Gina the Dollina

April 8, 2009
By Anonymous

I wanted to run but I was frozen with fear. I looked at the doll her, submerged in water and covered in crosses and stars of the devil. I just stood there frozen when I felt a cool wind pass, it felt like I was being watched and chills ran down my spine. I felt a hand on my shoulder, but when I looked up from the sink, I saw nothing. I saw myself in the mirror ten frozen with fear showing clearly in my green eyes. Then I noticed something, I had burn marks carved into my skin. I was paralyzed with ear. I finally got the courage to move, but I couldn’t run. I bawled. I went into a stall and bawled. Then, the toilet dispenser flew open displayed an old piece of paper. On it was written…

Gina. Her name is Gina. She put the doll in the sink. She has been warning me that she was coming for me. I didn’t believe. She did. She said I wouldn’t be alone long, that she would find another.

Abigail Marie James
17th, April 1933

If I thought I was paralyzed with fear before, now it was real. I sat there the tears on my cheeks were frozen. Okay I am going to have to leave I though. So I got the courage to leave. I walked out the door and down the dark, long, mahogany paneled hallway when a door slammed shut behind me, and the cold air was back blowing stronger. I stopped dead in my tracks and looked don the dark hallway to the black figure standing in front of me.

The author's comments:
We were preparing for a school show and when we used the bathroom, we saw a doll head in the sink with crosses all over it. Me, being proper, disposed of it because if the younger kids were to use the bathroom and find a doll in the sink...well you see my reason....

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