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The Epidemic

March 13, 2018
By Aden_DeLance BRONZE, Early, Iowa
Aden_DeLance BRONZE, Early, Iowa
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All of a sudden it started, none of us knew it would be this bad. We all thought it would just blow over like the last plague, but this was so much worse than we all thought. As far as I know it started in a rural lab in Iowa, of all places it had to be the one state I happen to live in.
I was in school when it escaped from the lab. No news outlet knew exactly what happened but what they did know is that something broke quarantine in a rural Iowan community. No one thought anything of it, so the day went on as usual.
The next day It reached Holstein Iowa. I was in Geometry class at the time when It arrived at the school parking lot.
  “What do you think?” said our Geometry teacher, Mr. Walser. I personally hadn’t been paying attention.
“Huh?” I replied, bewildered.
“I said what do you think?” he asked again sturnly. I could see already that he was getting frustrated, so I pulled the bathroom card.
“I’m sorry, I can’t focus at all I really need to go to the restroom.”
“Really? Again with the bathroom excuse? You already know that Jack is in there, so you can just wait.”
“I can’t anymore, I’m about to burst!” I don’t know if it’ll work this time, I’ve used it so many times before, I wouldn’t be surprised.
“Whatever, I’m over it. Go ahead, and tell Jack to get back in here, he has been in there for almost a half an hour!”
It worked! By far that is the best card in my deck. I thought he was going to pop a blood vessel for a while. I stride out of the room with confidence, victory on my face. I slowly walked down the hall making time to look on my phone to see what I missed. The first thing I see is the same notification from yesterday, telling everyone to be cautious because there is “something” on the loose. If it was really that dangerous, they would have told us what escaped and how we need to deal with it. I personally thought it was bogus. Why would we even have to come to school if whatever was out there was so dangerous?
Little did I know, downstairs they had already found it. Principal Warnke was watching the cameras and saw it collapsed in the parking lot. Nurse Graff and Principal Warnke went out to see what was wrong. It was horribly disfigured and mangled, like out of a zombie movie. They put him on a stroller and rolled him inside.
“Food, I NEED FOOD!” It jumped from the stroller and ripped into both of them, leaving them unrecognizable.
I just strolled into the bathroom ready to tell Jack my accomplishment when I heard the screams.
“D- did you hear that?” Jack asked confused.
“Yeah I did, and it didn’t sound very good.”
“We need to go check it out and see if anyone needs help.”
Before I could say anything Jack pushed me to the side and started runningto the stairs.
“You coming with me or are you just going to stand there like a zombie?”
“I don’t think we should Jack can’t someone else take care of it?”
“Why can’t that be us?” He replied, starting to get annoyed.
“Fine, let's be quick about it though.”
As I went downstairs with Jack I could tell something was wrong. There was blood covering the floor.
“Um…”, I said with discomfort, “Wha- what happened?”
As I said that, there was a shriek in the distance. We both looked,horrified, to see what made the sound but we couldn’t find the source. Then Jacob Brinkman appeared at the end of the hall but I had a feeling something wasn’t right. He was being clumsy and tripping over himself. But then I saw all the blood covering him, he was torn apart from the inside.
“We need to leave now!” I said panicking, but I guess Jack didn’t see anything I saw, I suppose because he is behind me.
“Aden, look, it’s Jacob, maybe he knows who needs help. Hey Jacob, over here!”
As he looked there was a loud snap,  like it came from his neck. He started growling and darted towards us, full speed. We started sprinting toward the stairs.
“FOOD!” He yelled, now advancing on us.
“We need to get back to the classroom, now!” Jack yelled. I agreed, but didn’t have enough time to respond. We were at the stairs and he was dangerously close. When we made it to the classroom, we ran in and slammed the door shut.
“What’s happening out there? What happened to Jacob?” I asked. No response from Jack or anyone in the room for that matter. I looked at Jack and he was frozen in fear I can see it. I looked around and saw it too. We had just walked in on a feast. All my friends were either being eaten, or were eating someone else. There was blood and organs all over the room. From the crowd, one of my best friends, Ben Todd, stood up and yelled and the top of his lungs “MORE FOOD!”
We turned to open the door and run, but realized we had locked it when we got in earlier. They somehow got Jack and start ripping into his flesh, but realized there was more food and left him. I got cornered and was pinned. I look over at Jack and see that he is starting to turn. His eyes are whiting out completely. As I look around at my friends, my last thought as a human being is, “How did this happen?”

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