The Masked Man Part 1

February 21, 2018
By Hadlee BRONZE, Newcastle, Utah
Hadlee BRONZE, Newcastle, Utah
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There I saw her. She looked so peaceful laying in the casket. She just looked just like she was sleeping. Then reality slapped me in the face. She is dead. NO! I told myself. She's just sleeping. But I knew it in my heart that she wasn’t. She had died three days ago, and as I thought of it, I went back to that time. Aliza King looked down at her dashboard, Almost half empty. She thought. She turned down the street, she looked down at her phone waiting for a message from her daughter, Alice King. She glanced up and screamed. She swerved to miss the person in the middle of the street, and jumped the curb to hit a street light, which then promptly fell on the car.
Faintly she heard a girl scream, “Mom!” Then she felt nothing.
I pulled out of the flashback, and was shocked to find out that I had tears leaving trails down my face. I had thought that I had cried all I could for a lifetime. I looked again at my mother in her final resting place, staring at her motionless, I realize how much we look alike. Her hip-length blonde hair was all combed back around her. Her eyes were closed, so you couldn’t see her brilliantly blue eyes that were so similar to mine. She had the same dark complexion as me, though hers was now pale as moonbeams.  She does look peaceful at least. I looked over at my father, he too had tears on his face. I grabbed his hand, and felt him squeeze it. All we have now is each other. At least that was what I thought, then I felt a hand in my other hand. I looked over and saw my best friend Lynn standing there next to me.
The next day walking to school, I wasn’t thinking that I was all alone.You see, I have to walk through this old creepy area, through a patch of woods. And this morning I had to get to school early, so it was still pretty dark. I was probably half way through the woods when I had a suspicious feeling that I was being watched. That feeling when you feel a chill that makes it’s way up your arms, and to the top of your head. The chill that makes your hairs on the back of your neck stand up. I hurried and whipped around looking at my surroundings. I jumped when I felt something grab my hair. Luckily, it was just a tree branch. I looked around, but all I saw was the shadows cast by the bare branches of the trees. I continued onward to school, but I jumped again when I heard a sound.
I was pretty sure that it was just a branch, or of course it could be someone stepping on a branch - following me. I couldn’t shake the feeling of being watched until I got out of those woods. After a super long and boring day at school, I was hanging out with my friends. We were trying to plan when we could have a halloween party, when I felt someone grab my shoulders.
I couldn’t help it I screamed, “AHHH!”
“Ha! I so got you!” I heard someone laugh behind me.
I turned around so fast my hair whipped me in the face, “TONY! You know better than to sneak up on me! I can’t stand it.” I was almost yelling in his face now, but still I couldn’t help laughing
“I know you can’t ‘stand’ it,” he stated. “That’s why you’re ‘sitting’.”
I couldn’t help it I laughed again. Tony had been a friend for such a long time that he could always make me laugh. Lately though, I’ve started to feel more than friendship before him. I guess I’ve had a crush on him my whole life. I have just never admitted it before. Maybe because I know my friend Lynn has had a crush on him, or maybe because I’m too scared to. Anyways, Tony is one of those guys you couldn’t help but like. He has this dark complexion, and curly jet black hair. Then with his sky blue eyes, that twinkled whenever he was joking, he was. . . I don’t know how to describe it. . . he was as alluring as the sky on a Sunday morning.
I snapped out of my thoughts when I realized that Tony was talking, “So what are you guys talking about?” He looked questioning at us.
“Oh, we’re just trying to find out when we can have our Halloween Party,” Lynn said, blushing. She always blushed when she talked to Tony. “Of course, you’re welcome to come as well.” I rolled my eyes, typical Lynn, always trying to make a move on Tony.
“Sure, let me know what day. . .” he started, but then was cut off by his friends calling him. “Sorry, basketball practice.” With that he ran off.
“What were you thinking Lynn! You should have asked us if you could invite him. Now he’ll ask if he can bring the basketball team. And I am NOT dealing with that. It is at my house after all,” my friend Bella complained.
“Fine! If he insists on the basketball team coming we can change plans and have it happen at my house.” Lynn said annoyed now, “Happy?”
With that Lynn rolled her eyes and started to walk away. She was almost to her car when she turned back and waved. “See you tomorrow!” She yelled back at us.
“Well, I have to go take a Science Quiz, so I have to go. Bye girls,” I said. I walked back towards the school. As I did I felt a feeling of being watched again. I look up at one of the windows on the upper floor of the school, where one of the curtains were pulled back. When I saw what was in the window I gasped, for staring back at me was a face, with the upper part covered up by a mask. All I could see was the jaw, and as he - for it looked like a man - saw me look up at him, I could see him smile, then move away from the window.
