The Disease

March 13, 2018
By K3_Wigly BRONZE, Holstein, Iowa
K3_Wigly BRONZE, Holstein, Iowa
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It all started one day after my favorite class, Spanish. It was a dull, cold day. The sun still was as bright as ever, but the wind made going outside unbearable. Even walking from my house to my mom’s car ,I was freezing even with a coat on, and I only wear sweatshirts usually. For some reason when I woke up that day I just felt, off, sort of. Well, Spanish was over and Mr. Hickman had held me after school because I was being rude in class. I kept talking over him and wasn’t paying any attention at all. I was so exhausted because the night before I had been up till 1:13 A.M. playing my ukulele. I had drifted off to sleep daydreaming of the last few days…..
I woke up suddenly with a cold shiver down my back. I looked on my desk and a pool of drool glimmered in the sunlight coming through the window. I look around slowly, something was wrong. The door had been locked up and barricaded with desks. Mr. Hickman wasn’t in the room. I got up and moved the desks carefully out of the way. I opened the door and walked slowly into the hallway. It was morning. I listened for any noise but all I could hear was my own breath and heartbeat; well, I thought it was my own.
I slowly crept down the halls and finally after going into the lunchroom, I saw someone. I was so relieved. Only if I had known. I could hear her crying. She was bent down at another person on the ground and looked like she was trying to help her. I ran towards her and realized as I got closer that she wasn’t helping her. She was...eating her….she was crying, sobbing with eternal grief that could never be taken away. It was Anya. On the ground was Hannah Grieme. Then Anya turned and looked at me.
She screamed with all her voice,”RUN!” Her body started to barrel towards me. I started running from her and she continued to cry, “I’M SORRY. I CAN’T CONTROL IT. IT’S NOT MY FAULT. PLEASE FORGIVE ME!” I was no match for her speed and agility. She was on top of me in seconds. She kept trying to bite me. I could feel her nails dig into my skin as I bled from my forearms.
“Get off me!” I yelled back. I gathered up enough strength to push her away. She continued to scream. I had no choice left. I grabbed the nearest lunch room chair as she was sprinting towards me. With all my might I smashed it into her chest and she fell back with a crunch.
“Thank….you…” she whimpered out. I was terrified. I got up slowly. I looked down at my now blood soaked hands. I was trembling. The next thing I knew I fell to my knees. I can’t believe what I had just seen. Someone ripping their best friend apart. And I can’t remember what she said….Oh…..wait, it wasn’t her fault? How not! She tried to eat me!! I decided to get to the bottom of this. I went to the library up stairs slowly, who knows, more could be out there.
I finally got into the library and got into a computer. It was everywhere on the news. They called it….The Disease. It would take control of one’s body, but leave the mind intact. And I thought about it…..Anya was watching herself ripping Hannah apart…..I began to sob… “What have I done!” I yelled in agonizing pain. I had killed Anya in cold blood and she didn’t do anything. I remembered I couldn’t scream, I’d alert the others. I covered my mouth and heard a noise from the hallway. I opened the door carefully so the hinges wouldn’t squeak. I glanced at my moms room. I was afraid of what I’d find in there. I looked down both sides of the hall and nothing was to be seen. I crawled to Ms. Peuse’s room and tried to open the door. It was locked. I yanked on it has hard as I could, but it still wouldn’t budge. I figured she wasn’t there so I carefully crouched down the stairs.
I peaked around the corner to see if anyone was there and I saw two bodies. I wondered if there was a cure yet, but on the website I had read about it said they had no way of curing because they had no idea how they’d spread. If they figured out that, they could try to reverse the effects. I had to get closer to see who they were, the two bodies. I leaned against the wall as a made my way down the hall. As I got closer I heard some faint whispers. It was Aden and Jacob. They were inching ever so slightly toward each other. Jacob kept telling Aden to get away, but……..he kept inching forward. I pulled my phone out slowly and began to record. This could lead to the end of the investigation. Jacob put his hands on Aden’s shoulders. Aden collapsed to his knees. Out of Jacob’s chest came a small, what looked like a snake. It crawled into Aden’s open mouth and took control over his body. Just then my phone rang. It was a call from my mom. ‘Aden’ and ‘Jacob’ looked over at me.
They both screamed, “GET OUT OF HERE!” They leaped towards me. I ran up the stairs as fast as I could. I ran passed Ms. Peuse’s room and she came out this time. She had it. I continued to run tears streaming from my eyes. I sprinted down stairs. I ran into Mrs. Kistenmacher’s room as fast as possible. They stopped right outside the door. I held my breath. ‘Jacob’ reached for the door handle, just then they stopped and ran back. I think they had heard someone else. I let out a huge sigh of relief, but then I heard a noise from inside the room.
“WHAT!?!?!” I thought,”how can they be in here too!” I turned the lights and then I saw her. It was Jill.
“RUN!” she screamed, but I knew I couldn’t. ‘Jill’ slowly walked up to me as I inched towards her. She put her hands on my shoulders and my phone buzzed. I fell to my knees as my phone went off one more time.
“I was done for,” I thought. Then I remembered what was happening. I remembered watching what happened to Aden. I slowly got up. I had finally figured it out. I had to send the video so they could reverse the effects. I slowly backed up and tried to open the door without making noise. The hinges squeaked just once. Jill came sprinting towards me and I raced straight to the door. As I ran into the hallway and passed the gym hallway, the others join her. I started to slow down as I came to the football field gate. I latched and locked it just in time. I looked at them and they were all crying telling me they were sorry. I looked on the ground and had found a conveniently placed handgun. I went up into the bleachers and sent the video I had taken to the National Health Department. I look over the horizon…..what a beautiful sunset…...
I slowly walked to the middle of the football field. I could hear the gate breaking and the chain snapping. I started sobbing. I looked at the sun one more times they surrounded me….so beautiful…… they were telling me to run. The next thing I knew I heard the gun c***ing and the coldness of the barrel reach under my jaw.
Everyone around me was screaming, “NOOO!”
So beautiful I thought as my finger tightened around the trigger…….

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