The Monster of Freggleson Mannor

February 21, 2018
By Anonymous

“Officer I couldn't kill him,” ”or could I. No there's no way or is there, I mean I dreamed about it last night. That must be because of the movie I watched” is what I thought to myself. I was in my bed the night of the attack i'm not sure what happened. All i know is when I woke up he was dead on my bedroom floor. He must have been there for quite a while because he was as cold as ice, and his skin was whiter than usual. I'm not that kind of person I could never kill someone. I knew I had problems but i didn't know they were this savear.

It all started the night of Friday november 13th 1897 at 2 in the morning when I needed to find shelter. It was raining harder than i've seen this area have in a very long time. On this night I found just a normal house, or that's what I thought. I came from Iowa where I was on the run from the feds but no one knew that. I was greeted by a slanky man with brown hair and black eyes. Those eyes of his  made you feel like you were staring internal darkness in the face but you could never escape. He showed me to a cold chicken breast he found in the back of the fridge. It was disgusting but for the bogs of luiziana it was fine. The man whose name was berthomieu showed me a open room that they had, the second he left I fell into a deep sleep and started plotting for my revenge.

I woke up before everyone else so i could survey the house. I've never been much of a sleeper anyways. I grew up with a drunk dad, and an abusive mom so no wonder I kill people that make me mad. I found out that the house was passed down through the generations and it was over one hundred years old. It must have some sort of tunnel system.” CREEK! Aha i found it, there was an old rusty pole that was disguised as a wall lamp. It looked out of place, should have found it sooner. As I walked through the wall lamps started to turn on POOF, one after the other it was like pouring fuel on an open flame. When I got down the stairs there was a lab with bottles of purple, black with little animals in them that i've never seen.

As i was looking at these suspicious viles I was thinking they must belong to someone. All of the sudden I heard the footsteps one after the other. They were so slow but so fast at the same time. My heart was beating so loud I was scared that it heard it. I was getting ready to knock it unconscious but when he finally came into focus it was no other then the butler. I startled the old man, he told me about his plans for Mr. Freckles On and we had the same idea. Me and the Freckleson  family go way back, I went to southwest preparatory school for boys with the man's son John Freggleson. He always thought he was better than everyone else but it was pretty true he had the money to get the best things. I despised him, he took advantage of our family, he took our land and left us with nothing.

The butler and I started working together and he showed me these liquids that he said would make me stronger so if the man fought it wouldn't be a problem. He told me to never take it more than twice or the effect would be permanent, so I agreed and we started to plot how we would get into Mr.Fregglesons chambers. We came up with the idea to use a shovel and make a hole from the lab to the chambers. It would have been a perfect plan if the man wasn't rich and made his floor out of cement. So we made a new plan to make a grappling hook and go on the roof and climb through his window. Yes this would work perfectly ghe always leaves his window open because he has sleep apnea. We pretended like that night never happened and we had breakfast so we wouldn't look suspicious. That week before he went into the grave was so hard not to bite my lip around the old man. I could tell the butler was to, yet he’d never done this before so he was a nervous wreck.

We met again two days later on the old man's birthday so no one noticed we were gone. We had to decide what we were going to do to finish him off. We decided on lacing his warm milk that he has every night before he goes to bed, we laced it with horse tranquilizer which would work perfectly because it has no flavor. The butler would give it to him and we would wait. It takes about ten minutes to kick in and then we would strike. We would hit his head with a two by four just to ensure he didn't wake up. I just wanted to make him pay he ruined my life.  We would kill him with a nuse and well you get the picture. I never asked the butler why he wanted to kill him all i knew that he treated him like dirt.

It was time to set it up we had to get the ingredients for horse tranquilizer, which are surprisingly easy to find on the black market. The next step was to find a noose was hard, because my hookups were very particular what type of rope to use. You would never know how popular nooses were unless you were there. The last step was to take that serum. It was so rich in flavor bur gave me such immense power. THe butler was just lying to me he just wanted the power serum to himself. He seemed to be daft any ways, besides it made me feel so good. I offed the butler I told him I could do it myself. He never got his revenge, but he didn't deserve it anyways. That was my plan the whole time I was the only one getting revenge only me, ME. ME!

Tonight was the night,yet i wasn't sure if i should do this. No,no that's not true he deserves this he needs to pay. All day i was feeling sick but i knew it was just from anxiety because i needed to find a way to escape after I kill the daft old man. That's it i'll take his horse and carriage and bring the body with me. No one will expect a thing I will write a note saying he decided to take a road trip and is never coming back. Ya thats it, now I was ready the man would be dying tonight. Eight thirty that night the clock rang he read his nightly paper and went to bed. I offered to give him his milk and he fell asleep. I hit that man so hard i was sure he wasn't waking up. I put the noose around his neck and i waited, and it was getting so hot, yet the man didn't move a muscle.  As dawn broke he finally moved and I was finding my footing he yelled, and as I kicked the bed the maid walked up the stairs. I had to off her to I couldn't have any witnesses. She fought so hard she pushed and shoved and bit I couldn't control her. She pushed me through the window and I took her with me. It was a triple homicide with me dying in the end. I'm ok with my life I live in a nice cave in the burning depths of hell and the butler is my neighbor.

The author's comments:

its a scary story i wrote for class and this is an assignment i dont want to do

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