Mystery in the Woods

March 16, 2018
By Willdyer BRONZE, Goerge Town, Other
Willdyer BRONZE, Goerge Town, Other
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“I didn't go out with her” Noah screamed, as him and his best friend, Adam Pachulia, had been arguing for hours. Sweat trickled down Noah's face. He hadn’t seen Adam this mad after being his friend for the past seventeen years.
Meanwhile, Oliver was sitting in the corner looking at memes and showing them to Adam to calm him down. Oliver, who was always the peacekeeper between the three of them, had been attempting to eradicate the argument for hours. The boys were arguing over a girl. Trisha Rose, who Adam had been dating for three years now, supposedly went out with Noah whilst Adam went too his grandparents house. Noah was trying to tell him he didn't and adam did not trust him, However, he trusted Oliver completely. Oliver had figured that the only way to stop this argument and save Noah's life was to tell Adam it was all a joke and it never happened. This finally stopped the argument. Adam, being six foot six and muscular, caused fear to Noah and Oliver. The boys decided to shake it off and acted like the argument and joke never happened.
“How about we go to the beach” asked Adam.
“Sounds Great” said Oliver and Noah.
The boys hopped in adams F-450 pickup truck. “Let’s go to Ladies Bay Beach” demanded Noah, as all the ladies loved him. The boys hopped out of the truck and all the naked girls scurried over to Noah.
“Why would I steal your girl when I could get all of these hotties bro” said Noah cockily.
The boys walk over and find a place to sit, with all the girls following him. Oliver sees a fire in the distance, and doesn't hesitate to convince the boys they should make a bonfire that night in the forest. Oliver and Noah quickly run off to look for firewood whilst Adam lies down on the beach. Ten minutes passed and just as Adam is about to go and help them he receives a phone call from his girlfriend He reached towards his phone, but it was not his phone that was ringing. It was Noah’s. She still believed that Adam was out of town. Adam pretended to be Noah and heard everything about how they did go out whilst he was at his grandma's house. Adam decides not to tell them about the call but just put them in for the treat later on that night at the fire. This gives him more energy and excitement to go look for firewood. His head started racing, thinking of everything he is going to do to Noah at the fire. He goes and looks for pieces that will burn for a long time.
“We need good wood that is really good at roasting meat like steak, chicken and maybe even some tasty human eyes.” He mumbled to himself.
They all meet up at the truck as the sun starts to set. Around seven o'clock, they dump the wood in the back of Adam’s truck and leave. They begin their ride home that usually takes half an hour, but in rush hour it would take much, much longer.
Adam blasts his radio so he doesn't have to speak to Noah or Oliver for lying this morning. Meanwhile, he's thinking of all the ways to punish Noah. They arrive home at eight and agree to meet each other back at Adam’s house at 8:30. Adam runs inside and quickly changes. He has about twenty minutes until he has to meet them outside, so he quickly runs around the house grabbing everything that can harm people and putting these things in a bag. Once everything he believed he could find was in that bag, he decided to call his girlfriend. He invites her to the fire and agrees to pick her up on their way to Wailing Woods.He heard the boys knocking on his door, so he grabbed his gun as a last-minute-essentia, put it in the bag, and left. Everyone hopped in the car, their voices buzzing with excitement. Adam ignored them, for his thoughts were slightly preoccupied. He drove quickly, his hands shaking slightly and small beads of sweat forming on his face and neck. .
“I am going to pick up my girlfriend and bring her to the bonfire.” Adam says calmly.
Noah’s hands began to shake, he began swallowing harder and sweating a ton. Adam laughed inside, and was quite excited to see how that night was going to turn out.
They finally arrive at Trisha's house. She walked from her front door in a rush and stood at the open window.
“Hey boys, she said excitedly, “Thanks for inviting me!”
“Boys, get in the back. The fronts reserved for my baby.” Adam said calmly.
The gravel road crackled beneath the truck’s tires.They begin on there five mile drive away from all humanity.
“This is where they do all the fires.” Said Adam matter-of-factly.
“Welcome to Wailing Woods, What happens here stays here” Said Noah as he read the sign quitely.
They arrive at what looks like an old campsite used previously. There are a few makeshift chairs out of logs around an unlit bonfire.
“It’s gonna need to be a lot bigger,” said Oliver, “But this should be a good starting spot.  Adam puts the car into park as they all jump out the car and struggle as they close the heavy doors of the sturdy pick-up truck. They open up the back of the truck and grab all of their supplies, and Adam’s heart race increases as he grabs his bag full of weapons. Oliver began to get some of the wood out of the back of the truck and carry them one by one to the spot that they decided to make the fire, whilst noah was busy digging a hole for the wood. Meanwhile, Trisha sat there admiring the boy’s handiwork, keeping them company, and picking at her long, painted nails. Adam was far too busy to notice that she and Noah were pretty much hitting it off. By the time Trisha finally decides to go and help the boys, Noah and Oliver were already pretty much done with the bonfire. Packing up a few of their tools, hey go to prepare to start the fire. Noah strikes a match. It doesn't ignite. He strikes another, it fails.
“Chop chop, let's get this show on the road” Said Adam fiercely. He snatches the matches fromNoah’s trembling hands and strikes the match, and it lights on his first try. Adam begins to place the wooden palettes that he stole from a dumpster in the parking lot at Publix.He adds some oil he brought along to ignite the flames further. The fire starts to grow, and the boys do not seem to be noticing how fast it was growing. It’s sparks suddenly catch a pomegranate tree orange, blooming flowers. . Trisha screams. Noah seems to find this hilarious. The fire spreads from tree to tree. and Noah's tears of laughter turned to tears of fear. The fire began to melt the expensive paint job of Adam’s truck, and the boys and Trisha finally silently decide that they were doomed. Adam drops his bag and begins to run. Little do they know, they are running themselves into death.
They begin to be circled with flames. They can hear their screams echo in the depth of the trees.
“Noah!” Adams screams in fear. They begin to cry and lose each other and themselves. Suddenly, you couldn’t hear anything but the silence echoing and the crackling of fire spreading through the forest. They were dead.

“3 Teenage boys and one girl have been reportedly missing,” A reporter said dramatically, standing on Ladies Beach, “The teenage boys were last known to be at Ladies Beach. The last report of the girl was at Wailing Woods on Snapchat’s Snap Maps. Her best friend also told us that she had sent her a picture of a fire saying, only words that one could imagine would be so terrifying to receive. The texts said, I love you, If I die tell my family that I loved them. The police have assumed that they died in Wailing Woods when their fire got too big for them to handle. Once it caught on to their truck and that was it for them. They will be searched upon by firemen in the following days, back to you Dave” Said ABC’s one and only Rachael Good-Berry. “Thank You Rachael, Well I hope they are found alive, as our prayers go out to them. “Goodnight and stay classy America”.
“Good morning america, Last night Four young teenagers who attended John juniors middle and high, are now reported dead as the firemen found the remainder of their bodies burnt. Today there fellow students are making a memorial for their deaths. Although, there was one weird thing found in the eldest boys bag. In Adam Pachulias bag, the only thing that wasn't burnt was an assault rifle. The police say they are going to look much further into the case, to see if they were killed on purpose.”

They never found the answer to this question.

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