The Hunt

February 21, 2018
By Koolme BRONZE, Enoch, Utah
Koolme BRONZE, Enoch, Utah
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¨I was you many years ago I wasn't always this way¨ she eerily said as she talked to the girl in the chair.
The girl was wrapped with chains no chance of getting out.
¨let's see from the start . . .¨ 
Seventy-seven years ago she was only thirteen years old with long golden blonde hair and dark brown eyes about four foot ten inches.
¨ I have a family¨ the girl in the chair mentioned as she tried to move but could barely even breath. ¨Do you think I just came from outer space I had a family too but that changed very fast¨ Scwilled Rosetta.
¨They . . . ¨ she gasped trying to get air ¨. . . are coming for me¨ she gasped air as if it was her last chance to breathe.
¨SHUT UP¨ she screamed at the top of her voice ¨no one cares for you or me that's why we’re out in the middle of the woods¨. Rosetta said as the walls of the shack creaked and the wind continued to blow outside.
In an old moldy shack as my blood is dripping down my face Olivia thought.
  ¨Do you . . .¨ she gasped ¨even know my name?¨ Olivia questions
¨Yes, of course, I do I was given a name by someone I don't know who¨. She told
Rosetta was getting a little bit mad because she could not tell her story. Should I kill her now and wait to tell someone my story Rosetta thought.
        ¨Would you stop talking and just listen to my story and I just might just let you live¨ the insane old lady croaked.
        She was thirteen and had a younger brother with a loving mother and father. Her younger brother was only ten his name was Samuel he had dark brown hair with bright blue eyes.  They looked nothing alike Samuel looked like Beth their mom and Rosetta looked like Bob her dad.
        “It all started with a simple date night  it didn’t end that way”. She whispered as if to herself regretting every decision she made that night.
Their mom said to stay inside but they didn’t listen they played outside until it was dark the only reason they went in was because something was out there it wasn't a bear or a normal creature it was a mix between multiple creatures.
    “IT KILLED MY BROTHER” she yelled, with a bang, louder than anything you will ever hire.
Olivia’s arms started to drip blood because of how tight the chains were.  I need to find a way out I can't stay forever or the rest of the story Olivia thought.
¨Are you a baby¨ she said as Olivia started crying ¨I never started crying but then I'm not a baby¨
After the thing had killed her brother she ran inside she grabbed the car keys and started driving. The thing started to chase her and then it stopped as if it had been called off. She went to the family's emergency cabin and stayed there for what seemed like years but it was only three weeks. No one came looking for her did they not love her? The phone in the cabin could call two times out and take two calls in. She tried to call her house after she had used the two calls she gave up then she heard the phone ring RING RING she answered it.
¨Hello is anyone there my name if Rosetta hello¨  she listened ¨ Hello are you there Mom? Dad? Is this you were are you?¨ Rosetta asked
¨Nope there dead same with your brother and everyone that is or will try to protect you that was smart taking the car I was told you weren't smart like at all by the way my name is Camie¨  the mysterious woman said.
“Why are you trying to kill me are hurt me,” Rosetta asked.
“Because someone wants you dead so they called me and I'm going to get it done”.
“I'll turn myself in if you don't hurt anyone ever again” she paused “is that a deal?”
“Nope because I know where you are”
There was a scratching at the door she ran leaving the phone on the big brown bear with the biggest blood stained teeth she let it in the front door. It came charging in.
“Sit” she yelled, “ That's the thing Camie he's mine he listens to me I made him and I hired you to kill me and you failed so . . .”
“you're a liar you wouldn't,” Camie said as she got scared.
“I would,” she said as the thing charged out the door
Later in the week, the news said that a ninety-nine year old lady had died and they don't know how but she was healthy and she could have lived to about one hundred and ten.
¨It was a tragic loss and everyone in the town should go to her funeral because she paid for one third of the school¨ The news reporter said.
¨I went home and looked at the blood on the carpet and I laughed the only reason I tested her was so she would kill my family and at her funeral I can tell everyone that and all the evidence will lead to her. Because she's dead they will fill very bad and I will live like a queen¨.
So she wrote a letter to the foster care company.
Dear the foster care company,
If you take me away I will personally come to your house and kill everyone you love or ever have loved. Also I will make you watch and then I will kill you. So if you don't want to die or see the people you love die I would keep this to yourself and don't take me from my paradise. Everyone is so nice and I will never get hungry and I will have a place to sleep so let's keep it that way. Thankyou so much.
Rosetta Daisy White
P.S. Don't tell anyone thankyou.
After that letter was sent she was kicked out of everyone's home noone wanted here they found out how her family.
¨That's how she started her career she let me go and I don't know why¨ Olivia said to the police.
¨Well we have to find her before she kills some more¨ The police said
¨She said she was going after some person who helped her become her¨ Olivia mentioned.
¨Who¨ Everyone in the room asked at the same time.
¨Well it's you Brandon . . .¨

The author's comments:

My class and I had to write a scary storie for hallowen and this was mine and I wanted to share it. I hope you like it.

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