Be Careful What You Wish For

March 15, 2018
By LoganBlum21 BRONZE, Schaller, Iowa
LoganBlum21 BRONZE, Schaller, Iowa
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“Buzz,” his alarm was going off; he had been up late last night watching a new movie. He had loved the movie so much and thought it was amazing because it had him on the edge of his chair. He just wished it was real. Little did he know, he and his six friends just woke up in Derry, all of them replacing the characters from the movie.


Jim was getting out of his bed and then froze. He didn’t recognize anything around him. He raced for the window and opened the blinds and realized that he was no longer in Chicago. On his wall, there was a calendar and he walked over to it. It was May 26, 1986 and there was a small box labeled “last day at school.” Jim started to pack his bag, then he changed his clothes for the day and headed downstairs to eat breakfast. He ate eggs and bacon, then headed upstairs, grabbed his bag and headed downstairs to put on his shoes. Then he headed out to the garage to get his bike to head to school.


After he parked his bike outside of the school building, he was wondering if since his friends made the same wish, they would be here, as well. He had just got done parking his bike when he and another boy ran into each other.

“Watch where you're going kid,” said the unknown boy. Jim got up, brushed himself off, turned and saw who it was.

“Greg?” Jim asked. The boy picked himself up and  brushed himself off.

“Jim, you’re here, also. What's going on? Why are we in Derry” Greg asked. Greg parked his bike very carefully, making sure that it would not fall over. They walked inside together only to meet another one of their friends.

“Jim! Greg! It’s you guys! I am so happy to see you!” said the boy.

“Rick, is that you?” said Greg. They rushed over to each other, they had a short little chat, and then started to head to their first class.

“Let’s meet here at the end of the day,” said Jim. They all nodded in agreement then headed off.

Clanging sound. When the last class was over they all met up and started to head outside to the garbage can, so they could dump all of their used folders, notebooks and papers. All of a sudden a foot trips them all and they take a tumble. They get up and see a group of four kids older than them standing over top of them laughing. More than likely the leader of their group happened to look up as a sheriff  was rolling by. The sheriff stopped and was stepping out of his cruiser and the boys took off running on sight.

The boys that were tripped got up and watched the other boys run away. “who are those guys” said Rickie.

“ Drake, Spike, and Dale they are a bunch of butt hole aka they are the bullies in the school” said a kid walking up to them.

“ Jerome how do you know those guys” said Jim. “ well I a bit of a run in with them today” said Jerome with  darkened look.

“ The are probably after me because they haven’t lose their virginity and I have” said Rickie with a bragging tone.

“Rickie would you just shut up that’s not why you idiot” yelled Jerome.

Meanwhile, over on a different side of the school was a girl  getting some insults thrown at her.

“Hello Carly you dumb hoe,” said one.

“How are are those boys that you have been making out with?” asked another.”

“Great one of them is your boyfriend.” said Carly, playing along. That only fired up the girl, that is more than likely the leader of their group.

“Now why would he go from me to a stupid little AIDS monkey!” asked the head of the group. This made Carly Fierce and you could almost see the steam going out of her ears she cocked back her arm and swung a punch so hard the girl dropped like a rock. She broke the girls nose, made nose bleed, knocked out a couple teeth, and made the girls mouth bleed. All the girls rushed to her side then helped her up and ran off. Carly just sighed then grab her bike pulled it out looked up at the door and saw a boy poke his head look around walk up to her and ask “are Drake and them over on this side of the building” said the boy fearfully.

“No” said Carly “they have already left.”

“You’re Jeff, right” asked Carly.

“Yes, I am new here,” said Jeff shyfully.

“No reason, just wondered!” said Carly.

Jim walked into his house and into his room. On his way, he saw a room that was empty. He walked in and saw a picture of a little boy he looked at it for a little bit then he realized who it is was. He ran outside to his friends grabbed his bike and started to ride off his friends looked at each other in confusion then went after him. 

“Jim what are you doing?” said Rickie. Jim stopped at a light post, stared at it, and started flipping through papers

“It is all the missing kids in Derry,” said Jim.

“Which means that…” Greg paused not wanting to finish the statement they shared looks with bitterness.

