying in the crowd. Five seconds later the knife flew down, like a bird on to Jakes neck. It cut through the skin and Jake's head fell off to the ground.

For the last two second where he could see, he looked in the window with his eyes barely opening, and saw his ex-girlfriend, Elle’s face laughing in the window.





The author's comments:

Jake Plinker is getting anonymous gifts like flowers, and cards, but soon the gifts start getting stranger and stranger...

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