Her Destination

March 22, 2018

  He held tight to his musette walking down the sidewalk. The trees breathed crisp winter breath, although it was still only October.
  “Wonder if Chelsea is back yet”, he thought walking down the path. Chelsea had been out of town for almost a month now; her business usually was stated upon departure, but this time was strange. No word has been heard from her, and the last thing she told Jonah [was when they were together at their hangout]:
  “Sent on a faith journey, to get closer to God.” She said
He didn't know whether to take it metaphorically or literally so he stayed up all night pretending that he knew what she meant. Laying. In his bed. Thinking about her. All night. Not in a weird way but instead a concerned one, such as Jonah’s normal internal worries plague him. Chelsea is one of his only friends, and as such he must try to make sure her decisions are rational, and speak up when they may seem brash. Jonah has some secrets that only she knows about, no one else seems to have noticed them.
   He finished his trail to school. To Jonah, university life is just like high school just with more booze, parties, and sexual harassment. He was alone again, and didn't know what to do. Trying to make friends was almost impossible. A lot of the other classmates were confused why she even paid any attention to him since she was “the most popular” and “prettiest girl on campus”. Nerds are shunned even by other nerds at this school and Jonah was one of them.
   Jonah thinks she probably got pregnant from that sorority leader man-whore hookup that wouldn’t leave her be at the party they went to. Then dropped out of college because her parents are immature raging Christians who send her to a camp every time she got a failing grade. That’s the only thing he could conjure. Now time for the same routine he completes everyday: class, hide, lunch, hide, more class, studio, and hide in dorm, repeat. He traveled to places at night when he knew no one was out, going past a bush he is stopped by a sense of anxiety and nervousness. Suddenly, a tall muscular figure busts out of the dark finally figuring out Jonah’s game, Chris startles Jonah. Jonah catches a sense of release after a slight off-sounding squeak.
    “What the hell dude?! Where have you been, you haven’t been answering your phone. I’m worried, man.” Chris says in a gruff yell whisper.
    Jonah couldn’t come to words, he replies in sign language the only one he can reply in. He states: “in not sure what to say to that. You know it hasn’t been working right lately, probably since Kat dropped it in the sink...also it keeps crashing.”
    Chris takes a moment to process then replies. “Why haven’t you gotten it fixed? Lack of money? I can—“ Jonah cuts him off.
    “I’m fine on my own, really. Hey have you heard from Chelsea?”
   With a perplexed wrinkle of his brow Chris hesitantly answers,
“Not with you? Another one of her journeys? I hope she straightens it up and finds her destination. That girl, she’s rich, and creates her own problems other than the family ones. You really don’t need to worry about her so much.” Trying to reassure Jonah.
“But..” Jonah stares blankly at the street. Suddenly, he stops with large open eyes something is caught in the corner of his eye, a white light. He tries to turn toward it.
   Chris looks concerned at Jonah, “what’s wrong?”
Jonah his breath shakes as he forcefully, slowly lifts his hands to sign, “Don’t move, don’t blink, don’t breathe.. or she’ll take you.”
  Chris does as told without hesitation. They both know the reason why.

The author's comments:

Have you ever had a friend who would disappear without saying anything? Meet Jonah a college student who’s best friend disappears without a trace, blamed on family affairs, but why? Is that the real reason? She is no angel.

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