White Mist

February 17, 2018
By EmLove BRONZE, Chesapeake, Virginia
EmLove BRONZE, Chesapeake, Virginia
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As the shadowy figure developed on the sparkling lake, it started to call out to me. She summoned me in a sweet calm voice, “Come and join me.”
     “But I will drown,” I screamed back. I watched her face contort from peace to fury.
     “Come out here this instant,” the figure screeched. The echo that once sounded like light snow floating to the ground now sounded like nails scraping away at a chalkboard. The white mist surrounding her turned the shade of fresh blood. As the mist changed, I saw something I did not see before, bodies. Hundreds of lifeless mannequins floating upon their liquid grave. I continued to hesitate.
     The figure looked at me and called out again, “Please, my love, come to me. Be with me forever.” Suddenly, the mist turned the shade of gentle rain descending to the earth, and the ghostly woman began to cry. I searched for the bodies, but they seemed to have vanished.
     She started to fly quickly towards me. I felt her cold hands take ahold of my silk pajamas. Just as she pulled me into the water, I woke up. I looked around me, I was home, in my bed, soaking wet and surrounded by a white mist.

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