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February 18, 2018
By lleyton0987 BRONZE, Olathe, Kansas
lleyton0987 BRONZE, Olathe, Kansas
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So there he was, in front of me, I didn’t know what to do. I thought he would be better to meet in real life instead of over Facebook, I was wrong. He wasn’t what he said he was in real life. Then just like that we were in a car. I was tapped up I couldn’t move at all. But before I continue you should know the whole story. I woke up on a Monday morning, and turned on the television and saw that there was a missing kid in my area. Not thinking about it I pulled out my phone on went on Facebook. There was a message from a guy named Mike Smith. Mike said “Hey, I think that you’re really pretty and I would like hang out with you sometime.” I proceeded to say “That’s so sweet, I would love too. When, where and what time?” Mike said “Friday at 11:00PM at the park. It’s the only time that works for me.” I said “That works for me see you then.” Not only did I not know what I just got me into, I realized that the missing kid was 4 houses down. So I thought it would be nice of me to go down to see the parents. They both really appreciated me going down to see them. They didn’t seem fine, even though they tried telling themselves they were fine. The next day I say on the news that there was another missing kid. I was watching it to see where it was at when my phone beeps. It was a text message from Mike. I thought to myself, I didn’t give him my phone number. I text him saying “How did you get my number?” He says “from your friend Ashley.” I said “That makes sense, have you seen the missing kids that have gone missing? I figured out that one of the kids live 4 houses down from me.” Then on the news, I saw that the other missing kid lived 3 houses down from me, right next to the other people’s house. I immediately texts Mike and say “the other kid that when missing is 3 houses down!!! Is that creepy?” He said “I wouldn’t worry about it. It could get to your head. See you Friday.” The next day I turn on the news because I am now super afraid, I see that that a 22 year old girl went missing, they live 2 houses down. I didn’t talk to anyone that day, I was so afraid that I just watch the news all day. I also figured out that the missing kids were kidnapped by the same person that kidnapped the girl. The next day, I woke up super early to go to the grocery store. That’s when I realized that my card had zero cash on it, I was robbed. On my way home, I see cops outside my neighbor’s house, I pull up and asked what happened, the cops tells me “a 24 year old girl and her daughter went missing earlier this morning.” I pull in and turn the television on, they show a picture of the person that kidnapped the mom and daughter, and what kind of car he has. I was scared but in relieve to realize that today was Friday. The cops told me to be safe before I went on my date. I pull into the parking lot at the park, take a seat down at a bench and wait; I get a text from Mike saying “I’m right behind you.” I turn around and then I thought to myself. So there he was, right in front of me, I didn’t know what to do. I thought he would be better to meet in real life instead of over Facebook, I was wrong. He wasn’t what he said he was in real life. Then just like that, we were in a car, I was tapped up I couldn’t move at all. I look around and see the neighbors, the kids, and a girl. I knew automatically, I was the next victim. We were all sitting there, what felt like for hours when he pulled over to the sound of cop sirens. We here the cop say “can I search your car?” all of us felt relieve when we heard that. The cop opened the door and then arrests the man. I went home that night a scared but happy person. I was glad that the person that did these horrific crimes will be locked up for his life. But then I realized that you shouldn’t believe anything you see on the internet.

The author's comments:

i hope that people will not trust people on the internet after reading this. this is fake but it could happen.

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EvNaps BRONZE said...
on Feb. 21 2018 at 12:29 pm
EvNaps BRONZE, Apex, North Carolina
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This is a bit hard to read, since there's no paragraph formatting. In the future, adding a blank line between paragraphs should help the story be easier to read on the site.

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