As I was walking home, I could still feel his cold eyes looking at me. Every time a branch creaked, or I heard an animal scamper through the brush, I jumped. Yes, I usually am a little jumpy coming through the woods, but this was a whole new level. I swear my heart about beat out of my chest when a small deer ran across the trail. When I could see the bright light of the other end of the trail I started to run. I am ready to be out of these woods! I skidded to a stop when I saw a face peering out of the trees. It was the same man that had been looking down at me at school. Again he smiled, and then disappeared into the gloom of the forest. I started to run again, and I didn’t stop until I was in my house.
I hurried up into my room, and slammed the door. I hurried and jumped on my bed. I have to tell Lynn what just happened, I’m thinking to myself. I pull out my phone and Lynn and I go back and forth texting each other.
“Hey, you will not believe what has been happening to me,” I text to her.
“What!” Lynn replies.
“I think someone is stalking me!” I send back to her.
“What, WHO!” She was faster on this response, like she was in a rush.
“I don’t know, his face was covered, so I couldn’t find out who he was.” I could hear someone downstairs now; which must of been my dad. I was freaked out when Lynn rushed into my room.
“What are you doing here?” I demanded, she must have left as soon as I texted her. “I seriously texted you two minutes ago.”
She huffed out as best as she could, “You know. . . if you think. . . that. . . someone. . . is stalking you. . . you should lock the. . . front door.” She leaned over hugging her stomach.
“Why are you tired when you have a car. You could have just drove!” I couldn’t help but laugh, she is so weird sometimes.
“I stopped down the block, I didn’t want someone to start stalking me in my car.” She said it like she was the smartest person in the world.
“Lynn. . .” I tried to say without smiling. “He could just follow you to your car. And you would be much more noticeable when you ran to my house.”
As I said that understanding lit up her face, “Oh. . . . So, what are we going to do?”
“Ignore it-” I held up a hand when she started to protest. “For now. . .”
The Halloween Party planned by me and my friends, would go down in our high school’s history for probably the next decade. That is what I was thinking, but boy was I wrong.
As it turned out Tony didn’t even ask if the basketball team could come. So instead of about one hundred people coming, there was about seventy-five people. All dressed up. I was a vampire. As for Tony I didn’t see him. Guess he was in one of the costumes that had their face concealed. For about an hour I was having a blast. I just didn’t realize that this would be the last hour of my life.
I almost had a heart attack when I felt like someone was looking at me from across the room. I scanned the room, and I saw the stuff of nightmare looking at me. The masked man had returned. And now he was heading towards me. I just had to, I turned and ran. I burst out the doors and started to run in the direction of my house. I turned and looked behind me, but didn’t see anything. Then I hit something and fell down and looked ahead and saw him in front of me.
He then took off his mask to reveal himself as . . . Tony?
Then, he stabbed me. I looked down at my abdomen. I didn’t feel it for a moment, but then the pain set in and I couldn’t help but cry. Please someone help me. I repeated the thought a thousand times in my head. My heart started beating a million times per second. I’m going to die… I thought. This is the end . . . I felt hot tears run down my face as I started breathing heavily. Colors started swirling around me. Everything seemed to be against me at that moment.
The street lights glared at me and the stars appeared to be laughing at me; they knew that I was reaching my end. Tony stared at me, waiting for me to die. Then I looked at the knife. It was dark red to the hilt. My gosh . . . I’m thinking, That’s my blood . . . he just stabbed me . . . . I felt my body shaking as I crumpled to the ground. I then looked down at my once white shirt that had turned a dark red color. I was shaking so bad and thousands of thoughts rushed into my mind, yet strangely, none of my thoughts were clear or made any sense. My heart started beating in slow thumps, and I knew what was about to happen. Then I looked up at Tony. He just stood there, with a smug look on his face, just staring at me.
I had to ask him, “Why?”
To that he just smiled and said, “Because I was forced to.” He then leaned in close, as if to tell me a secret. “And I want you to know, it was me, the night of your mother’s death. The person in the middle of the road.”
But I was too far gone to hear him, and my last thought was, at least I get to see my mother again. Then I felt nothing. Nothing at all.

The author's comments:

We had to write a scary story in school. So this is what I came up with.

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