Divulging to the pope

February 22, 2018
By Vafrouswriter BRONZE, Columbia Heights, Minnesota
Vafrouswriter BRONZE, Columbia Heights, Minnesota
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Most Holy Father:
As I feel committed to keeping in touch with you about my burdens, what my decisions were, and how I acted to keep up peace and dependability all through the Myque empire, I must keep this short, since I have not that much time left.
As you must know, I inherited the throne from my mother, President T-two, after she faded away.  I was egotistical in my young age and spent the vast majority of my days drinking through the châteaux supply of Gin, Rum, and Brandy.
As a result of my obliviousness, I developed to an enormous size, one not fit for the sovereign of the Myque Empire. I was viewed with nausea and despise and just turned into an open nonentity, with no genuine power by any means. The chain of command that created was not to support me. My Uncle, who used to be my closest companion, wound up to be behind the shift in power. I've should've known, however, I didn't in time.

The one limelight in the darkness of the affairs of state was Kelendra, my queen. She saw beneath my blankets of blubber and decided she liked what she saw. We had a brilliant time, playing in the sun and having all the sentimental kinds of stuff couples do. In any case, by the day's end, I was reminded of what type of world I lived in.
Uncle murdered her.
The universe turned into a considerably darker place a while later. I saw no place in it for me and needed to have some position on it either. The consequence of my melancholy was sliced wrists, a pool of blood, and a general feeling of misery. I drifted in a billow of tears, prepared to go to the opposite side. Be that as it may, something ceased me.
I don't know whether it was my late mother, an angel, or even god, yet something dragged me far from the light that was toward the end of the passage. I felt the torments of my chilly, close demise body, as I was maneuvered once more into the physical realm.
I woke up, feeling more different than ever. I didn't feel the torments thatof my chilly, close demise body, as I was maneuvered once more into the physical realm.

I woke up, feeling more different than ever. I didn't feel the torments that my body endured following quite a while of gorging, my brain was clearer than at any other time, and I had the vitality of a ten-year-old. I was reborn.

It would be ideal if you know, kind sir, that my following actions were legitimized. It may not be something accepted in society, but rather murdering Uncle and his colleagues were the only way that Kelendra soul may at last rest in peace. To come clean, a touch of my spirit is additionally pleased to send those creatures to the pits of hellfire.
Your Holiness, I know thinking of you these words won't transform anything. I will, in any case, be in this cell, sitting tight for my execution date. In all likelihood, when you read this letter, my head will probably be in the pail, moving around with other offenders. Be that as it may, I should get this out into the open, before I really go to the opposite side. Much obliged to you, Father, for taking you to peruse this letter.

With sincere thanks,
Darius XVI
Former President of Myque empire

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