“So do we go after him or not?” said Jim fearfully “The three of us won’t do anything to him. Who knows what he will do.”

“Here you go!” said an older lady. She handed a book on Derry’s history to Jeff. “Aren’t you supposed to spend your summer with friends and not in the library?” asked the lady. Jeff looked up at her.

“Well I like it here” said Jeff the lady walked away and Jeff opened the book the started flipping he had made a bad decision th history on Derry was dark he stopped on one the easter egg explosion where the easter eggs exploded and killed over eighty kids and adults he started going though faster it was getting darker and darker and darker he slammed the book shut breathing heavily he turned around to see a shadow of a creature and he stood up and followed to a doorway to see a burnt whole egg on the ground he remembered from the book that it’s what the eggs looked like before they exploded he made a break for the door. He was breathing heavily he tripped over a branch he looked up and in the tree a mangled head that looked like it was in a explosion. The fear was overwhelming him he ran for his bike he grabbed his bike a rode off racing. The sound of a car speeding starting to speed up Jeff turned his head to Drake, Spike, and Dale racing after them in a car Jeff started peddling faster and quicker he went for a turn and his bike went out from under neath of him and he crashed and to a massive tumble. He got up and and Drake grabbed him then put him up against a railing on the road where there is a big hill behind them.

“Hey fatty hows your day going” said Dale

“Stop let me go, LET ME GO” yelled Jeff loudly

“So how painful do you want this to be” ask Drake pulling out a knife.

Jim and his friends are riding around on there bikes when they saw the kids picking on Jeff then they saw the knife.

“Guys we have to do something to help they have a knife it looks like they are going to really hurt him,” said Jerome

“Fine, but what do we do? They have a knife, a big one too,” asked Rickie

“Well we have bikes, so should we run into them?” asked Jim looking at his friends.

They all looked at each other and nodded in agreement. They started to ride as fast as they could. They jumped off their bikes so the bikes would hit the boys, but it didn’t work. One of the bikes took a hard right and ran into the car the boys were driving and put a huge dent into it. Another nearly hit one, but tipped over right in front of one of the boys. The next bike didn’t make it as far, but stopped off to the side. Then the last bike hit a rock in the road and launched in the air and hit Drake in the back of the head. Then it landed on top of him pinning down. His friends rushed over to assist him by getting the bike off of him.

“Who ever did that is going to die, round them up” ordered Drake in fiery.

Drake’s friends grabbed one by one with ease the boys tried the scramble away but it was no use. The boys were much bigger then them. They were all surronded with nowhere to go but over the rail and down the hill. The boys were looking around trying to find a way out. They were left with one way down the hill they all jumped over the railing and tumbled down the hill and ran for the crink they where running on the shore line saw a sewar tunnel.

“We should hind in the tunnels they will never find us in there” said Jeff breathing heavily.

“If they do find us we will be trapped and run around aimlessly and get lost,” said Jerome panting.

“Ya and who would want to goet lost in the sewars anyways,” said Greg who was very out of shape.

“Head up the hill into that brush thats where we should hide untell they leave,” said Jim leading the.

They all fid in the brush and watched them go by one by one. One of the boys who no one knew who it was started to head into the sewars when they heared a high pitched girly scream. Then the boy came of the tunnel limping all cut up and a big huge gash on his leg that he was grabbing. ‘Splash’ he fell into the water face first scream (with still a very girly pitch scream) a very mangled hand slowy can from the tunnel. The boy tried to escape trying to grab something. He was all most in when he grab the front of the tunnel and then another even more mangled then the other grab by the head and pulled him in.

“His going get AIDs from that water” said Jerome

“Jerome you f***ing idiot you f***ing AIDs from apples and potatos,” said Greg

“You are all a bunch of dumb f***s you get AIDS from hair from cats,” said Rickie.

“Guys stop arguing about how you get AIDs. Do we go and help him” said Jim

“YESSSS!!!!!” two people said at once from two different places.

“Wait aren’t you that home school kid” said Rickie.

“Ya why,” said the boy

“Hey chat later help the kid lets go,” said the girl heading

“Later” said the home school boy
“What are guys waiting for lets going” said Jim

With a groan they all followed Jim and the others. They all enter the darkest together then “ROAR” and everyone screamed.

The end

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